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Minneapolis police

‘Wicked,’ ‘Demonic’ Actions of Minneapolis Police Called Out by Leaders

"Imagine how dark your heart must be to place your knee on a handcuffed mans neck, hear him say 'I can’t breath' multiple times and yet continue to watch him suffocate under the weight of your body," Jackie Hill Perry writes.
reopening churches

Churches Are Essential, So Let’s Not Rush to Reopen, Pastors Reason

“So in this season, the decisions we’ve made have been not so much motivated by the First Amendment but about the Greatest Commandment," Kyle Idleman told the congregation at Southeast Christian Church.
gift of healing

The Gift of Healing: Francis Chan on His Change of Mind

“For many years I didn’t believe in healing. I didn’t believe in miracles—it was pretty much what I was taught in seminary,” Francis Chan said. Recently, though, Chan changed his mind.
hawk nelson

Hawk Nelson’s Lead Singer Shares He Has Lost His Faith in God

Jon Steingard, lead singer of the Christian band Hawk Nelson, says that he no longer believes in God. Steingard shared the news on Instagram, explaining that he “agonized over whether to say this publicly, and if so, how to do it."
churches are essential

President Trump Orders That Churches Can Open This Weekend…That’s Tomorrow

On Friday May 22, President Trump declared that churches are essential and ordered that churches open this Sunday, Memorial weekend. Here's how church leaders and members responded.
CDC guidelines for churches

Trump: Churches Are ‘important to the psyche of our country’

Originally shutting down the CDC guidelines for churches for being "more draconian and less optimistic", the Trump administration is now saying guidelines will be released soon.

Rick Warren: Sin of Prejudice Particularly Acute Right Now

 As the global pandemic drags on, Pastor Rick Warren believes an old and ubiquitous sin is rearing its ugly head. The Bible refers to...
First Pentecostal Church

Arson Fire Destroys Mississippi Church That Fought to Reopen

In the parking lot of First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs, Mississippi, investigators found graffiti reading, “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits [sic].”
Ravi Zacharias tributes

Ravi Zacharias Tributes Continue to Pour In

"Ravi was a man of faith who could "rightly handle the word of truth" like few others in our time and he was my friend." - VP Mike Pence

Pastor Todd Tilghman Is the New Winner of ‘The Voice’

Todd Tilghman, a pastor, husband, and father of eight, has just become the new champion on NBC’s 'The Voice.' "Honestly, I’m just really grateful," says Tilghman. "I don’t know another word to say."
racial healing

Glenn Packiam: Racial Healing Is Not a Sidebar to the Gospel

How can believers—particularly those of us who are white—move toward racial healing in the aftermath of Ahmaud Arbery's killing? Pastor Glenn Packiam shared his perspective on this question in an interview with ChurchLeaders.
Costi Hinn

This Is What Costi Hinn Wishes Celebrity Pastors Knew

Costi Hinn is concerned his former peers care too much about gaining and keeping followers than they do about preaching the gospel. “Be a real soldier; a real warrior; a real preacher on the front lines who’s willing to lose if it means gaining Christ."
Bryan Nerren

Pastor Detained 7 Months in India Now Home and Undeterred

Despite being detained in India for over seven months, the pastor tells a Nashville TV station that his efforts to help churches and poor children in Asia “will triple.”
holy ghost church

Cautious Churches Close Again After Being Open for Several Weeks

Since the two churches reopened, several people affiliated with Holy Ghost Church in Texas and Catoosa Baptist Tabernacle in Georgia have tested positive for COVID-19, prompting each congregation to take the precaution of closing once more.

Pastor Who Laid Hands on Sick Followers Dies of Virus

Pastor Franklin Ndifor from Douala, Cameroon, died less than a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The pastor had been praying for and laying hands on followers who were sick, some with the coronavirus.
Ravi Zacharias death

Ravi Zacharias Is With His Savior Now

"Today my beautiful father is more alive than he has ever been. We thank God for him," Sarah Davis of RZIM writes of her late father. The apologist passed away this morning after a brief fight with cancer.

Remembering Darrin Patrick: Death Does Not Have the Final Say

Greg Surratt has shared a message in remembrance of Darrin Patrick, during which he told part of Patrick’s story and explored what the Bible says about how to respond when we lose a friend.
Butte County

180 Churchgoers Exposed to COVID-19 by Asymptomatic Member

“I would never with knowledge put anyone in [harm’s] way,” Pastor Jacobsen writes. “I am fully aware that some people may not understand that it is essential for our church to be together in community.”
Camp Humphreys

Top Military Chaplain Facing Disciplinary Measures Over John Piper’s Book…Piper Responds to Complaints

“The book, pushing the belief that the Coronavirus is God’s judgment,...singles out, among other things, ‘the sin of homosexual intercourse’ as deserving ‘due penalty.’"
Louisiana Governor

Tony Spell: Church Will Comply With Orders When ‘they sell popsicles in hell’

While Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has moved the state into phase one of its reopening strategy, allowing churches to operate at 25% of their capacity, Pastor Tony Spell is digging in his heels.

Latest News

Pandemic Delays UMC’s General Conference and Its Pending Schism

The issue of LGBTQ inclusivity in the United Methodist Church was supposed to be settled at that denomination's General Conference this year. However, the pandemic has delayed the conference and an inevitable schism.

New Podcasts

Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person

Lee Strobel says, "We have to create safe places in our churches and let people know it’s ok to have questions." But pastors can't—and shouldn't have to—do this important work alone.