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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

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SentinelOne Control’s Anti-Malware Employs AI to Sense Zero-Hour Threats

My firm, MBS, recently changed its anti-malware spec to a solution called SentinelOne Control because it appears to be the strongest protection against ransomware and all other forms of malware.
attract young families to church

Want to Attract Young Families to Church? These Communication Tips May Help

Many churches in America have aging congregations and a constant prayer in all of them is that they attract young families to church.
pastors on tiktok

5 Pastors on TikTok Reaching People Beyond Their Churches

Pastors on TikTok represent the full range of Christian faith: on matters ranging from theology to current social issues. The diversity of opinions and personalities among these pastors are as wide and varied as all the pastors in your hometown.
future of live streaming

What’s the Future of Live-Streaming – And Why Aren’t We There Yet?

I’m distressed to say that I haven’t seen much innovation, and now that we’re moving back into the building, I’m concerned about the future of live-streaming. 

Church Online Giving Platforms – 5 Great Choices

Even while the Church’s mission remains unchanged throughout all generations, its practices will always be subject to change. For example, tithes and offerings: these...
auto tracking cameras

Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Church

As the demand for video streaming exponentially grows, auto tracking cameras are definitely changing the game. Here we have compiled the best auto tracking cameras available.
technology and marriage

Technology and Marriage – We Need to Set Boundaries

How can we use technology efficiently and effectively without ruining our relationships? Technology and marriage do not have to be against each other.
broadcasting church services

The Top Video Cameras for Broadcasting Church Services

Broadcasting church services has become as important as having a church website was 10 years ago. Live streaming is the new church standard.
new sound system

Expensive New Sound System – and Lousy Sound?

The state-of-the-art new sound system is rolled into the new church, and on the grand opening they end up with music that sounds like it came out of a tin can.
Best Church Websites

10 of the Best Church Websites in 2021

Each year the folks at Churchjuice post their selections of the best church websites. This year it's even more important, because we can all learn something to improve our digital game.
worship album

We Recorded a DIY Live Worship Album. Here’s How We Did It

The idea came up to record a live worship album. While the worship director and I had been involved in countless past recording projects, we’d never done anything like this before. It would be an incredible challenge, but we were up for it.
when someone unsubscribes

What to Do When Someone Unsubscribes from Your Email List

Here’s the biggest piece of advice of all when someone unsubscribes: Don’t just move on. Give it less thought than they did. Just don’t worry about it. Can it be that simple? Yep. It is.
18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.
digital signs

How to Modernize Your Church Communication With Digital Signage

Digital signage is more than just PowerPoint slides on TVs. Modern digital signage can improve the experience for your congregation, help them navigate your...
Journey Through the Steps of an Online Scam

Journey Through the Steps of an Online Scam

Journey through the steps of an online scam, an attempted hack that was foiled (hopefully before any unsuspecting “winners” entered their credit card information). 
Smart Studio

How the Groundbreaking KAIROS IT/IP Live Video Platform Improves Video Production

Live video production is a foundational component in the tech toolbox. With the season we’re in, all churches need help with their live video processing. KAIROS, the newest offering from Panasonic will transform your church’s live video processing capabilities. 
Smart Studio

Worship Leaders Can Do More With Smart Studio

What if—even after Covid—the new church model for praise and worship is distributed worship?
Panasonic's Kairos

Unleash Your Church’s Creative Vision With the KAIROS Live Video Platform

The Smart Studio powered by Panasonic’s KAIROS live video production platform equips your tech team to adapt to changing environments and requirements without the constant need to set up or tear down existing gear.

KAIROS Live Video Platform Will Save Your Church Time and Money

Kairos, the newest offering from Panasonic will transform your church’s live video processing. And with the season we’re in, our churches need help with our live video processing. 
state of church communications

Taking Stock of the State of Church Communications

I recently asked our Insiders community how they would describe the state of church communications. The results quickly affirmed what I'm sure we all already know

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