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How to Talk to Students About Giving

Imagine never having to do another fundraiser again. Not possible? Not true. The way to eliminate fundraisers from your youth ministry (and your church) is to start focusing on talking to your teens about giving.

Our church talks about giving throughout the year. It’s a message that trickles down into our teen and kid programs. The motivation is to raise givers and not funds. Givers will fuel the church because they buy into the vision. To be effective in raising next generation givers, you need to:


If you want to raise givers, you need to explain why it’s important. Share with your teens how their giving:

  • Impacts the local church.
  • Deepens the relationship they have with God.
  • Brings them the promise of God’s blessings (Malachi 3:10).

Fundraising doesn’t promise that.


Create a culture by making giving a part of your program. Start out with an announcement reinforcing the why. This informs new students and reminds others why it matters.

Emphasize the worship aspect of giving by making it an offertory. Tie it to music and be intentional. At first it might feel awkward, but after that it will become a part of the culture.


Giving has to be more than just an ask. After all, God tells us to “Test Him” and we need to challenge teens to do so. To challenge them you need to address the excuses:

  • I don’t make a lot of money.
  • I have to save for college.
  • I won’t be able to give enough to make a difference.

Address those concerns in a loving way. Emphasize that it’s about building trust in God. Also point out by building the habit of giving now, it’ll be easier as they grow older.

As you build the culture of giving, thank the teens. You will help them grow deeper in their discipleship and the church as a whole. In order for the church to continue to move, you need to raise givers who will fund the movement.