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Christian News

Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find christian news, inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Stephen Arterburn

Stephen Arterburn: How Porn Led to Actual Death in My Life

At a virtual conference held by Promise Keepers this weekend, author and speaker Stephen Arterburn challenged men to stop making excuses and to live fully into their callings as men of God.
Friendship West Baptist Church

Back the Blue Rally Accused of Intimidating Church in Dallas

After a pro-police caravan stopped at Dallas-area Friendship West Baptist Church, which is known for being active in the social-justice movement, the pastor demanded an apology and urged caravan organizers to work toward racial unity.
Jonathan Isaac

Orlando Magic Jonathan Isaac: Kneeling Isn’t the Answer; The Gospel Is

“For me, black lives are supported through the gospel. All lives are supported through the gospel.”
Grace Community Church Sun Valley

John MacArthur Disappointed in Churches Shutting Down; ‘They Don’t Know What a Church Is’

Pastor John MacArthur released an update Saturday clearing up some misconceptions and reiterating they won’t close their doors.
Ebenezer Baptist Church

Clinton, Bush, and Obama Remember John Lewis as Man of Great Faith

It was fitting that John Lewis, who helped organize 1963’s March on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr., was eulogized at Ebenezer Baptist Church.
Will Dismukes

Pastor Resigns After Praying at Celebration for KKK Forefather

After giving a convocation at an event celebrating a leader of the Confederacy and the Ku Klux Klan, Alabama Rep. Will Dismukes has chosen...

Lentz: White Christians Need to Stop Being Apathetic About Racism

Emmanuel Acho had an uncomfortable conversation with Carl Lentz and wanted to know: Why is the white American church largely absent from the fight against racism?
john ortberg

John Ortberg Is Resigning As Pastor of Menlo Church

John Ortberg has resigned from Menlo Church amid controversy over how he and Menlo have handled learning that a children’s ministry volunteer experienced sexual attraction to children.

Pastor, 5-Year-Old Boy Among 10 Christians Killed in Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria

An Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) pastor and a five year-old boy are among the latest victims of attacks by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

MacArthur Explains Why He Didn’t Defy State Orders During First Shutdown

“Standing for the glory of our Lord is more important in this hour than I’ve ever known it in my life. For His glory we will stand, and meet, and worship, and preach the saving gospel of Jesus Christ,” John MacArthur said when explaining why he decided to keep his Sun Valley California church open.
spiritual abuse

Wade Mullen: How to Recognize Spiritual Abuse in Evangelicalism

How adept are you at recognizing the patterns of spiritual abuse in evangelicalism? Dr. Wade Mullen shares his insights on this topic based on extensive research, Scripture, and his personal experience.
Shane Idleman

‘God is on the move’ at CA Stadium Revival

Shane Idleman, pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, 60 miles north of Los Angeles, California, points to spiritual hunger as the reason his church’s Stadium Revival has taken off.
Jesus was white

Eric Metaxas on His ‘Ill-Considered’ Jesus Was White Tweet

”Jesus was white. Did he have ‘white privilege’ even though he was entirely without sin?” Eric Metaxas wrote in a comment thread on Twitter.
religious discrimination

Senators to Trump: Please Stop States Violating Religious Freedom

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and nine of his Republican colleagues are tackling what they deem to be religious discrimination by asking President Trump to help restrict COVID-19 relief funds to certain state and local governments.
Van der Westhuizen

2 Armed Robbers Shot and Killed at South African Church

Pieter Van der Westhuizen, brother of the late South African rugby legend Joost Van der Westhuizen, and a former police officer, moved quickly when three armed robbers entered a church in Pretoria, South Africa.
Todd White

Todd White Repents: ‘I Haven’t Preached the Whole Gospel!’

“I haven’t preached the whole gospel! And I repent! I repent!

CCP Threatens to Remove, Re-Educate Children of Christian Parents

Early Rain Covenant Church member Liao Qiang says that the Chinese Communist Party is persecuting Christians by threatening to send their children to re-education camps and by forcibly removing children who have been adopted.  
Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley

SCOTUS Ruling Appears to Favor Casinos Over Churches

Nevada's governor, Steve Sisolak, has capped church attendance at 50 people during the pandemic, yet casinos and other for-profit businesses may operate at 50% capacity. Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley fought the state on its restrictions.
sam coonrod

MLB Giants Pitcher: ‘I Can’t Kneel Before Anything Besides God’

Pitcher Sam Coonrod said he doesn’t have any "ill will" for those that have knelt or decide to do so. But, he said, “I’m a Christian. So I just believe that I can’t kneel before anything besides God.”
convert Muslims to Christianity

Islamic Extremist Militants in Nigeria Execute Five Men as Warning to Christians, Video Shows

Islamic extremists have executed five Nigerian men in Borno state, with one executioner saying it was a warning to “all those being used by infidels to convert Muslims to Christianity,” according to a video posted on Wednesday (July 22).

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Explosions Devastate Beirut: ‘Please Pray for Mercy’

Christians in Beirut are asking for aid and prayer in the wake of Tuesday's explosions that killed over 100 people, injured at least 4,000, and displaced around 300,000.

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