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Brett Kavanaugh hex mass Father Gary Thomas

Modern-Day Exorcist: Kavanaugh Hex Should Not Be ‘underestimated’

“These are real evil people,” the exorcist of the San Jose Diocese told reporters. Father Gary Thomas is planning "Mass for Kavanaugh" to counteract the hexing event scheduled this weekend.
bone marrow donation

Pastor Is the Only One Willing to Save Dying Man—He Asked Himself This Question...

A pastor from California traveled to Idaho to give a stranger a priceless, life-saving gift. While he was surprised by the request, Matt Van Peursem didn't hesitate to answer the request for a bone marrow donation.
homeless pastor

Would Your Congregation Pass This Homeless Pastor Test?

A megachurch pastor wanted to know how his congregation would respond to a homeless person camping outside its doors. Their response left tears in his eyes.
fastest growing churches

These Are the Top 5 Fastest Growing Churches in America

The top five fastest-growing churches in America are spread across the country and doing good things. Read about what makes each unique.
state of theology

The State of Our Theology: It’s Good and Bad

Every two years, Ligonier Ministries releases its findings from its State of Theology survey. This year, things are not looking great. However, there are some hopeful signs among Millennials.

Brett Kavanaugh Target of Hexing Ritual This Weekend

Recently appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is being targeted by a group associated with an occult bookshop in Brooklyn, New York. An event is planned to place a hex on him this weekend.
Eugene Peterson hospice care

Eugene Peterson Likely in ‘last months of life’

The son of Eugene Peterson, Eric, has announced that although his father is in need of prayer for a life-threatening condition, he is still optimistic about the future.
Andrew Brunson President Trump

Brunsons Pray for ‘spirit of counsel and might’ for President Trump

Recently released from prison in Turkey, Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife prayed for President Trump in the Oval Office.
Pastor Andrew Brunson

Andrew Brunson Released After 2 Years Prison Time

Pastor Andrew Brunson has been released from prison in Turkey after serving two years on charges of seeking to overthrow and undermine the Turkish government.
Coptic Church Christians Egypt

Egyptian Court Sentences 17 to Death Over Coptic Church Attacks

Death sentences and prison terms have been issued to 46 people involved in terror attacks against the Coptic Church in Egypt.
witchcraft Millennials

Witchcraft Casts an Ever-Widening Spell on Millennials

The popularity of witchcraft has increased significantly over the last couple of decades, especially among young people. Here's what you need to know about Wicca, witchcraft, new age spirituality and mysticism.
President Trump approval pastors

Half of Pastors Approve of Trump’s Performance, Sizable Amount Uncertain

Roughly half of Protestant pastors said they either "Strongly approve" or "Somewhat approve" of President Trump's job performance so far. A sizable group, though, is uncertain, mostly comprised of younger pastors.
Beth Moore

The Most Controversial Thing Beth Moore Has Done Lately

One of the members of Beth Moore's Living Proof Live team kneeled before a group of women in Chinle, Arizona. This is why the action is raising eyebrows in the evangelical world.
Leah Sharibu Boko Haram

Leah Sharibu ‘facing a death sentence’ by Boko Haram

Leah Sharibu is now facing a death sentence, her parents fear. The couple received a message from the Boko Haram terrorists holding their daughter captive that indicated they were setting an execution date.
Anne Graham Lotz Cancer

Anne Graham Lotz Reveals She Will Have to Undergo Chemotherapy

A recent Anne Graham Lotz cancer update reveals the evangelist will need to undergo further treatment for her breast cancer.
Magnolia Market at the Silos

Chip and Joanna Gaines Offer ‘Homeless’ Church Place to Worship

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for designing welcoming spaces for families in "fixer-upper" homes. Now they are offering a unique space to a displaced congregation comprised of several people from Waco's homeless population.
David Platt

David Platt: ‘political games’ Stymieing Missions in the SBC

David Platt used his farewell message to the IMB to implore them to set aside political games for the sake of the gospel.
Paige Patterson Richard Land SES

Paige Patterson to Teach Ethics Course at NC Seminary

Several months after Paige Patterson was fired as president of SWBTS, he has been asked to teach a course on Christian ethics at a seminary in North Carolina.
Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific Board Reinstates Ban on LGBT Relationships

Just 10 days after news broke that Azusa Pacific University had essentially lifted a ban on LGBT relationships on campus, the board of trustees reinstated it.
Indonesia tsunami

Children at Bible Camp Among 1,000+ Killed in Indonesia Tsunami

After an earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a massive tsunami wreaked havoc on the coastline. Over 1,200 bodies have been recovered so far. Relief efforts are stymied by lack of access to remote areas.

Latest News

Trump Admin. Poised to Define Gender as Biological, Unchangeable

“The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence,” a memo drafted by the Trump administration reportedly states.

New Podcasts

Carey Nieuwhof: How to Overcome the Cynicism That Saps Leaders of...

“Cynicism is subtle, but it’s identifiable because it means, ultimately, the loss of hope," Carey Nieuwhof says.