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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

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weekly e-bulletin

3 Steps to a Weekly E-Bulletin

The sun has risen and you see the light of a weekly email to your people. In spite of your palpable excitement, you don’t...
mobile church

Mobile Church on a Shoe-String Budget – It CAN Be Done!

Several years ago, I helped transition our church from a single-site church to a 3-campus multisite church. One of our new locations was going...
how to use your phone

How to Use Your Phone for Good, Not Evil

Having a phone that never leaves our side has transformed the way we stay in touch: If our kids are in trouble, or our...
digital front door

Is Your Digital Front Door Working?

Several years ago, I wrote a book titled Opening the Front Door: Worship and Church Growth. It was a simple book, but rather controversial...
upgrade to catalina

Should Mac Users Upgrade to Catalina?

Apple will be releasing the next version of its Mac operating system soon. Called Catalina, it will have features and enhanced security many will...
forgotten starting point for chms

The (Sometimes Forgotten) Starting Point for ChMS

Church Management Software (ChMS) can inspire creative ways to reach out to and pastor your congregation and visitors, but it’s easy to forget the...
church management software

From Hi-Tech to Hi-Touch: Stories from Church Management Software

Behind the features, advantages, and benefits of Church Management Software (ChMS) lay the real purposes of the software: caring for God’s people. Over the...
church stewardship

Church Stewardship Requires Great Connection

When many people hear the term church stewardship, there’s often a tendency to think “money” — and even more specifically, Oh boy … they’re going...
dangers of church tech

What Are the Dangers of Church Tech?

Jesus calls us to be faithful, but sometimes we might mistake that for the calling to be efficient. There's certainly nothing wrong with efficiency,...
ministry safe

MinistrySafe – Protecting Children and Those Who Serve Them

MinistrySafe was created by legal professionals who are sexual abuse experts.
do not disturb setting

Do Not Disturb Setting – The Surprising Secret To Sanity

Interruptions are a part of life, and managing them is key to productivity. We are surrounded by technology that while enabling productivity is also...
lack of care

Neglect: The Silent Killer of Worship Teams

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to more than 100 churches in the past three years as a worship team coach and consultant: mostly...

The Power of ChMS. Taken Further.

Your ChMS helps you manage your mission. We help you mobilize it. Aware3 seamlessly integrates with your existing system.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

What Puts the “S” in Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) Webpages?

We all have favorite movies that we never get tired of watching. No holiday season is complete (at least in our house) without a...
digital tools for spiritual growth

Digital Tools for Spiritual Growth – Three Pastors Share Their Favs

Helping people become disciples of Jesus is what God has created the church to do. As we think about how to accomplish this, Jesus...
worship tech

Worship Tech Takes Work: “Are You Phoning It In?”

When we gather, our job as worship tech is to help the people engage the invitation of God to worship Him.
church audio gear

A Personal Monitoring System Needs to be in Your Church Audio Gear

Does your church audio gear include a personal monitoring system? It takes an individual’s monitor mix and sends it directly to the ears of that...
best church websites

Best Church Websites – ChurchJuice Picks the Top 15

We’ve spent dozens of hours searching the web to find the best church websites in North America. Of course, this is not an exhaustive...
landing page

5 Landing Page Essentials for Your Church Website

Jane just moved to a new town. She grew up in a Lutheran church and would like get connected with a similar church in...
18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.

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The Fight for National Bible Week (and Christmas Trees)

Legislators in Wisconsin are trying to revive National Bible Week, which debuted in 1941 just as the United States entered World War II.

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