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C'mon, Make Some Mistakes Already!

The best youth workers will make mistakes.

Safe youth workers make very few mistakes (other than the huge mistake of a safe and boring youth ministry!). We are so often afraid of making mistakes. this is really too bad, because the best learning always comes from mistakes, not from successes.

If we can reconfigure our thinking to see mistakes as a grand opportunity for learning and growth, we’ll be less afraid of them. Sure, mistakes often require clean-up and apologies and corrective action. But that’s often the context for new growth in every area of our lives and ministries!

Take an action step worthy of a great mistake this week, OK?

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Mark Oestreicher is a 30-year veteran of youth ministry, and the former President of Youth Specialties. Marko has written or contributed to more than 50 books, including the much-talked-about Youth Ministry 3.0. Marko is a speaker, author, consultant, and leads the Youth Ministry Coaching Program.