Articles for Outreach & Missions

Show Me How to Die

"We want to be rescued from our pain, but often prematurely," says Anne Jackson

The Story of Now

Anne Jackson encourages us to share the brokenness happening in our loves at this very moment.

Back to School: Encourage Students &Teachers

A new school year is a great time for outreach!

Historic Finale to Harvest Crusade

Greg Laurie, Steven Curtis Chapman and others bring messages of hope to more than 45,000 at Angel Stadium.

Aid Workers Brutally Killed in Afghanistan

The Taliban has officially accepted responsibility for the execution-style killings of ten aid workers.

Vampire Author “Quits Christianity”

"In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian," says Anne Rice.

New Study: Faith Isn’t Top Priority

New Barna study shows gap between Christians and faith commitment.

Over 2,800 Participating in Back to Church Sunday

More than 2,800 churches are involved in inviting people to this special worship service on Sept. 12.

Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura is a Latin phrase that literally means “By Scripture Alone.” Sola Scriptura is the doctrine that the Bible is the only infallible...

Perceptions of Islam Among Protestant Pastors

New data details the current views of Protestant pastors on Islam.

Reaching Young Adults

Use these tips to reach out to the 20-somethings in your local community.

For Boomers: Understanding Millennials

Millennials are more self-absorbed than Boomers.

Radical Missionary

In 1876, with 52 missionaries, CIM constituted one-fifth of the missionary force in China.

What Is God Doing in the Middle East?

Joel, what do you make of what’s happened recently in the Middle East? Did the Hizballah bombing surprise you? Historically, God has allowed wars and...

What We Miss When We Date the Church

(Chapter One of Stop Dating the Church—Fall in Love With the Family of God by Joshua Harris (Multnomah, 2006)) Jack and Grace met through a mutual friend....

Twenty Minutes Past the World

Real punches aren’t as sharp and clean as Hollywood makes them out to be. They’re much deeper, thicker. If you happen to hear them...

To Marry or Not to Marry …

Picture this: Jason and Ashli, an attractive, 20-something couple, contact you at the church. They’re nervous and excited at the same time. Hesitantly they...

The Ultimate Walk Across a Room

Ten thousand steps.   Roughly, that’s the distance you travel sunrise to sunset, each and every day of your life. It adds up to about 115,000...

Virtual Worlds Need Real Christians

This year, I’ve noticed a population boom among an unreached people group—and I'm pretty sure they're not on your missions calendar. Now numbering more...

Man of Peace

As rector and team leader of St. Thomas' Church ( in Sheffield, England, Mike Breen led the Anglican and Baptist congregation as it grew...

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