Cultivating Friendships

How good are you at cultivating friendships? A healthy pastor will seek to cultivate and maintain an ongoing connection with others, including other pastors.

Ken Shigematsu: Overcoming Shame and Experiencing True Joy

Ken Shigematsu and Jason Daye explore how God's grace can bring healing to our feelings of inadequacy, shame, and envy.

Growing Stronger Through Struggles: Insights and Tips

When life throws us a curveball, and we manage to hit it, we often end up growing stronger and learning a few things. Going through hard times can actually make us wiser and more resilient.

Four Values of Healthy Organizations

It’s the mission statement, vision, and strategy of healthy organizations that all work together to determine their purpose and direction. A thriving culture is created with the same level of care and intentionality.

John Inazu: Protests, Policy, Patriotism and Politics—How To Disagree Respectfully Without Compromising Our Convictions

John Inazu and Jason Daye discuss important considerations for engaging respectfully with those who hold differing views on issues and beliefs.

Embrace Immanuel Imagery for Healing

Immanuel Imagery, as practiced within Neuroscience Informed Christian Counseling®  and Neuroscience Informed Relational Discipleship, is a therapeutic approach that integrates the profound truths of Christian faith with the principles of modern psychology. 

Turning Doubt Into Worship

Let’s look at what David wrote about as he wrestled with the tension of hope and doubt, as well as four lessons we can learn from him.

The Mental Healthcare Gap, Task Shifting, and the Local Church

Task shifting is a viable solution to mitigate the global mental healthcare gap by making efficient use of available human resources, enhancing the capacity of the healthcare system, and ultimately improving access to mental health services for underserved populations.


Day after day, we dress ourselves up and wear masks to put on the image we want others to see. Meanwhile, we know the real us. To live and lead wholeheartedly, we must remember that God’s love for us is not dependent on whether or not we deserve or have earned it.

Anxiety: Understanding Its Biology

Do you know what it feels like when you have anxiety? Probably so. But do you know why you feel anxiety symptoms or what to do to help your anxiousness?

3 Financial Enemies Attacking Mental Health

Finances are closely linked with mental health. And the two can become a double-edged sword, feeding off of each other negatively to a point where your mental health can begin to negatively impact your financial habits.

Aimee Byrd: Restoring Hope in the Midst of Disillusionment

Aimee Byrd and Jason Daye explore the true biblical beauty of Christ's Church and contrast that with the ways that many are becoming disillusioned with the church today.

What Is the Theology of Self-Care?

Do you have a good theology of self-care? It might seem odd, but neglecting self-care to push yourself beyond your God-given limits can actually feed a sinful craving for self-sufficiency.

Honoring God Through Rest: A Pastor’s Guide

In the midst of fervent service in ministry, it is crucial for pastors to remember that rest is not only a necessity but also a means to honor God.

Affair Recovery: Can Your Marriage Survive Infidelity?

The percentage of marriages that survive infidelity varies, but in our experience, if a couple is willing to do the work—the marriage can be saved.

Prioritizing Celebration

Do you have a culture of celebration? Countless studies all point back to the tried and true principle that “what is celebrated gets repeated.” When we take the time to recognize great things, we are setting the stage for repeat success.

Curtis Chang: A Healthy Approach to Politics in Your Church

Curtis Chang and Jason Daye explore how pastors who might be hesitant to address politics because of potential blowback or fallout can help their people reframe politics in a healthy way.

Supporting Friends in Crisis: A Compassionate Guide

When you have friends in crisis, your immediate, compassionate support can make a significant difference in helping them navigate through this challenging time.

The Power of Quiet

It is crucial for those in leadership positions to recognize the importance of slowing down and embracing quiet moments.

Kevin Ford: Understanding Anxiety and Navigating Conflict in Ministry

Kevin Ford and Jason Daye explore some of the sources of anxiety that we find in our lives and in our ministries, and Kevin shares how we can address and navigate conflict in healthy ways.

Sam Allberry: How To Avoid ‘Unpreaching’ the Gospel in Our Church...

Sam Allberry joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what he learned when his church had biblical teaching, but the gospel didn’t seem to be permeating the culture. Sam explains how pastors can have orthodox preaching while also promoting a culture of “gospel safety.”