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Conversations I Wish Someone Had With Me as a Teenager

10 Conversations I Wish Someone Had With Me as a Teenager

"Parents and grandparents, have the conversations with your teens. Someday, they’ll be glad you did."
smartphones youth group

The Danger More Pressing than Sex and Drugs in Your Youth Group

According to psychologist Jean Twenge, Gen Z has swapped the risky behaviors of previous generations for their own brand.

Pay Attention to What Your Teenager Is Trying to Communicate—Not What They’re Saying

Whether it comes out in harsh words or sulky behavior, teenagers seem to struggle with hyperbole.

How to Start Your Youth Ministry

Where do you start if you’re new in your position in leading youth ministry? Here’s some advice.

5 Ways to Care for Your Team

"Pay attention to the condition of the people under your care."
Freshman Class, the Class of 2021

What’s Shaping the Minds of This Year’s Freshman Class, the Class of 2021

The freshmen entering college this year have always had emojis to cheer them up.

How Jesus Stops Racism

It seems as though racial discrimination is a never-ending problem. Here's God's solution.

4 Signs That Person Is NOT “the One”

Marriage is a big deal to God, regardless of what society has made it.

The Back to School Conversations You Need to Have

What you need to be talking about with your students.
Jr. High fun

5 Reasons Why Fun HAS to Be a Part of Your Jr. High Ministry

Yes, Jr. High students are full of drama and they smell bad—but there’s no denying that they’re some of the most fun students you can have in your youth ministry.

Why It’s Time to Kill the Lock-In

It's time to stop doing lock-ins at your church.

3 Keys for Keeping Your People Engaged

Volunteer engagement is one of the most important things we can do as church leaders.

Why You Should Take a Personal Retreat (and How to Do It)

It's important to take a step away from time to time. Here's why.
students evangelists

3 Ways to Make Your Students Into Evangelists

How to help the kids in your ministry share the Gospel.
faith teenagers

How to Make Teenagers Care About Their Faith

A few essential principles that need to be in place for teenagers to see their faith as important.
smoke pot

Should Christians Smoke Pot?

A book review and a reflection on a major issue for teens.

5 Ideas to Help Kids Be Smarter About Smartphones

How to help your students—and their parents—navigate this tricky technology.
How to Be a Great Youth Pastor

How to Be a Great Youth Pastor

The keys to becoming truly great.
5 Reasons Your Youth Ministry May Never Grow

5 Reasons Your Youth Ministry May Never Grow

There are things that will impede your ministry's growth, no matter what.

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“If the local church really wants to be the hope of the world, then the local church needs to step into areas in which the world finds itself hopeless: Mental health." - Jarrid Wilson

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