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5 Bible Messages For Youth That Make a Huge Impact

What Bible messages are you impressing upon your teens to reaffirm them?

Living Out Your Faith: The Biggest Barrier Teenagers Face

what makes living out your faith so difficult, especially for today's teenagers? Why aren’t students living more bold and dynamic spiritual lives?

What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like: 4 Insights From Jesus

Teenagers who attend your youth group meetings likely have many questions about relationships. They're asking what does a godly relationship look like. And you have the opportunity to share what Jesus says about that.

Evangelism Experiences: 10 Wild Adventures in Sharing the Gospel

Based on some crazy evangelism experiences I've had, I can attest that sharing the Gospel is never boring. In fact, it's the greatest, most worthwhile adventure possible.

Preaching for Youth: Finding Topics for Youth Sermons

Finding great youth sermons is tough, but this is a pretty normal challenge, especially when you have to preach every Sunday! Here's how to find good topics for your youth group.

Worldly Person: A Bible Study From the Book of James

This Bible study on James 4:1-5:6 explores the drastic difference between the mind of a worldly person and a heaven-focused person. Discover how followers of Jesus can truly glorify God.

Youth Pastor Problems: When Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Don’t Align

One of many youth pastor problems is getting along with the senior pastor. So here's my working list that describes HOW youth pastors can have a decent Kingdom-minded relationship with their senior leaders.

Why a Youth Lock In Schedule Makes a World of Difference

Youth ministry is synonymous with the youth lock in. Teenagers enjoy staying up all night together and telling everyone about it the next day. But without a solid youth lock in schedule, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Teaching Spiritual Disciplines to Youth: 5 Important Tips

Spiritual disciplines really boil down to spending regular, focused time with God. Teaching spiritual disciplines to youth isn't complicated. Just follow these guidelines.

Summer Camp Planning: 3 Key Ingredients for Success

Planning ahead is crucial for almost all elements of youth group programming. This is especially true for any kind of camp or trip. Here are three key ingredients for successful summer camp planning.

Youth Discipleship: 5 Essential Reminders for Your Ministry Team

Here’s a few things I’ve challenged our team to keep in mind when discipling.

What Is Youth Ministry?: A Clear Biblical Community Definition

Scripture attests over and over again that the Christian life isn't meant to be lived or cultivated in solitude. In fact, “incubator for discipleship” is the biblical community definition.

Must-Hear Teenage Messages for Your Kids

Kids are bombarded by words, but what loud-and-clear teenage messages are they receiving in the process? The teenage messages we convey as youth leaders can let kids know that they matter. The words we use can make a difference.

How Will She Relate to the Guys?: Thoughts on Women in Youth Ministry

I've heard a question asked by curious and well-meaning board members, camp directors, youth pastors, and leaders when hiring a female youth leader or speaker.

6 Things I Learned About COMPASSION…

You really never understand a ministry until you see how they function in their ministry setting. Looking from a distance will never give you...

20 Tips to Spice Up Bible Teaching

"We get in the habit of teaching the same basic structure of a lesson over and over again," says Andy Blanks.

Should We Allow Dating in Our Student Ministry?

More often, I see relationships built in student ministry, and then a result is horrible and ugly break ups that affect the friendships, cause drama and, in a lot of cases, tend to be uncomfortable for other students surrounding these dating issues. I want to share some of our philosophy on how we deal with dating:

5 Reasons Jesus Would Be Fired If He Was Your Youth Pastor

I am convinced Jesus would be fired within his first few months of becoming a youth pastor at the average church. Here are five reasons why He wouldn't make it.

Why Regrets Are a Waste of Time

It’s that time of year where we may feel regret because we didn’t do what we had planned to do, because we tried but didn’t even come close, because well, we failed.

Dealing With Christmas Stress: How to Avoid a “Bah, Humbug!” Christmas

For many, it’s a simple formula: The higher the level of stress = the higher the chance of a bout with depression.

$121.5M Settlement in New Mexico Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe announced a settlement agreement Tuesday to resolve a bankruptcy case in New Mexico that resulted from a clergy sex abuse scandal.

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