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Free Resources for Youth Leaders

Volunteer Handbook: A Free Resource You Can Customize

Download this free volunteer handbook today! Then customize it to fit your youth ministry needs.

Youth Lessons on Prayer: A Free Bible Study for Faith Growth

Teaching youth lessons on prayer is a great way to help teens grow closer to Jesus. Check out this free Bible study about the power of prayer.

Use These Family Dinner Questions to Engage With Kids During Meals

The quality of family dinner conversations is a great litmus test for relational health. I’m a big believer in prioritizing meals together and aiming...

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Beautiful Feet”

This lesson helps preteens to develop their understanding that loving others means thinking about, wanting and doing what’s best for them.

Free eBook: “Building a Deep and Wide Youth Ministry” by Greg Stier

It’s easy to forget the basics of what Jesus has called youth leaders to do: make disciples.

Free Youth Series: “7 Simple Moments”

These 7 simple moments from the life of Jesus have powerful effects on our lives today.

Free Youth Lesson: “Who God Says You Are”

The students in your ministry need to know what God thinks about them.

Free Youth Series: “The Dark Side”

We’ll look at three different stories where Jesus faced off against The Dark Side.

Free Youth Series: “Represent”

Evangelism should be central to a Christian’s life.

Free Youth Series: “Down to Earth”

What does it really look like to be a disciple?

Free Youth Series: “Easy Answers”

Encourage your students to get involved in other people’s lives if they really want to have an impact.

Free Youth Lesson Package: “Jesus and Loving Others”

Teach Jesus and Loving Others to your students and help challenge them to embrace a life of loving others.

Free Creative Package: “Trending Truth”

We live in a video world — memes, commercials, cat gifs and viral videos.

Free Youth Lesson Package: “The New You: Putting on Your New Self”

Help your students embrace God's call to righteousness and holiness.

Free eBook: “9 Evangelism Insights That Will Transform Your Ministry” by Greg Stier

Gain crucial insight into a youth ministry strategy for both spiritual and numerical growth.

Free Graphics Package: “Get Loud”

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise." - Ps. 98:4 (KJV)

Free Creative Package: “What Would Jesus Post?”

Support a series on wise use of social media using these creative elements.

Free Youth Series: "Going All In"

"Every stage and position in life presents the opportunity to risk something valuable for God."

Brian Houston Says His ‘Ladies and Girls Kissing’ Post Was Due...

Former Hillsong Church global senior pastor Brian Houston said that his X (formerly Twitter) account was hacked after the comment “ladies and girls kissing” was posted late Tuesday evening (Feb. 20) at 11:48 pm.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 2: How To Embrace God’s...

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin wrap up their conversation on “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” offering pastors ways to help guard against the misuse of power in ministry and encouraging them to persevere. 

Free Resources for Youth Leaders