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How to Add Confidence in Your Leadership

People follow confident leaders.

We’re passionate about this topic because we see so many great leaders who lack confidence and many others who lead people astray with fake confidence. With a few simple commitments and a lot of hard work, confidence can characterize any Christ-follower’s leadership.


If it’s been a while since you’ve struggled with your own sin, you have bigger problems than your leadership to solve. Honest struggle against sin makes you more real to the people you are leading. Our struggle with sin will, at times, reveal the need for confession. Confession is a spiritual discipline, it’s an act of obedience that restores our relationships with God and others. Confession leads to humility, and humility is a necessary component of confidence. Confidence without humility is arrogance.

DON’T SAY SORRY (unless you need to)
Great leaders know how to apologize! Sincere apology is a natural bi-product of humility and authenticity. All leaders are fallible and no one makes all the right calls all the time. A godly leader needs to know when to apologize, and when not to apologize.

Leaders say sorry “too much,” when they believe they’re right but apologize to un-ruffle the feathers of those who disagree.

Too many “sorry’s” is a symptom of a deeper problem: this leader fears the disapproval of others.

Say sorry less often by adjusting your thinking: leadership causes conflict. It’s not possible to lead others without occasionally facing disagreement. Speak plainly and apologize when you mean it, when you’ve made a mistake. Fake, insincere, fear of disapproval type of apologizes is evidence of eroded confidence and weakens the power of a heartfelt apology.

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