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pastor appreciation

4 (Free) Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Pastor

Pastor appreciation month doesn't have to be all about tangible gifts. These four ideas will encourage your pastor and convey the work he or she does matters.

God Looks at the Heart—For Better or for Worse

With God, there is no private time. There is no let down. There is no secret being kept; no rock not overturned. If God looks at the heart, then we are all laid bare before the Lord at any given moment.
coach prime

Coach Prime, Coach Mac, and the Power of the Gospel

I don’t know what it is about the University of Colorado that draws men of intense faith to coach its football team.

R.C. Sproul: Death Does Not Have the Last Word

When we close our eyes in death, we do not cease to be alive; rather, we experience a continuation of personal consciousness.


Arthur Brooks

Arthur Brooks: Why You Don’t Need To Have a Midlife (Ministry) Crisis

Dr. Arthur Brooks joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what few people realize about professional decline and how church leaders can make the most of the second half of their lives.
Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson: What Church Leaders Need To Know About Abortion and Racial Justice

Benjamin Watson joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what the pro-life movement should focus on now that Roe has been overturned.
Dr. Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud: Trust Is More Complex Than You Might Realize

Dr. Henry Cloud joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain why it is impossible to live without trust and what church leaders need to know about betrayal, forgiveness and reconciliation.
Francis Chan

Francis Chan Exhorts Church Leaders To Fight for Unity in the Fear of God

Francis Chan joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about what God has taught him about unity and to share his concern that believers prioritize love and humility in their pursuit of holiness.
Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer, Part 2: Fighting To Save Evangelicalism From Fundamentalism

Phil Vischer joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” where he shares his perspective on who is currently defining what it means to be an "evangelical" and what he believes the term should represent.
Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer, Part 1: How Pastors Can Guide the Creatives in Their Churches

Phil Vischer joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share his experience in Christian media and his thoughts on how pastors can advise the creatives in their congregations.
Yvonne Carlson

Yvonne Carlson: How To Use AI Effectively in Your Ministry

Yvonne Carlson joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share practical ways that church leaders can use AI to support their ministries.

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12 NFL Players Who LOVE Jesus (and Football)

Here's our latest list of notable Christian football players. These outspoken NFL players are strong in their faith and are not afraid to share their Christian beliefs.