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Articles for Youth Leaders

Icebreaker Games for Youth: 10 Fun Get-to-Know-You Ideas

Icebreaker games for youth help kids learn names, meet friends, and bond. Try out these 10 get-to-know-you ideas for teens!

Reasons Not to Smoke Weed (Even if It’s Legal in Your State)

These days, many U.S. teens need to hear reasons not to smoke weed. Share these 10 arguments against using marijuana with kids in your youth ministry.

Youth Sermon Topics: A Fresh Approach to Preaching

Coming up with new youth sermon topics can be a challenge for youth leaders and pastors. How do you find fresh topics, especially when you have to preach weekly? Discover practical tips for powerful youth talks.

Is Manifesting a Sin? A Biblical Look at This Psychological Trend

Is manifesting a sin? The concept is trendy among teens and young adults. Learn about manifesting and explore what the Bible says about it.

Transgender Student: Heartfelt Thoughts From a Youth Pastor

If a transgender student attends your youth group or a nearby school, what will you tell them? Consider this approach, in one youth minister's heartfelt letter.

Sunday School Games: 8 Fun, Ageless Activities for Youth Groups

Although these Sunday school games are designed for children, older kids are sure to enjoy them too. Adapt these 8 fun games for teens in your youth group!

Youth Ministers: Watch Out for These 6 Attacks From the Devil

If I were the devil, I'd have a field day with youth ministers. Discover six vulnerabilities of youth workers, and consider ways to bolster your spiritual armor!

Movies for Youth Groups: 10 PG-Rated Films to Watch With Kids

Movies for youth groups and church gatherings always come in handy. PG-rated films can contain important messages and spark great discussions among teens.

Youth Group Games: 3 Go-to Games Your Teens Will Love

Need some quick youth group games? When time is short, what do you do? Chances are, you pull out an old standby that works time and time again. Here are 3 easy, classic youth group games.

Movies About Bullying: 12 Films to Get Teens Talking

Movies about bullying can help spark important discussions among teens and preteens. Use films about bullies to introduce the topic, generate conversations, and teach biblical lessons.

What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like: 4 Insights From Jesus

Teenagers who attend your youth group meetings likely have many questions about relationships. They're asking what does a godly relationship look like. And you have the opportunity to share what Jesus says about that.

Lawnmower Parents and Their Impact on Snowflake Spirituality

Have you heard of lawnmower parents? They “mow down all of a child’s challenges, discomforts and struggles.” And they're taking a toll on young people's faith.

How to Revive a Dying Youth Ministry: 5 Biblical Pointers

At some point, most youth leaders wonder how to revive a dying youth ministry. Or, if their group isn't dying, it might need a huge dose of revival. Use these 5 Bible-based pointers for renewal!

Teens Need These 6 Things From Church and Youth Group

“What do teens want in a church?” is a tough question to answer. It's like asking “What kind of music do people like?” or “What food do kids eat?”

Is Smoking Weed a Sin? How to Address This Issue Biblically

Is smoking weed a sin? This question comes up more and more these days. As marijuana use moves inward from the fringes of societal view, the church must be ready with a biblical response.

Youth Ministry Hacks: 10 Simple Ways to Grow Your Group

Youth ministry hacks are helpful for a variety of tasks. But they're also useful for spurring growth, both numerical and spiritual. Healthy things grow.

Bible Verses for Teens: 9 Collections of Good News Messages

With Bible verses for teens, you can easily share God’s Word with young people in a variety of settings. These collections of Scriptures geared toward teenagers will help with spiritual outreach and growth.

5 Bible Messages For Youth That Make a Huge Impact

What Bible messages are you impressing upon your teens to reaffirm them?

Student Ministry Often Falls Short: Discover Some Reasons and Fixes

Find out what you can do now to fix student ministry at your church.

Quick Christmas Games: 4 Seasonal Activities for Youth Groups

Do you need easy, quick Christmas games to play with teens? If your “season to be jolly” has turned into “Oh golly!” then keep reading.

Willy Rice Says Tom Buck Didn’t Sabotage His SBC Candidacy, Admits...

On Tuesday, SBC pastor Willy Rice explained that fellow SBC pastor Tom Buck didn’t sabotage his candidacy for SBC president in 2022, further expressing that the two had reconciled despite previous conflicts.

Dallas Jenkins on Why ‘The Chosen’ Is Not ‘Adding to Scripture’

Dallas Jenkins joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the principles that guide how “The Chosen” is created and why he believes “God has his hand” on the show.

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