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homeless youth

Church Rises to CA Gov’s Challenge to Help Homeless Youth

A church in Sacramento hopes to help homeless youth by partnering with city leaders in order to meet Gov. Newsom's 100-day challenge.
Priscilla Shirer surgery

Priscilla Shirer Surgery: ‘It was curative—praise the Lord!’

Priscilla Shirer Surgery: "The surgery was curative--praise the Lord!" Popular Bible teacher and daughter of Tony Evans took to Instagram to thank her followers for their support while she recovers.
Burkina Faso

Pastor Among 24 People Killed in Attack in Burkina Faso

On Sunday in Burkina Faso, about 20 gunmen killed Christians as well as Muslims, and then set a nearby church on fire. Among the 24 victims was a pastor.
conservative resurgence

New Conservative Resurgence Seeks to Correct Liberal ‘drift’ in SBC

A partnership of Southern Baptist pastors and laypeople has formed in response to what it considers theologically liberal trends in the SBC. The group is essentially calling for a new conservative resurgence.

UK Cancellations Are ‘freedom of speech issue’, Graham Says

Franklin Graham is comparing the opposition he's facing to his UK Graham Tour to the push back his father received when bringing his crusade in 1954.
ulrich klopfer

2,411 Unborn Children Buried: ‘There Is No Shortage Of Depravity’

Last fall, the remains of 2,411 aborted fetuses were discovered in the home of deceased abortion provider Ulrich Klopfer. On Wednesday, a memorial service was held for these unborn children.  
bible podcast

Dallas Woman Helps Thousands Love the Bible, Not Just Read It

A Bible podcast started by a woman in Dallas, Texas, now has 13 million downloads from listeners throughout the world. Tara-Leigh Cobble started the podcast to help people understand and love Scripture and to love God more as a result.

Pastor in Singapore Tests Positive for Covid-19

Pastor Wilson Teo of Grace Assembly of God in Singapore has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, dubbed Covid-19 by the World Health Organization.
second chance church

Perry Noble Asks Church to ‘Grab the Miracle’ of $2m Building

Pastor Perry Noble recently announced to his new congregation at Second Chance Church that he believes God is offering them an opportunity to double in size by moving into a new building. To lease this building, the church will need to raise $2 million.
spoken word

Lineup for Pastors Conference Riles SBC Complementarians

Spoken word artist Hosanna Wong has already committed to performing at the SBC's Pastors Conference in June. But conservatives in the denomination want her disinvited.
count the cost

Francis Chan at The Send: Stop Worrying About Staying Alive

Speaking at The Send conference in Brazil, Francis Chan challenged the crowd to count the cost of preserving their own lives instead of wholeheartedly following God.
ken feinberg

Ken Feinberg Believes in the Good of the United Methodist Church

Renowned mediator Ken Feinberg offered his services pro bono to the United Methodist Church because he believes it is in the public's interest to preserve the "integrity and the effectiveness" of the UMC.
Arthur Brooks

The National Prayer Breakfast Speech You Should Really Listen To

Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks' speech at the National Prayer Breakfast focused on following the words of Jesus concerning loving one's enemies. President Trump admitted Brooks' advice would be hard for him to follow.
the send conference

Brazil’s President Joins 140,000 People at The Send Conference

The Send conference in Brazil reportedly saw 140,000 attendees eager to say “no” to apathy and to live purposefully for God. Among the thousands in attendance was the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro.
Pastor Warren

This Is How Saddleback Celebrated 40 Years of Ministry

To celebrate its 40th birthday, Saddleback Church held a party yesterday for parishioners at its main campus in Lake Forest, California. Despite steady rain...
SBC President J.D. Greear Is the Worst Christian of 2019?

SBC President J.D. Greear Is the Worst Christian of 2019?

J.D. Greear, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention since 2018, was voted the worst Christian of the year in 2019. Greear pastors The Summit Church in North Carolina, one of Outreach Magazine's Fastest Growing Churches in America.
night to shine 2020

It’s Time for Night to Shine 2020, Tebow’s ‘Favorite Night of the Year’

Tim Tebow and his bride, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, are back in the States to celebrate Night to Shine 2020 after making stops in Albania, Paris and Rome—where they got to meet the pope.

72% of U.S. Pastors Concerned About ‘watered-down gospel’

The secularization of the nation is on the minds of many church leaders. In a survey of 500 U.S. senior pastors, the top two matters of concern cited were “watered-down gospel teachings” (72%) and “culture’s shift to a secular age” (66%).
critical race theory

Heated CRT/I Debate Overshadowing SBC’s Reconciliation Sunday

A 56-year-old observance of Racial Reconciliation Sunday in the Southern Baptist Convention is getting sucked into the recent debates around critical race theory and intersectionality.
home church

A Year After He Was Fired, MacDonald Launches New Ministry

James MacDonald claims his new ministry, which seeks to equip a network of home church groups, will provide “all the impact of a large church but none of the drama.”

Latest News

SBC Ousts Church for Hiring Registered Sex Offender as Pastor

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention has voted to disfellowship a Southern Baptist church in Midland, Texas, because the church was employing a lifetime registered sex offender as a pastor.

New Podcasts

Danielle Strickland: Jesus Is the Healer of Gender Inequality in the...

"Jesus is the great equalizer," says Danielle Strickland. "He’s the great liberator for all peoples"—and that includes women in the church.