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The Best Advice for a Pastor’s Wife

I am a follower of Christ first and a pastor’s wife second. Jesus told us all to love the Lord and love our neighbors, and I certainly shouldn’t expect to do anything less than that as I minister alongside my husband.

The Three Elements to Transformation

This transformation is the result of God’s grace and our willingness to surrender daringly. And many times, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

MOPS’ Unprecedented Ministry During Covid-19

As soon as stay-at-home orders began to sweep across nations, MOPS leaders were the first to spring into action. Within a matter of days, MOPS meetings were transformed into online gatherings. MOPS groups celebrated birthdays, childbirths, sobriety milestones, graduations, and overall life.

We Are the First Responders

The graphic memory of first responders running toward the World Trade Center on 9/11 is a picture of what it means to be called to ministry.

The Dangerous Power of Vision: 6 Steps for Responsibly Stewarding the Power of Vision

Visions are dangerously powerful, and a leader who doesn’t understand that power has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the people they lead.

My Man and Me

Beth and Keith Moore's story is a tumultuous one, but as you read it, you'll see that it is a clear testimony to God's faithfulness and grace.

On Girls and Small Stories

“Mother Theresa didn’t walk around talking about the size of her thighs. She had stuff to do.”

Empower Women and You Empower the World

I just freakin’ believe in women. You give them a tool and they will build a city if it helps their kids thrive.

Where Is the Salt? Where Is the Light?

Every generation of Christians, every generation of the church, has to decide how they will respond to the opportunities and to the challenges of their day.

Ten 21st-Century Sins (and One Remedy)

What would you place on a list of most popular 21st-century sins?

Being in Ministry Saved My Marriage

I worry that an endless litany of blame-the-ministry could cause faithful pastors and their wives to view the local church as their marriage's enemy rather than its best ally.

Televangelist James Robison Denies He Knew Robert Morris Allegedly Committed Child...

Following the recent resignation of Robert Morris as Gateway Church’s senior pastor, Life Outreach International, formerly known as The James Robison Evangelistic Association (JREA), released a statement saying the organization was unaware of the Morris' alleged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old.

Daniel Im: How Not To Let the Consumers Drive the Strategy...

Daniel Im joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain how pastors can lead more effectively in a “post-everything” world and why their communities contain more than just the non-Christians and the Christians.

Women in Ministry