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How to Lead a Ministry: 7 Tips Every Youth Worker Needs

5. Loosen up the reins.  

It can be difficult for youth workers to let out the reins of leadership with trust. We want everything to go well, but this can stop others from growing and learning. We need to seek qualified people for roles in our ministries and release them to do the work. This is God’s ministry, so allow him to use all kinds of people to love on students.

6. Understand your church climate and culture.  

This is the most underestimated area for many youth workers wondering how to lead a ministry. They’re so focused on their silo or island of ministry that they miss the larger cultural context. Youth workers need to be around the office. Yes, be out with students, but be with the staff and pastors too. Be aware of what’s happening in the whole church, not just in your area.

Don’t pursue your own dreams over the church’s mission. Be discerning when addressing conflict. Be humble and honest. As much as it depends on you, make things right with those around you. Build trust. This takes time, but do the little things to make this happen. Be a partner in ministry. Don’t fight for your space alone. Fight for the church’s impact. Think bigger and broader than just your youth ministry.

7. Get out of the box.

This won’t be hard for most youth workers. Be creative and innovative in your ministry to the next generation. Take calculated risks, fail, learn, and take risks again. Be sure to over-communicate with your boss(es). But be willing to do whatever it takes to reach teens for Christ.

I hope these tips help answer your questions about how to lead a ministry. George Bernard Shaw said, “I am a dreamer. Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask, why not?”

Keep dreaming in ministry, staying close to the Scriptures. And know that the God of the universe is backing you!