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How To Keep Your Edge in Youth Ministry

Thought that DC had some good thoughts over on Curry Stew this week – loved his post about keeping your edge in youth ministry. Here’s a clip of his experience and wisdom, head over there for how he’s applying it to his ministry this season:

  1. Always be Learning something new! This is more than “being current” on what’s going on around you.  What new technology, skill, principle can you be sharpening that God can bless.  What passage of Scripture have you heard 10,000 times that God wants to make new TODAY?!!
  2. Work harder than everyone else. When you’re working…WORK HARD!  I’m all in favor of a good “brain-break”, “vacation”, “day-off”, “Sabbath” but when you’re in the office, GET IT DONE!!!
  3. Find some finishers. Seek out people who are willing to go the extra mile NOT just “get it done”.  Personally those people make me want to………..on to the next bullet.
  4. Harness a nothing to lose attitude. Sounds reckless huh?  Well in nature it is, but in principle it’s exactly what’s needed to keep the edge on emerging culture.