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Articles for Youth Leaders

Ministry Lessons From the Deconstruction of YouTubers Rhett and Link

My kids love YouTubers Rhett and Link, who host the Ear Biscuits podcast. But a recent episode where the hosts deconstruct their faith really rocked their worlds. How should youth leaders respond?

Debate Topics for Youth at Church: 46 Subjects Teens Can Tackle

Teenagers love to talk. So why not harness that vocal energy by using debate topics for youth at church? In-depth conversations sharpen teens' faith and evangelism skills.

Youth Ministry Volunteers: How to Find and Keep Valuable Teammates

Youth ministry volunteers are the lifeblood of a working program. Whether they're leading a small group or in charge of donuts, these ministry teammates are essential. Learn how to find and keep them!

Questions About Gaming Culture and Social Media for Kids of All Ages

Christians need to ponder some important questions about gaming culture and social media.

Taking Care of the Introverts in Your Youth Ministry

One-third to one-half of the students in our youth ministries are introverts. And in my ministry experiences, three-quarters of our programs and ideas nurture the extroverted nature.

How to Disciple a Teenager: 6 Helpful Resources for Faith Development

I'm often asked how to disciple a teenager. So I've compiled a helpful list of faith discipleship resources for youth leaders and parents.

Questions to Ask Youth About Faith: 30 Queries for Spiritual Growth

Bringing up spiritual topics with teens can be challenging. But if you’re a youth leader or parent, it’s in your job description! To help, we’ve compiled a bunch of questions to ask youth about faith.

Effective Youth Ministry Strategies: 10 Keys for Impact

I want to share these 10 highly effective youth ministry strategies. Throughout the years, they've helped me maintain maximum impact.

5 Tips for Facilitating Small Groups Effectively

Small group discussion is so important, and really is the place where the Word can be applied as much as any other time. Generating discussion is tough for leaders, but is extremely important to having an effective small group discussion.

Teen Bible App: How to Help Teens Connect With Scripture

The start of a new year is a natural time to leverage new approaches to Scripture reading, including a teen Bible app. Check out these 5 resources.

What Do Youth Want From Church? And What Do They Need?

What do youth want from church is a tough question to answer. It's like asking “What kind of music do people like?” or “What food do kids eat?”

Youth Ministry Roles and Responsibilities: 5 Areas Kids Can Fill

In youth ministry, many leaders must come to grips with the reality that they can't do everything themselves. The positive side of that, however, is that teens are well-qualified to fill many youth ministry roles and responsibilities.

Videos for Student Ministry That Provide Comic Relief

Tons of research affirms the positive value humor adds to life. So we've assembled a bunch of funny videos for student ministry.

How to Plan a Church Youth Program in 7 Easy Steps

Planning a youth worship service goes more smoothly when you stick to a routine. Follow these 7 easy steps to help you master how to plan a church youth program..

How to Study the Bible: 8 Key Tips Teens Need to Know

For young people to grow in their faith, learning how to study the Bible is incredibly important. Youth leaders play a big role in this, teaching teenagers to love and actually understand God's Word.

Where a First-Time Bible Reader Should Start

How to answer when first-time Bible readers asks you where to start reading the Scriptures.

Responsibilities of Church Leaders: 10 Ways to Champion Others

Youth leaders aren't just leaders of students. We’re also the leader of leaders! These 10 responsibilities of church leaders will help build strong teams.

Teen Ministry Often Falls Short: Discover Some Reasons and Fixes

Not all teen ministries in America are failing or falling short, but it’s a growing problem. Find out what you can do now to fix teen ministry at your church.

Missions Testimony: Presentation Tips for Maximum Impact

I love hearing how people are sharing the gospel around the world. But how do we stay focused and give a brief, powerful, effective missions testimony?

Funny Youth Ministry Videos: LOL at These Church-Related Clips

If you need a good laugh, check out these funny youth ministry videos. You (and your teens) might just learn something along the way.

How Fighting the Marshall Fire Shaped the Way One Volunteer Chaplain...

Scott Ross, a volunteer fire chaplain in Aurora, Colo., shares what it was like to fight the Marshall Fire and to minister to firefighters in the aftermath.

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Articles for Youth Leaders