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The Scoop On Anorexia

When I first became a youth worker, I thought all I had to do was teach a halfway interesting Bible Study and play a...

The Day My Friend Died

Mike Yaconelli died suddenly. He was one of my youth ministry heroes but more importantly, a personal friend. I went to the family funeral...

When Teen Small Groups Work Best

When it comes to small groups, there are lots of variables: Should they meet on campus or in homes? Should they be co-ed or...

Conflict Resolution in Youth Ministry

I just returned from our Mexico spring break mission trip exhausted when a parent met me in the parking lot screaming. A minute later...

Thoughts On Youth Interns

In the preparation time for summer, I get a lot of requests from college-age students who would like summer intern experiences. I understand why--I...

Learnings From Germany About Youth Ministry

So many things were different in Germany than in America. I found no diet Pepsi, and the Cola lights were served with no ice...

10 Things I Hate About Youth Ministry in The Summer

Regularly, I'm reminded that youth ministry isn't easy—especially during the summer.

Advice for Dividing Student Small Groups

I'm always afraid to answer small group questions with a "this is how you do it" answer.

Uncle Jesus

Forget Superman, Batman and Spiderman, Mr. Chai is my new superhero. Mr. Chai (pronounced “Chay”) is the director of Dare 2 Share Korea and,...

Heretics and Hairy Tics

Greg Stier: In many ways hairy tics and heretics are alike.

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Gallup Research: What Keeps People Coming Back to Church Week after...

According to the findings of a Gallup study, the people in our congregations are coming back week after week because of the sermons, and there are a couple key things they are looking for in those sermons.

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