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How to Do Student Baptisms from Start to Finish


Pause for a quick picture break!

Ask the individual questions/testimony

At this point, I like to ask the person being baptized a few questions about the faith and testimony. For sure they need to be able to articulate the basics of their love for Jesus.

The actual words/process of baptism

Well, (name) based on your testimony, it is my privilege to baptize you on the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Buried with Him in baptism (put them under the water), raised to walk (bring them up) in newness of life. [everyone cheers!] I like to hug the person being baptized, and then splash a few other people gathered around. Ha!

Invite others to be baptized

As I wrap things up I like the tradition of inviting others to be baptized – it rarely happens right there, but we have baptisms on the first weekend of every month and want to make it a practice to make that known.

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