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Don’t Try To Fix Your Small Group

An atmosphere where we are constantly trying to fix each other will quickly squelch honesty.

5 Toxic Small Group Ministry Moves

I’ve noticed that there is a short list of small group ministry moves that can be toxic. They often seem harmless. They don’t look dangerous. But they can cause great damage.

Assumptions About Introverts in Small Groups

I’ve written before about the assumptions about introverts before and how I adapt with it as a pastor. What surprises me, however, is how misunderstood introverts are sometimes.

7 Easy Ways to Put a ‘Not Welcome’ Sign on Your Church

None of us would put a "not welcome" sign on our church doors on purpose. Yet I’m certain that some of our practices make people feel distinctly unwelcome. Here are some of them.

Making Disciples Like Jesus Through Small Groups

Doubling groups is a worthy goal. Here is why. There is no discplemaking without small groups. It is the way Jesus did it. He gathered a group together and taught them.

When a Bad Group Launch is Worse Than No Small Group Launch

In case you haven’t discovered this: nothing happens in December expect for Christmas. This small group launch planning can apply to Easter as well.

6 Habits of a Healthy Group Leader

By developing these habits, any healthy group leader can lead a group to grow and multiply.

How Small Groups Bring Redemptive Relationships

Within minutes of the group starting, I’m overwhelmed; not by the stress of another activity on the schedule, but by the sheer blessing of redemptive relationships.

4 Keys to Small Group Friendships

The experience of many is that we’re in a pronounced decline when it comes to experiencing friendships. This makes small group friendships even more important in today's world.

How Small Groups Can Multiply Disciples

How do we multiply disciples -- and disciple-makers -- in the United States and Canada? A growing number of church and ministry leaders are asking these questions.

Are Unhealthy Small Groups Dividing Your Church?

Unhealthy small groups become cliques and destroy unity in the church.

Should Doubling Your Group Be the Goal?

Doubling groups is a worthy goal. Here is why. There is no discplemaking without small groups. It is the way Jesus did it.

5 Tips for Facilitating Small Groups Effectively

Small group discussion is so important, and really is the place where the Word can be applied as much as any other time. Generating discussion is tough for leaders, but is extremely important to having an effective small group discussion.

It’s Noisy Out There: Why We Need Intergenerational Community

Our kids are being raised in a time where, if left to their own devices, they would rarely interact with generations beyond theirs. The noise is deafening. And the need for intergenerational community is great.

Grow Bigger by Growing Smaller

We have often said that as we grow bigger, we also want to grow smaller. So instead of building a massive central facility and forcing people to drive there, we encourage people to stay where you are, serve where you live and be the church in your community.  Find out more about how to grow bigger.

9 Reasons Life Groups Go South

Some life groups are terrible because nobody talks. Others are terrible because no matter what the topic is some dude brings the whole discussion back to his hobby horse. Others make you want to hit yourself in the face with a 2 x 4.

4 Hacks To Recruiting New Small Group Leaders

Recruiting new small group leaders can feel like an all-year, all-hands-on-deck operation. Here are four hacks to make it easier.

Too Much Success? 4 Ideas for Subgrouping Your Small Group

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to small groups! The challenge remains: how can we make our big-sized groups smaller? Why not encourage your small groups to give subgrouping a try?

Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know How to Bounce

I’m convinced that God doesn’t just want you to lie there after misfortune, failure, or change. God wants you to bounce. The question is how to bounce?

Jesus Community: The Goal of Every Church and Small Group

Jesus created community that stood in contrast to the popular versions of community at the time. Often our small group visions fall short of Jesus community in similar ways.

Tennessee Library Director Fired for ‘Negative Pushback’ During Kirk Cameron Book...

On March 15, Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales was terminated due to the “unkind pushback” he demonstrated to Kirk Cameron’s children’s book reading.

Nick Hall on Asbury, Gen Z and Why He Believes ‘God...

Nick Hall joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about what he witnessed at Asbury University, the signs of true revival, and why he believes God is moving in a special way.

Small Group Leaders