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evangelist reinhard bonnke

10 Leadership Lessons That Reinhard Bonnke Taught Me

I remember my friend, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, as a unique leader who had incredible faith. He had time for the masses; but he also had time for one-on-one.
Tom Ascol

Tom Ascol Out of Hospital Following Collapse at Church

Tom Ascol is recovering after collapsing at his church on Sunday. The president of Founders Ministries and pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida, was unresponsive on Sunday after suddenly falling while ministering.
christmas outreach

10 Creative Christmas Outreach Ideas from Churches Like Yours

‘Tis the season, and churches around the country are implementing all kinds of unique Christmas outreach ideas in order to share the good news of Jesus and love those around them.
display & describe

‘Display & Describe’ Law Stands After Brush With Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Kentucky's 'Display & Describe' law, which requires medical personnel to thoroughly describe “the presence of external members and internal organs” visible via ultrasound and also play fetal heartbeat sounds for a pregnant patient.
Sean Feucht

Meet the Bethel Worship Leader Running for Congress

Sean Feucht says “family values are being eroded, the unborn are sacrificed, morals are low, and taxes are high.” The Bethel Worship leader is running for congress in the hopes of remedying some of these issues.
nativity scene

Nativity as Art: When Jesus’ Birth Scene Is Used to Make Statements

Claremont UMC’s nativity scene shows Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus separated in individual cells surrounded by chain-link fence and barbed wire. But it certainly does not represent the first time the nativity has been imagined in a fresh way. 
scott dawson

Kanye Welcomed in Place of John Crist at Student Conference

Kanye West is now set to headline the Strength to Stand student conference in January, announced founder Scott Dawson. West is replacing Christian comedian John Crist, who is no longer headlining due to the sexual harassment allegations against him.
Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke, the ‘Billy Graham of Africa’, Has Gone Home to Jesus

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has passed from this life, but his legacy in Africa will live on in the lives of many people. Known as the "Billy Graham of Africa", Bonnke held tent-style revival meetings and was known for praying for miracles.
ryan shazier

Pastor, Tested by Son’s NFL Injury, Calls Recovery Miraculous

Two years ago Ryan Shazier sustained an injury to his spine while playing football in the NFL. His father, Pastor Vernon Shazier, speaks about how his son's injury tested his faith like nothing else had.
suicide and hell

Greg Laurie Underscores Belief Jarrid Wilson Is in Heaven

Failing to recognize the truth about suicide and hell can lead people to make extremely painful statements, said Pastor Greg Laurie in a recent op ed for The Washington Post. In the piece, Laurie emphasized his belief that Jarrid Wilson’s decision to commit suicide was not “spiritually fatal.”
popular bible verses

Bible App Reveals Most Popular Bible Verses for 2019

Like other apps, the YouVersion Bible app tracks the activity of its users, including the most popular Bible verses. This year, users around the world highlighted, bookmarked, and shared this verse more than any other one.
release time

Debate: Should Kids Be Excused From School to Study the Bible?

A Bible Release Time program is currently being vetted in Knox County, Tennessee. Students are excused one hour a month from their regular classes to attend a course at a neighboring church. Students' parents must sign a release form and the course takes the place of subjects like art and music.
timothy weeks

Professor Has No Hate for Taliban Guards Who Held Him 3 Years

After being held captive by the Taliban for over three years, Australian professor Timothy Weeks has finally been released, along with his American colleague, Kevin King.
credentials committee

Anonymous Tips Not Allowed on New SBC Portal

The SBC's Credentials Committee was tasked with making reporting incidences of sexual abuse and discrimination based on race easier. The new portal they have released represents a step in the right direction—although some say it is too small and too intimidating of a step.
Mac Powell

Please Pray: Mac Powell’s Wife Suffers Brain Aneurysm

Third Day frontman Mac Powell has shared several updates on his wife, Aimee, after she suffered a brain aneurysm. The musician is hopeful for a full recovery and is asking family, friends, and fans to pray for Aimee.

UPDATE: Early Rain Elder Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Qin Derfu, an elder with Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in China, has been sentenced to four years in prison, a decision that contradicts what officials previously told his family. 
sahel region

Pastor and Children Among 14 Killed in Burkina Faso Church Attack

According to a statement from the government of Burkina Faso, unidentified gunmen executed “the faithful, including the pastor and children” and then fled on scooters.
eric johns

Pastor’s Sons Join Him in 21st Year of Being Homeless for a Week

Pastor Eric Johns and his sons, Alex and Nate, spent Monday through Saturday last week sleeping under an overpass and spending time with the homeless in Buffalo, New York. Their week living on the streets is just one effort in a 20+ year ministry to the needy in the area.
tony evans family

Tony Evans: My Father Built a Strong Foundation for Us

"However you have been blessed by my ministry or the ministry of my family, you need to know that today the man who led me to lead my family left his earthly home to live in the presence of God forever," @drtonyevans wrote about his late father, Arthur.
grounds for divorce

Wayne Grudem Rethinks Biblical Grounds for Divorce

In a reversal of his long-held stance, prominent conservative and complementarian theologian Wayne Grudem says the Bible permits divorce in cases of spousal abuse....

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