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engaging culture

Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today

In every time period and historical context during which it has been shared, the gospel has confronted culture in one way or another.
volunteer leaders

Ed Stetzer: The Importance of Volunteer Leaders in the Church

Volunteers who are leaders are essential to the life and growth of a church.
urban ministry

Ed Stetzer: 3 Challenges in Urban Ministry

Urban ministry engages depravity, longevity and community.

Ed Stetzer: What Is Missiology?

As I start my time at Outreach Magazine and, I wanted to explain a bit about what I do as a missiologist and what missiology is. In short, we ask the "why" question.
music in the church

The Future of Music in the Church

It may be a generalization to say the church today has three generational expressions, but I think we can work with it, especially with respect to music in the church.
church patriotism

Patriotism and the Church: Is It Too Much to Ask Churches to Be Careful?

Let's talk about patriotism and the church. I want to challenge us towards a greater understanding of God’s kingdom in times of national celebration.
Equality Act

The Equality Act Is the Most Significant Threat to Religious Liberty in a Generation

While discrimination toward people created in the image of God should, indeed, be opposed, the Equality Act does so in ways that significantly disregard religious liberty concerns.
arrogant pastors

The Arrogant Pastor — How NOT to Be One

The arrogant pastor. Even writing a blog post on this almost guarantees comments about pots and kettles. I'm as human as you are. And if we are all honest with ourselves, we would admit that it is a struggle for each of us in some way. 
dysfunctional churches

6 Signs Your Church Is Dysfunctional

In recent months, I have run across several people in dysfunctional churches and unhealthy organizations. The issue continues to grow and, although such organizations can actually do good, the harm they cause to many others is immeasurable.

Evangelicals Becoming Catholics: Former CT Editor Mark Galli

Though many Catholics left for more vibrant evangelical services, many miss the sense of awe and reverence seen in the liturgy of the church, as it “represented something sacred and beautiful.”