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Shadow Side of Mission: Fostering Learning and Healing in Missions

An important link between our identity as God’s missional people and our participation in God’s mission is the kingdom ethic that gives shape to the shared live of God’s holy, yet imperfect people.

Shadow Side of Mission: Ethical Considerations for Missional Work

We are called to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There can be a shadow side to our Great Commission endeavors that requires a shift to consider the social and transformational impact of our mission. 
church planting

9 Challenges to Church Planting

In just a few decades, we’ve witnessed an explosion of interest and engagement in North American church planting. Still, challenges remain.
UK churches

3 Encouraging Trends I See in the UK’s Churches

My visits to England have allowed opportunities to interact with several UK churches. In my time there, I’ve observed three helpful and encouraging trends I have seen.
pastor retreats

Your Definitive List of Pastor Retreats & Getaways

When I started my first church in inner-city Buffalo, I got tired. A lot. I was planting a church, working as an insulation contractor...
Rick Blackwood

Remembering Rick Blackwood: A Megachurch Pastor and Amazing Preacher You Probably Didn’t Know—By His...

Rick Blackwood was a pastor and author with a passion for preaching the Bible. He leaves behind his wife, Rhonda, and two daughters, Natalie and Rebecca. 
power of one

20 Truths From ‘The Power of One: Reaching Every Person on Earth’

Billy Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, leads Empower21, which is focused on the future of the Spirit-filled movement. Here are 20 truths from his new book, "The Power of One."

Pentecostals: Their Growth and the Implications for Evangelicalism

I believe the Holy Spirit wants to do a fresh work in each of us, as well as in our churches. I also believe that we have much to learn from Pentecostals.

Pentecostals: How Do They Keep Growing While Other Groups Are Declining?

Throughout the West, many denominations are in a state of plateau or decline, with one consistent exception: Pentecostals.

Church Journeys: Clear Communication Matters

I often make observations about the churches I visit. Being at Calvary Church in Westlake inspired me to encourage you as you think about connecting with and communicating to those in your congregation and beyond.