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Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn Is Wrong. Christians Shouldn’t Mandate One Religion for Everyone in America.

In a recent speech, Michael Flynn followed the pattern of Christian nationalism by taking a biblical passage and applying it to the United States. "You have to believe this, that God Almighty is, like, involved in this country...This is the shining city on the hill," Flynn said. Hint: It’s not.
Gospel Power

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 4 – Gospel Power

Here are five practical ways pastors and church leaders can properly and biblically use gospel power to help foster healthy churches and communities.
Jesus Power

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 3 – Learning from Jesus About Power

Jesus schooled the world on how to understand and exert power. If pastors and church leaders are going to understand and exert power well and guard against its misuse and abuse, we must learn from Him.
Abuse of power

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 2 – Pastoral Abuse of Power

Pastoral abuse of power can lead to the misuse of authority, the mishandling of finances, the sexual harassment of adults, the abuse of children, and a myriad of other sins. It's always disastrous.
place of power pastors

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 1 – The Place of Power

Power is all around us, and in fact, it is within us. Pastors and church leaders should seek to recover a biblical understanding of power by understanding the subtlety, scope, and stewardship of power.
Leave a Little Room for the Holy Spirit in Your Life

How to Leave Room for the Holy Spirit in Your Life

It is easy to do all that we can to make things work—to make them go. And I’m not against that, when done with wisdom. I just want you to leave some room for divine encounters with the Holy Spirit.
share your faith

Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today

To engage culture, you need to understand whom you're speaking to and where they’re coming from. Only then do you learn how to share your faith in a way others can recognize and relate to.
evangelicals and race

Ed Stetzer: Josh McDowell, Evangelicals and Race: A Verdict Demands Evidence

It's time for evangelicals to change the verdict many have reached on evangelicals and race.

Voices With Ed Stetzer: 20 Truths from ‘Known’: How Believing Who God Says You...

I am glad to feature Aubrey Sampson’s new book, Known. As I wrote in my endorsement, if you ever wanted to explore your identity and family name as a child of God, this is the book to pick up.
the church is on the move

Ed Stetzer: The Church Is on the Move

In 2020, we were the church on our heels. A global pandemic shut down much of our world. But the church has been on the move since it was birthed; it will continue to be on the move until God makes all things new.