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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

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Working Remotely: 4 Basic Skills to Master

Working Remotely: 4 Basic Skills to Master

While working remotely is a tremendous tool it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and in some cases may do more harm than good. Here's what to consider.
audio livestreaming

How to Use Audio Livestreaming to Benefit Your Church Community

Podbean provides an audio livestreaming and podcasting platform that is popular worldwide for church communities of all sizes. We’ve seen explosive growth in Podbean Live’s use since its inception last autumn, with a big spike since social isolation measures have furthered the need. 
keep people engaged online

Keep People Engaged Online – What’s the Secret?

One question I keep hearing is “How do we keep people engaged online?” The assumption here is that because we’re all stuck at home—and...
church website keywords

What Are The Best Church Website Keywords For Your Church?

Optimize your website by using church website keywords so people who are searching for a church will find your church out of all the other church websites in your community.
online church

3 Online Church Tools Every Pastor (and Worship Leader) Needs Yesterday

Welcome to the new reality of the online church, online small group and ZOOM video conferences galore. These 3 in-stock items (at the time of this writing!) from Amazon will up your video game immediately.

Drastic Measures Against Viruses – A Cybersecurity Perspective

When this column was written, the latest Ohio (COVID) statistics were 656 dead and 14,694 infected with the Coronavirus. And while these numbers are...
display lyrics

How to Display Lyrics On Your Camera Feeds

Whether your church is running a live stream for viewers at home or in other remote locations, or you have a projection screen in...
moving ministry forward

These Days We Need Sustainability In Worship and Ministry

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have felt like an eternity for me. I’ll be talking with my wife and...

So You Want to Use Zoom Anyway

Most organizations were a bit unprepared for the increased remote work forced on us by the current pandemic. Churches and ministries are communication-focused, and...
beyond live streaming

Beyond Live Streaming: 3 Fantastic Ways To Broadcast Your Services Beyond Your Sanctuary

Go Beyond Live Streaming and Get Your Message To As Many People As You Can I have been getting many pastors and church leaders contacting...
COVID-19 scams

Cyber-Crooks Working Overtime With New COVID-19 Scams

Cybercriminals exploiting natural disasters or tragic events is nothing new. We’ve witnessed attackers take full advantage of 9/11 and hurricane Katrina. However, with the...

7 Ways to Use Technology as a Ministry Tool

How to use tech in the service of the church.
safe computing practices

Work-From-Home, But Is Home Secure?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic schools have closed their physical doors nationwide and are moving to online assignments. Most churches and businesses have shifted day-to-day...
video calling solution

Zoom or Facetime? Choose Your Video Calling Solution Wisely!

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has many staff working from home, and there are a number of things worth considering as you manage the ‘brand’ of...
life in 6 words

Introducing a Pandemic-Proof Way to Share the Gospel

With social distancing and virtual meetings becoming our new normal, the Life in 6 Words app seeks to solve some of your evangelism woes.
video conferencing

Video Conferencing is Convenient… Until…

The recent wave of shelter in place orders has created tremendous demand for work-at-home services, especially video conferencing. Video conferencing has been around for...
church management solution

ChMeetings Covers 7 Features Needed in Every Church Management Solution

Church leaders must fulfill their role and be always prepared to serve the needs of their members. A good church leadership should be completely...
sermon notes

“My Sermon Notes” Makes Note-taking Digital

As church leaders, we are constantly searching for the most effective way to disciple our congregation. Discipleship is at the core of everything the...
believers connect

COVID-19 is Changing the Way Believers Connect

When it comes to adoption of new communication technologies, the church has typically been at the forefront. The first book ever printed on Gutenberg’s...
unprecedented times

Church Tech Is Vital During Unprecedented Times

These are unprecedented times, and as we watch things unfold around the world on an hour-by-hour basis even words like unprecedented don’t seem to...

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Not only should churches communicate their reopening strategy to their members, but they also need to communicate to the community at large.

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