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Researchers Surprised by ‘Protective’ Benefits of Prayer on Youth

A new study published by Harvard lists the benefits of prayer and church attendance on youth. Turns out, prayer can protect children from a bevy of unfortunate choices.

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How To Avoid Being Disqualified From Ministry

How to Avoid Being Disqualified From Ministry

Every pastor needs someone to hold him accountable in his spiritual life, his personal life and his work life.
7 Signs the Insecure Leader on the Team...Is You

7 Signs the Insecure Leader on the Team…Is You

If you live insecure, you’ll die insecure. You don’t outlive insecurity. You outgrow it.
Eight Differences Between Church Giving and Church Dues

Eight Differences Between Church Giving and Church Dues

It is amazing to hear how church members view their tithes and offerings to their local churches. Though it’s cliché to say, the attitudes of their hearts reflect the nature of their contributions to the church.
What Happened to the Seven Churches of Revelation?

What Happened to the Seven Churches of Revelation?

The seven churches mentioned in Revelation are still with us...but in ruins. Here's what those ruins can teach us today.



Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley: Why I Stopped Saying ‘The Bible Says’ When I Preach

Andy Stanley unpacks his reasoning for eliminating phrases such as "the Bible says..." from our preaching in order to reach the younger generations and return to a more New-Testament model of evangelism.
Michael Frost

Michael Frost: The Church Needs to Get Back to Being Weird

 Michael Frost holds a PhD in "being and doing church" and is the author of several books. He is also the head of the missiology...
Terry Smith

Terry Smith: Dreaming of Diversity in Your Church

“Part of hospitality is being open to people and their dreams.” - Terry Smith
Peter Greer

Peter Greer: Stop Comparing Your Ministry to Others

“This idea of comparison is toxic to the broader impact that we’re supposed to have when we no longer see others as rivals and competitors but as friends and allies that we’re going to be spending all eternity with.” - Peter Greer
Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry: God Is Not Calling Gay People to Be Straight

“Your identity is not how you feel...if that’s the case then all of our temptations will define us.” - Jackie Hill Perry
Allen White

Allen White: Finding Ways to Make Small Groups Work

“People who don’t have time for a group always have time for their friends. Structure small groups around friendships.” - Allen White
Rusty George

Rusty George: Pastors Need Community

“The first step to ending isolation is to admit we need community.” - Rusty George

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