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How to Choose the Best AED For Church

With so many models on the market, knowing which AED is right for your church can be difficult. Here's how to choose the best AED for church.

5 Great Ways to Use MailChimp Effectively

When I started my first job in church communications, one of my many responsibilities was handling all of the email marketing. My choice to use Mailchimp made my job easier.

5 Effects of Online Consumption

Should the church stay away from online consumption? Heavens, no. This just tells us where “salt” and “light” are most needed.

A True Creative Is Always a Beginner

If you’re involved in today’s creative, media-driven culture, the best people never stop considering themselves always a beginner.

5 Ways to Connect People Who Feel Disconnected From Church

The impacts of Covid-19 have shifted what was “normal” — attending church in person — and now more people watch services online. Now, people in your community feel disconnected from church, and they need your help.

7 Dangers and 7 Benefits of Church Technology

I’ll give you a brief description of the primary ways in which I use church technology in sermon preparation.

5 Ways To Keep an Innovative Spirit Alive

Sometimes under-resourcing drives innovation.

Technology in Church—4 Key Considerations

Yes, I want to use technology in church but I also want to heed some cautions that wise men and women have articulated.

10 Audio Essentials for Church Sound

I wish someone would have cracked open the secret envelope of audio essentials for church sound and let me see the truth before being up to my knees in XLR cables.

Hiring Cheap? Not so Fast . . .

Sometimes, hiring cheap is the most expensive choice. The principle sounds wrong to some people, but it’s straightforward: You often save the most money by hiring the most expensive person.

HuddleCam HD Review

The HuddleCam HD webcam gives you the same quality as their many other products, and it’s super affordable at around $90.

10 Ways Worship Leaders and Audio Techs Need to Work Together

Why do audio techs and worship leaders frequently experience conflict, having a hard time supporting and respecting one another?

In the Church: People Over Technology

I’d rather have top quality people and below -evel equipment, than state of the art equipment and below-level people. I choose people over technology.

8 Reasons Why Your Church Management Solution Isn’t Working

When your ChMS isn’t aligned with your ministry processes, you are limited in your ability to stay connected between Sundays.

You’re Doing It Wrong: 7 Terrible Ways People Use QR Codes

Once you see the potential of QR codes, you’ll find many new ways to include them in your communications plan.

5 Ways Technology Helps Accelerate Church Growth

It takes more than good intentions to accelerate church growth and effectively engage guests in a way that helps them move toward becoming a fully-engaged member.

How to Study the Bible Online

I used to have a big library with hundreds of books to use in my Bible study. I have been studying the Bible online now for over ten years.

Audio Mixing 101

Audio Mixing 101: One of the hardest things to teach a new sound operator is how to mix. It requires the development of an “ear” for what to change, when to change it and what levels are appropriate.

How to Use Your Phone for Good, Not Evil

We never get a moment's peace: every ping your phone emits is another distraction. Here's how to use your phone for good, not evil.

It Will Be Well – PDF’s & Postcards From 700 Years Ago

"All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well." Whenever I read this saying from Julian of Norwich, it puts my heart at peace. I know both theologically and from personal experience, how true these words are.

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.

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