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Lessons From Narnia for Small Group Leaders

There is an overlooked insight into Small Groups that C. S. Lewis desperately wants us to get. And there are lessons from Narnia to teach us about small groups.

Spiritual Warfare and Small Groups

Spiritual Warfare and Small Groups: church leaders — including small group leaders — are on the front lines of the battle, where the smell of smoke, sweat, and blood always hangs in the air.

6 Strategic Discipleship Initiatives

We are working hard to provide elements at our church that raise people to be spiritually mature adults. We call these elements discipleship initiatives.

9 Tools for Leading a Life-Changing Bible Study

Life-changing Bible study: Having the right tools available can open a conversation around God’s Word that will eventually lead to discipleship.

Free eBook: 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups

These small group icebreakers are broken into two different sections: Getting to know you activities and group builders.

Hesed Attachment: Covenant-like Love in Small Groups

So important is the concept of hesed love for Wilder and Hendricks that they claim that “until we restore our loving attachments to God and each other, we are wasting our time doing ministry, church, or anything else for that matter.”

CHECKLIST: A 10-Point Small Group Evaluation Form

Getting ready for the next leg in your small group ministry adventure?  Maybe it’s time you took your ministry through my signature 10 point small group evaluation form.

8 Ways to Encourage Bible Centered Conversations

As the small group leader, there are things that you can do to bring people back to a Bible centered conversation and help them be more receptive to the Lord speaking to their hearts through it.

Effective Ministry Leaders Are Thieves

Recently, I heard my friend Mike Draper say that there are three types of football coaches: innovators, thieves, and the unemployed.

Small Group Advice: How to Double Your Class

You have heard of the person who said he would be original or nothing. He ended up being both. Don’t make the same stubborn mistake. You can double your class by learning from others.

Dealing With Needy People in Your Group

Neediness becomes a problem to address when it manifests in unhealthy ways.

Recruiting Group Leaders for Maximum Participation

When you recruits group leaders is just as important as how you recruit leaders. Timing is everything.

Building a Small Group Ministry is Like Building a House

Whether you are walking into an existing system with the task of renovating or charged with building a small group ministry, you can often face significant challenges that, on the surface, weren’t apparent.

Grow Your Ministry by Growing Your Leaders

Great ministries are built by great leaders. And great leaders aren't merely discovered, but developed by those who lead them.

How to Grow Small Groups – 5 Paradigm Shifts

While the phrase “Paradigm Shift” may be used and heard a lot today, the actual occurrence of one is still a rare sight, especially when considering how to grow small groups.

Counting What Counts: Soft and Hard Metrics

Numbers are hard metrics: names on rosters, number of groups, meetings attended, verses memorized. Hard numbers don’t paint the entire picture.

How Not to Be Discouraged With Church People

If disappointment is inevitable, how do we avoid the awful emotional turmoil that often follows when dealing with church people? One word: expectations.

What Makes Effective Bible Teachers?

An effective Bible teacher teaches so that people live according to the Bible. Effective Bible teachers create doers of the Word, and not hearers only. They make disciples.

Reading the Bible Together in Small Groups

When you read the Bible together in small groups, give them something to look for. Here are a couple of go-to examples for reading the Bible together.

6 Keys to Small Group Leader Growth

Small group leader growth is essential to healthy small group ministry. Here are six ways to make sure you are getting better as a leader, so then everybody wins.

Franklin Graham Describes ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ as a ‘Smokescreen’, Calls...

World-renowned conservative evangelist Franklin Graham (president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) called out 12 Republican senators over the weekend after they voted in favor of the “Respect for Marriage Act” earlier this month (Nov. 16).

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

Small Group Leaders