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greers ferry

Pastor Has a Warning As 37 Infected at AR Church See First Death

Pastor Mark Palenske and his wife, Dena, are among at least 37 people connected with Greers Ferry First Assembly of God who have tested positive for Covid-19. One man from that group, an elderly greeter at the church, just passed away.
Ben Shapiro Show

Ravi Zacharias Answers: What Good Is Prayer Right Now?

In his first interview since his cancer diagnosis, Ravi Zacharias discusses the role of prayer in these troubled times on the Ben Shapiro Show. “Prayer...helps us become better citizens and better people in community to understand and help those who are going through a tough time.”
prayer and fasting

Save the Date: Global Day of Prayer and Fasting March 29

The World Evangelical Alliance has called for March 29th to be a day dedicated to prayer and fasting throughout the world. Here's what you need to know.
no fear

Francis Chan: People Need to Know Why We Have No Fear of Death

Christians should not allow fear to rob them of love, joy or peace, says Francis Chan. In fact, because of what Jesus has done for us, we can have no fear of anything, not even death. 
SBC annual meeting

Just Announced: 2020 SBC Annual Meeting Cancelled

For the first time in 75 years, the SBC Annual Meeting has been cancelled. Leaders announced the cancellation today after much "disappointment."

Pastor With Coronavirus: This Virus Is Like Sin

“The greatest pandemic to ever hit all of us is that sin caused us all to be separated from God and sin has caused death to come to us all,” Pastor Tim Lewis explains from quarantine.
confess sins

Pope Francis: You Can Confess Sins Directly to God If You Need To

Pope Francis has said that Catholics can confess sins directly to God if they are unable to make an individual confession to a priest because of the global pandemic.
David Green

David Green: Hobby Lobby Will Stay Open After Word From God

David Green sent a letter to Hobby Lobby employees stating the craft supply stores will stay open per a word his wife, Barbara Green, received from God. “God is in control," Green writes.
drive in church

Drive In Church Helps People Who Are ‘starting to feel it’

As churches struggle to figure out what worship services look like during the pandemic, drive in church is a solution to which many leaders have turned.

Manny Pacquiao ‘not afraid to die’ to Help Others

“You have to lead and let people see that you are with them,” Manny Pacquiao told reporters. The boxing champ is continuing public appearances and donating necessary goods to fight the virus in the Philippines.

Lockdowns Stop Mission Teams from Returning to the U.S.

Foreign countries going on lockdown have impacted at least two church mission teams trying to return to the U.S. during the global pandemic.
Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. Has a Free Comedy Special for Anyone Who Needs a Laugh

Michael Jr. is hoping his comedy special will be an opportunity for people to take a break from their fear and anxiety and just laugh a little.
morning star news

Fearing for Children’s Lives, Christian Family in India Refrains from Reporting Assault to Police

Morning Star News reports that tribal animists in central India drove a Christian family into the jungle last week, with one later intercepting their 9-year-old girl and threatening to kill her if she went to school again, her father said.
life tabernacle

Pastors Refuse to Stop Assembling for Worship

Life Tabernacle pastor Tony Spell is one of several pastors refusing to follow bans on large gatherings or even to comply with safety recommendations.
pastor tony evans

Dr. Tony Evans: God Is Using This Crisis to Wake People Up

In a sermon livestreamed March 15, Pastor Tony Evans addressed the global pandemic, explaining that he believes God is using the crisis to call people back to him.
be the church

What It Means to Be the Church: Churches Filling Needs as Lock-Down Continues

While communities across the U.S. go on lock down to slow the spread of sickness, the churches continue their work unabated. During this season, feeding people, checking on the homeless, and spreading good information is what it means to be the church.
church of the highlands

2,000 People Show Up for Testing at Church of the Highlands

As the United States struggles to provide testing for the coronavirus, Church of the Highlands in Alabama has made more diagnoses possible by offering one of its campuses as a drive-in testing site.
calvary chapel south bay

James MacDonald Puts Streaming Service on Hold to Return to Pulpit

Earlier this year, MacDonald announced he was launching a "home church network" ministry that would have provided content for home church gatherings. Now, however, MacDonald will be delivering an 8-week sermon series at Calvary Chapel South Bay in California.

Condoleezza Rice: 9/11 Shows Us How to Respond to This Crisis with Faith

Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice recently shared her thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak based on her encounters with racism as a child and her time as a national leader during 9/11.
spring break

UPDATE: Liberty Changes Tune, Moves to Online Classes

Jerry Falwell Jr. wants Liberty to “become the model for others to follow in the future” by planning to keep the campus open after spring break. Others are pushing back at his logic—including Liberty students.

Latest News

Hundreds Pray for Couple’s Frightening Coronavirus Journey

When both his parents were hospitalized, Young Life leader Tyler Olen Marcus reached out to his friends on Facebook to pray for their recovery from coronavirus. More than 800 people commented that they were joining with Tyler's family for the much-needed miracle.

New Podcasts

Daniel Grothe: Who Are the 80-Year-Olds You Want to Be Like?

"There is a constellation of sages," says Daniel Grothe, "that the Lord will situate around all of our lives.” But like wisdom in the Bible, these wise men and women have to be pursued.