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finishing well

5 Reasons Leaders Finish Poorly

I am often in meetings where questions about the future of the evangelical movement are raised.
small church

20 Truths About the Strength of Small Churches

Here are 20 truths from Ron Klassen's new book, "Maximize: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small Church."
church online

Online Church is a Tool, Not the Goal— Embodied Community is the Goal

There’s a difference between a church having a presence online and “Church Online.” By that, I mean that every internet broadcast of a Sunday worship service is not necessarily meant to be an online church.
evangelical ecumenism

The ‘Dangerous’ Calling of Evangelical Ecumenism

Evangelical ecumenism is ultimately about learning to find agreement where suspicion or hostility once existed.

God’s Mission Has a Church: My Interview With Tabletalk Magazine

God's mission has a church. My friends at Tabletalk asked me to do an interview a few years back. Here is our conversation.

Ed Stetzer: Why Westboro Called Me A ‘Lying Whore False Prophet’

When discussing how churches can best handle disruptive situations, I find it helpful to reflect on a leadership experience I had a few years back with Westboro "Baptist Church."
mental health

Necessary Conversations: The Church, Suicide, and Mental Health

For many of us, mental illness is not a theoretical issue. Instead, it manifests in many ways and, at times, can impact nearly every moment of every day.

After Roe: A New Frontier Awaited by Christians, Ed’s Comments in USAToday

Several faith leaders were asked to write brief comments about the future of Roe. I was glad to see that I was not the only person asked who sees life as beginning at conception and who is ready to see Roe overturned.
evangelism conferences

Where Did All the Evangelism Conferences Go?

The lack of evangelism conferences today is symptomatic of a problem. For many, we have just moved on—maybe we have become too sophisticated for telling people about Jesus.
Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom for Those Graduating High School and Beyond

God has a plan. He will pursue you. He will use you mightily—just trust Him.