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Is it Legal to Use an FM Transmitter for Church?

If you broadcast your church service with an overpowered FM transmitter for church, you risk $10,000 per violation, one day of operation, and perhaps up to $75,000.

Seniors Are More Tech-Savvy Than You Think

Do you know any tech savvy seniors? We often think that our older congregants are not knowledgeable about technology and perhaps even see them as impediments to innovation. That might be increasingly unfair.

Share Your Sermons and Teaching on Amazon Alexa

StreamingChurchTV has a new concept that gives pastors and teachers a new platform for giving millions of people access to their sermons and teaching through Amazon Alexa devices.

4 Questions Every New Worship Tech Needs to Ask

A new worship tech should ask four basic mixing questions, Three of the questions aren’t so much technical as they are situational—but it’s a situation we all face every time we mix.

How to Choose the Best AED For Church

With so many models on the market, knowing which AED is right for your church can be difficult. Here's how to choose the best AED for church.

Worship Tech Director Advice From Experienced Leaders

Check out this gathering of some of the best in the business, and get your top tech advice from audio, technical directors, and worship leaders.

Should Christians be Snarky on Social Media?

Should Christians be snarky on social media? After all, there’s a difference between answers that make people think, and answers that humiliate.

Eric Geiger: How to Reach the iGeneration

What does research tell us about iGeneration? Jean Twenge’s book, iGen, is a very insightful and thoughtful read, based on extensive research over several years.

7 Ways to Use Technology in Church Ministry

How to use tech in the service of the church. staying up-to-date doesn’t have to be terribly complicated. Here are several tips to consider as you leverage technology for ministry

Have You Harnessed the Dynamic Power of a Creative Tagline?

A creative tagline makes a dramatic difference in capturing the attention of consumers with a well crafted line.

4 Steps to Diffusing Social Media Tension

The key to diffusing social media tension comes from scripture: “do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) Treat others with respect and model behaviors and values that encourage positive posting from your followers.

Online Communion? Theology and the Digital Church

There may be a knee-jerk reaction against a digital church, but there can be little doubt that a new way of doing – and being – church is being forged through technological innovation and an increasingly digital world.

What’s the Right Approach to Church Lighting?

Lighting debates are raging—so who's right?

Digital Follow Up For New Visitors – Five Easy Pieces

We work hard to follow up after major events, but it's a struggle to fine tune digital follow up. All is not lost! Here are five great avenues.

Social Media Outreach: The Key To Your Next Event

The menu is set, the band has practiced, the speaker is booked. All that’s left is getting people in the door. That's where social media outreach starts.

5 Ways Church Text Messaging Connects With Your People

One reason why we’ve failed to reach this younger generation of people has to do with the way we communicate about who we are and what we believe. I'm talking about text messaging.

The Dangers of Being Future Blind

I’m describing Future Blind as, “The inability to see anything beyond the present. To be blind to what’s coming. A failure to anticipate the future.” Is that your church?

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.

New Year: New Worship Stage Gear

Why not start of the New Year by making sure that your worship stage gear is well equipped with useful items? Here are 6 "New Year's Gifts" for every worship stage.

Facial Recognition in Church? It’s Happening Right Now

I can see there could be positive uses for facial recognition in church, but I’ve also been surprised at how few conversations there have been about using it.

Tennessee Library Director Fired for ‘Negative Pushback’ During Kirk Cameron Book...

On March 15, Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales was terminated due to the “unkind pushback” he demonstrated to Kirk Cameron’s children’s book reading.

Gabe Lyons: Engage Culture and Reverse Negative Cultural Stereotypes

Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas addresses questions like: What are some perceptions people have of Christians? Why is it so hard for Christians to engage culture?

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