Ed Stetzer: ‘Cancel’ the Salvation Army? I Think Not.

Left or right, our new pressures of ideological purity and tribal buzzwords eventually set their sights upon even the most absurd of targets. Case in point is the recent war conservatives have decided to wage on the Salvation Army.

Ed Stetzer: The Church and Donald Trump: We Need Christ at the Center of Our Services, Not Democrats, Republicans or Any Other Politician

What transpired between Pastor Jeffress' church and Donald Trump on a Sunday morning exemplifies where some evangelicals and some evangelical churches have deviated from the primary focus and primary mission of Christ’s church.

Choose Faith at Christmastime

Jesus is here. God has come to us. And he is good—so much better than we ever imagined. Choose faith this Christmas.

Church Attendance During Christmastime: Stats on Christmas Outreach

Most Americans attend church during the Christmas season, and many would come if invited. We have a wonderful opportunity for effective outreach this holiday season, if we are willing to take it.

Sharing Christ at Christmas: What the Stats Say

Research has shown that 47 percent of respondents indicated openness to Christian outreach during the holiday season.

A Waiting World, the Anticipation of Christmas, and What We Learn About the Love of God

Christmastime is a season of anticipation. We anticipate celebrations and traditions. But even more than that, we long for a time when we will experience the fullness of redemption in Jesus.

Christmas: An Intersection of Faith and Family

Christmas is the true intersection of faith and family. That should be encouraging to us as Christians. Here are three ways we can cultivate a healthy engagement with the Christmas season.

Advent: The Birth of Christ Is Too Big for One Day

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—which, for many of us, feels like a rush into chaos. Celebrating Advent during this season slows us down and helps our hearts and minds be reoriented around the coming of Christ.Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—which, for many of us, feels like a rush into chaos. Celebrating Advent during this season slows us down and helps our hearts and minds be reoriented around the coming of Christ.

20 Truths from ‘Spiritual Detox: Discovering the Joy of Liberating Confession’

Confession is not a journey of depressing introspection but life-transforming liberation, heavenly joy that transcends earthly circumstances.

Michael Flynn Is Wrong. Christians Shouldn’t Mandate One Religion for Everyone in America.

In a recent speech, Michael Flynn followed the pattern of Christian nationalism by taking a biblical passage and applying it to the United States. "You have to believe this, that God Almighty is, like, involved in this country...This is the shining city on the hill," Flynn said. Hint: It’s not.

Voices with Ed Stetzer: “Silent No More? Political Activism in the Asian American Church”

On  June 28, 2020, as well over 1,000 Asian American Christians in Chicagoland gathered for a demonstration in support of black dignity and pride which was initiated by the Asian American Christian Collaborative.

Voices with Ed Stetzer: Standing Between White Privilege and Black Disprivilege: An Asian American Perspective

As a minority immigrant, I’ve personally encountered racism in both overt and subtle ways. I’ve witnessed the glass ceiling, aka bamboo ceiling, limit Asian Americans even in religious organizations.

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 4 – Gospel Power

Here are five practical ways pastors and church leaders can properly and biblically use gospel power to help foster healthy churches and communities.

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 3 – Learning from Jesus About Power

Jesus schooled the world on how to understand and exert power. If pastors and church leaders are going to understand and exert power well and guard against its misuse and abuse, we must learn from Him.

Discipleship: The Convergence of the Missio Dei and the Imago Dei

Discipleship is all about learning what it really means to be human as God originally intended.

Three Questions Suffering People Ask Jesus and Three Responses Jesus Gives

When we experience suffering, we often ask Jesus some poignant questions. Here's what he has to say to us in the midst of our darkest moments.

When the Cultural Climate Gets Political, How Does the Church Stay Missional?

It almost goes without saying that America is living with a toxic political environment. In the midst of that, here are six things the Church can do to stay missional.

Ed Stetzer: Pastors and Power, Part 2 – Pastoral Abuse of Power

Pastoral abuse of power can lead to the misuse of authority, the mishandling of finances, the sexual harassment of adults, the abuse of children, and a myriad of other sins. It's always disastrous.

How the Fall Affected Evangelism

From the time of Adam and Eve’s Fall in the Garden, there are at least four reasons why believers find it difficult to engage with evangelism.

Listening is an A.R.T.

In the same way that creating and delivering sermons is an A.R.T., listening to them is an A.R.T. to be cultivated as well.

Korn Guitarist Clarifies That He’s Still a Christian, Says Media Used...

Korn guitarist Brian Welch posted a video last month titled “Am I Still A Christian?” The two minute video addressed a podcast interview he did with Machine Head’s Rob Flynn in March of last year.

Mike Cosper: What ‘The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill’ Means...

Mike Cosper joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his experience creating the "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" and his thoughts on what church leaders should take away from the series.