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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

That’s why MinistryTech Magazine offers a free subscription to keep you up to date on what the best and latest tech options are for the church. Subscribe today and get the most recent issue instantly.

Touchpoint Software Church Management

TouchPoint Software Is Flexible, User-Friendly Church Management Software

TouchPoint is a powerful cloud-based church management system that equips leaders to grow fully devoted followers of Christ. TouchPoint is designed for mid-to-large churches looking for a ChMS solution that is off-the-shelf AND customizable.
start recording

Start Recording – What You REALLY Need

“I think I’m just gonna start recording some stuff.” I said these words in the winter of 2005. I bought a $499 “Recording starter kit:”...
converging technologies

Converging Technologies – A Mixed Bag of Blessings

"Convergence" is one of those buzz words in technology folks throw around to make their product or service look important. Many times it does,...

SecureGive – Engage New Donors, Grow Your Giving, Fund Your Ministry

SecureGive has worked with thousands of churches for 15 years to grow giving through cutting edge technology, expert implementation strategy, and stewardship training and resources.
printing technology

“Printing Technology” is NOT an oxymoron!

We’ve got truly extraordinary technology available to the church today, but amid all that, don’t forget some of the tried and true tech tools...
cyber con artists

Cyber Con Artists Thrive AFTER the Holidays

With Christmas and the shopping season now behind us, it’s time to kick back in the recliner and make the most of all those...
crisis communication

Communication During Crisis: Do You Have A Plan?

No one likes to think about having to deal with a crisis in your church. But it’s critical to have a plan in place...
outlandish marketing

Outlandish Marketing – Lessons From Michelin & YouVersion

Let's take a trip into the world of Outlandish Marketing - it starts with great cuisine, automobile tires and ends up with more than...
cloud storage

All-in For Cloud Storage

I am all in on moving network storage to cloud storage, and you should be too. Thanks for reading. Oh wait, you need more? OK....
email scams

2 Email Scams Your Church Should Guard Against

There are two email scams occurring with increasing frequency. These scams hurt churches in two ways, by stealing finances and by breaking congregational trust....
video production books

Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 Video Production Books

Learning video production can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a mentor who can talk you through what you need to know and...
human firewall

The Human Firewall: Our Only Hope

In the war against nefarious uses of the Internet, the human firewall is our only hope. The fate of the Republic is in your...

How Would Your Church Respond to Cyber-Attacks?

This is a guest post by my friend Lincoln Kaffenberger. Lincoln was a member of our church plant, served as a military officer, and...
six laws of technology

Six Laws of Technology Every Pastor Should Know

There is a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal titled "The Six Laws of Technology Everyone Should Know." It is based on the writings...
technological imperative

Beware the Technological Imperative: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

I’m fascinated as I watch folks using technology across the social spectrum. I see folks at the airport fumbling with getting their boarding pass...
video production blogs

Where To Find Great Video Production Blogs

There are blogs about everything online, making it possible for you to learn more about your passion with just a few clicks. If you...
communications team

Can You Help Us Out? 3 Steps Before Speaking With The Communications Team

Your communications leader is the go-to guy or gal when you have an announcement to share or information to send to the church. But before...
cyber liability insurance

Do We Really Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Many churches, ministries, and non-profits are starting to wrestle with the need for any kind of cyber liability insurance. This is a good thing...
analog vs digital mixer

Analog Vs. Digital Mixer – The Great Debate

Analog Vs. Digital Mixer? Both an analog mixer and a digital mixer can deliver fantastic sound, but they represent different ways of thinking about the process and...
communications policy

You Need a Communications Strategy — Not a Communications Policy

You’re a part-time church communications manager, part-time youth pastor, full-time everything else, and you’ve finally—after months of working on it—put the finishing touches on...

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Should Tax Payers Pay for Christian School? SCOTUS to Decide

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments Wednesday in what could be a landmark case impacting the separation of church and state.

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