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How Christian Country Artist JD Walker Embraces His Nickname ‘Outlaw for Jesus’

JD Walker
Photo courtesy of JD Walker

Independent Christian country artist J.D. Walker had many reasons to stop pursuing his dream of becoming a country musician, but God had other plans.

Walker told ChurchLeaders that after the death of his best friend, the loss of his wife to cancer, his brother dying by suicide, and the death of his father, he almost gave up on God.

“I was hurt and angry and questioned God why he would allow all these things to happen to me,” said Walker. “But God was faithful when I wasn’t and had other plans for my life.”

In 2016, Walker released his secular EP, titled “Too Far From Heaven.” Walker didn’t know it yet, but God’s plan was for him to start singing for Jesus.

“I always felt like the Lord pulling, calling me to do Christian music,” he said, adding that he even heard God telling him, “I didn’t bring you this far for you to be doing country music.” Walker resisted this calling.

But one night at Global Vision Bible Church, where Walker attends, Pastor Taisha Locke told the congregation that she felt there was somebody presented who needed to tell their story. “Someone who has been to hell and back, but they aren’t doing it,” Walker recalled her saying.

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“I know the Lord is talking to you,” Locke preached. “And I’m here to tell you, this is what you need to be doing.”

Nudged by the Holy Spirit, Walker said, “I went forward to be prayed for but ended up helping with those that went forward instead of getting prayed for myself.”

Walker said Locke gave the call again the following week. This time, she told the congregation, “You know, I said this last week, and I felt like you were really close, but you didn’t come up.”

Walker again went forward and started helping. That’s when he heard God tell him, “Move! That’s not why you came forward.”

“I stepped out of the way and Pastor Locke goes, ‘Where are you? Where are you?’” Walker said. He said that the pastor started looking around until she found him. She then pointed directly at him and said, “Come here…You know what you’re supposed to be doing right?”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied.

“You’re almost ready,” Locke said before laying hands on him and praying.