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Articles for outreach & missions help outreach leaders in churches face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, outreach pastors need leadership resources and outreach resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. ChurchLeaders.com is dedicated to providing resources and information for every outreach pastor and leader. If you serve on a church staff as a leader of outreach ministries, you’ll find must-have outreach resources and connections to a community of outreach leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

Outreach leaders from every denomination find articles for outreach & missions, encouragement, inspiration, teaching tips, and support they are looking for here at ChurchLeaders.com. Join millions of leaders who look to us for resources and encouragement for church outreach leadership.

Leading your outreach ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Awakening in the Land of the Rising Sun

Awakening in the Land of the Rising Sun

In Japan, statistics show that 99 percent of the population does not have a relationship with Christ. While the task of reaching them with the gospel seems daunting, God is stirring the church in Japan to reach the nation.
Did Jesus Really Mean What He Said About Divorce?

Did Jesus Really Mean What He Said About Divorce?

Here's my opinion when it comes to Jesus on divorce. You might disagree with me, but I think there was a particular reason why He said what He did.

3 Common Mistakes We Make When Reading the Bible

Avoid mistakes when reading the Bible, remember to talk to God, read whole scriptural books, and remember who wrote the Bible: God.     
slow to speak

Are You Slow to Tweet?

Slow to speak (or tweet or post or gram) is to pause and take time to think about the words we are using. It doesn’t mean we don’t ever speak. Learn to weigh what you say online.

Cherish: Resetting the Bar of Marriage

Neuroscience tells us that the shelf-life of an infatuation is about twelve to eighteen months. It’s a nice run while it lasts, but when...
lessons jesus taught

The Powerful, Life-Transforming Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples

What does Jesus want to teach you and me? How does he intend to mold us into his likeness? Here are powerful life-transforming lessons Jesus taught and is still teaching me.
reading the bible

5 Keys for Leaders to Read the Bible in a Year

Reading the bible all the way through is not in and of itself spiritually significant. But the discipline of spending time in scripture can yield marvelous results. Here's the plan I followed.
old testament ethics

Old Testament Redemptive-Ethical Concessions

In his Christian Theistic Ethics, Cornelius Van Til sought to explain Old Testament redemptive-ethical concessions by means of the analogy of a sick child who was not able to receive, all at once, all the medicine that he needed in order to live. Read more about Old Testament ethics.
Christian films

5 Films (and a Netflix Series) Christians Will Want to See in 2020

The new year has come and with it some exciting new Christian films and a Netflix series to watch. Spanning from love stories to documentaries to inspirational portrayals, these films will take you on a faith journey.
deaths in 2019

Those We Lost in 2019 Who Impacted the Kingdom

Deaths in 2019 claimed some of our Christian leaders. These brothers and sisters taught well, led well, and impacted the kingdom with their lives. We were blessed to have had these leaders.
Why I'm Still in an 'Evangelical' Church

Why I’m Still in an Evangelical Church

As 2020 begins, the popularity of the label “evangelical” is drifting downward. When quizzed by pollsters last year, only 1 in 4 American adults described themselves as "evangelical." Here's more about evangelicals and the evangelical church everyone needs to understand.
A Peculiar Perspective on Suffering

A Peculiar Perspective on Suffering

This is the Christian’s peculiar perspective on suffering, and I say peculiar because it is a different perspective from that of the world. It is natural for humans to resist anything that would cause them pain and discomfort.
Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan: 3 Places Where God Is at Work

Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan … 3 Places Where God Is at Work

Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are three places in Central Asia where God is working and some specific ways to pray.

What Will You Chase in 2020?

What are your dreams and goals for 2020? No doubt you have been dreaming about the potential of a brand-new year.
10 Basic Marriage Truths Every Christian Spouse Should Know

10 Basic Marriage Truths Every Christian Spouse Should Know

A marriage that endures through the decades is the result of God’s grace through two people who are committed to one another. Here are 10 basic marriage truths—in no particular order—that every married Christian should remember.
value the girls

How to Value the Girls in Your Life

Raising mentally and emotionally confident women is not a feminist agenda: it’s loving your neighbor and preparing them to live in a world that objectifies them.
Venezuelan Refugees

Venezuelan Refugees Walk 2,000+ Miles to Chile and Argentina

Venezuelan refugees are fleeing the collapse of their nation—once one of the wealthiest nations on the continent.
hell on earth

All the Hell You Shall Ever Have

For the better part of my Christian life, I've had a visceral reaction—driven by internal disapproval—whenever I've heard someone describe the hardships he or she experienced in life in this way: "It was like hell on earth."
Why Giving Too Much Kills Relationships

Why Giving Too Much Kills Relationships

Like plants, relationships require a pattern of give-and-take in order for them to grow. If you are in a relationship in which you are constantly taking and never giving anything in return, your relationship will eventually stop growing.
Where Jesus Walked on Earth—Modern Sites from the Life of Christ

Where Jesus Walked on Earth—Modern Sites from the Life of Christ

Have you ever wondered what the places where Jesus walked and ministered look like today? Madeline Arthington gives us a thorough look at these sites in the Holy Land.

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