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weight of the world

Does Social Media Burden You With the Weight of the World?

I was envious of the freedom they were evidently experiencing. They were not carrying the weight of the world, burdens they did not need to carry.
sermon outline

How to Format a Sermon Outline

I have been preaching for 22 years, and I’ve tried every kind of sermon outline in the pulpit. From the back of napkins to printed PowerPoint slides; from 4,000 word manuscripts to a one-page outline. I’ve tried them all.
changes in the church

Run 4 Experiments This Summer to Help Find Changes in the Church This Fall

Summer Church Experiments - Rather than looking for the “perfect” strategy for your church, it’s better to consider your practices as a series of experiments with changes in the church and then watch the results.
Shepherd God’s Flock: Protecting God’s People

Pastors, How Do We Protect the Flock ?

One wolf in a sheep pen can ravage the whole flock. The same is true in the church. One false teacher in the congregation can cause untold damage. An essential component of pastoral leadership is the call to protect the flock.



kara powell

Best of ChurchLeaders: Kara Powell on the #1 Reason Youth Leave the Church—And How...

"Our vision," says Dr. Kara Powell, "is that churches and youth ministries would be the first place where young people feel like they can go with their tough questions."
laurence koo

Laurence Koo: A Call for the American Church to Welcome Single (LGBTQ) Believers

“Especially in America, there’s such a loneliness," says Laurence Koo. "How do I even fit into a community that’s so based on only families and married people?"
preston sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle: Jesus Left the 99 to Pursue the One—And That Means Trans People

“I would recommend that a pastor with a group of leaders work hard at educating yourself" about trans identities, says Preston Sprinkle. "We can’t pretend that this is such a fringe issue that it's not worth our interest to engage in."
caleb kaltenbach

Caleb Kaltenbach: Do You See the LGBTQ Community Through God’s Eyes?

“God is the most empathetic being in the entire universe," says Caleb Kaltenbach, who observes, "Nobody is empathetic from a distance."
rachel gilson

Rachel Gilson: How Jesus Helps Me Say No to My Same-Sex Desires

"You can’t only say no," says Rachel Gilson. "You have to say yes. Yes to Christ the only strength I know.”
sean mcdowell

Sean McDowell: Scripture Is Very Clear About God’s Design for Sexuality

When it comes to sexuality and gender identity, “We're committed to Scripture," says Sean McDowell, "but we are [also] committed to loving people sacrificially.”
ed shaw

Ed Shaw: How God Has Used Same-Sex Attraction to Equip Me As a Pastor

“The thing that God has most used to make me grasp the gospel of grace," says Ed Shaw, "and the thing that God has used most to equip me to be a pastor is my experience with same-sex attraction.”

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There are 12 things a church pastor cannot do. Pastors are amazing people and, in faith, they can do a lot...just not these things.