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Learning How to ‘Fear Not’ in a Culture of Constant Fear

In a culture where fear is ever-present and all-pervasive, we turn to almost anything to find comfort and to find help. But the answer that we are given to combat this fear is false optimism. It's true faith.

6 Ways To Pray When It Doesn’t Seem Like It’s Working

You know God loves you. You know He answers prayer. You know your eternal destiny is secured. But it doesn't always feel that way. Here are 6 ways you can pray when it seems that prayer isn't really working.

Celebrating the Good Husband: How to Spot One, How to Keep One

I want to celebrate the good husband. Plenty of blog posts have challenged selfish husbands (and, admittedly less often, wives). But here are some qualities that make a man a great husband!

4 Great Halloween Trivia Questions

Some love it and some hate it, but Halloween is anything but trivial. From a day at the beach to an attempted plot to blow up the Parliament building, Halloween trivia stretches across the globe.

No Shortcuts to Growth

God’s work is easy for Him. He doesn't look for shortcuts because He never grows weary. We get tired and frustrated, however. We’re tempted to look for the simple path, the quick answer, the effortless way toward growth. But there is none.

Local Churches Are an Essential Part of God’s Plan to Reach the World through Missions

Local churches are a vital part of world missions in the way they stay engaged with the mission of Jesus both at home and abroad.

11 Things Not to Get Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month

Seriously, though, unless you are stone broke, get your pastor(s) something besides a hug and a handshake.

Flat Tires, Frustrations and Always Being Ready to Evangelize

Life’s little frustrations can lead to Gospel conversations. Flat tires and frustrating situations never seem to come at a convenient time! But they often come with an important opportunity.

5 People You’d Rather Not Pray For … But Really Should

How should we pray for those we don't like—or even hate?

5 Resources on Church Multiplication

From time to time I find it helpful to share a list of some of the top resources on church  multiplication. Here are several that have impacted me:

Most Americans Know and Trust Their Neighbors

According to Lifeway Research, despite quarantines and social distancing keeping people in their homes during the pandemic, Americans still say they know and trust their neighbors.

4 Types of Bad Friends That Are Bad for Your Marriage

Bad friends can be bad for your marriage. Friends play an extremely important role in our lives, and this remains true after we’re married...

When is Satan’s Birthday (and Other Halloween Issues)

“Daddy, when is satan's birthday? Is Halloween Satan’s birthday party?” I laughed out loud and said, “No. Satan doesn’t have a birthday party because Satan was never born.

8 Signs You Love Legalism More Than Jesus

Legalism is adding anything to the gospel. Legalism in the church takes the words “Follow me” and adds stipulations, clauses and barriers. Find out the eight signs you love legalism more than Jesus.

Island With No Power, No Airport Receives Shoebox Gifts

Children on a remote island in the Pacific receive shoebox gifts and the Gospel of Jesus Christ thanks to the outreach teams with Samaritan's Purse.

I am Compelled: Setting Aside Your Rights For The Gospel

When our rights become bigger than the gospel, we can’t be surprised when our faith and our Savior are summarily dismissed by those who view our arguments as selfish and unkind. And, overwhelmingly, those who hold that view are our children.

Building A Great Church Usher Team

In the same way that not just anyone can be on the worship team, work in children’s ministry or lead a small group, not just anyone can be a church usher. The right gifts, passion, and ability make a big difference.

Rick Warren: 4 Habits For Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a journey, and that means it takes time. Sure, we want to speed up the process, but we can’t. It’s a lifetime journey where God teaches us one lesson at a time to develop our character so we become more like Jesus.

For the Sake of the Gospel, Be Reasonable

Hyperbole seems to be the rhetorical strategy of the day in Christian circles.

‘I Like Jesus but Not the Church’ – Common Perceptions of Christians

One reason younger people say I like Jesus but not the church is they fear the church will try to control how they dress and act and organize their faith the way the leaders think it should be patterned.

Wife Who Fought to ‘Save Saeed’ Says Christian Leaders Failed to...

Naghmeh Panahi, who fought to "Save Saeed" Abedini, her pastor husband who had been imprisoned in Iran, now claims that key Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham, failed to act on her claims that Abedini was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Brian Tome: What It Was Like to Pastor Through the ‘Worst...

“You can go through a desert," says Brian Tome, "and not lose your faith and still be used by God, even though you don't feel like you're being used by God.”

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