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Christmas Youth Group Games: 20 Festive Activities for Teens

These Christmas youth group games will bring holiday cheer to any event. The birthday of Jesus is something to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than by playing fun games with teens!

Faith Over Fear: Help Teens Stay Grounded in God’s Word

Clinging to faith over fear is an important lesson for kids—and adults. And it’s a promise they’ll turn to again and again throughout their lives. Check out these resources for teaching teens about choosing faith over fear.

Change Your Routine: 25 Ways to Feel Refreshed in Ministry

Do you need a change in routine? Has ministry left you exhausted or burned out? Then take a few minutes to read these 25 ideas for feeling refreshed.

6 Surprising Ways Evangelism Helps Teenagers Mature

Nothing gives you a front-row seat to true impact like being a parent of teenagers who are actively sharing their faith. As a dad, I’ve noticed six surprising ways evangelism helps teenagers mature.

Teaching the Bible to Kids

There are many ways that parents can learn teaching the bible to kids and help them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age.

I Can’t Stop Sinning, So What’s the Point of Stopping?

Many young people struggle with the idea of sin. Junior and senior high students tend to think, "If I can't stop sinning, then what's the point of stopping?"

Youth Christmas Party Ideas: 18 Festive Holiday Celebrations

Finding new youth Christmas party ideas can be challenging. That’s why we’ve assembled 18 fantastic, memorable suggestions for youth group Christmas parties.

When Sports Come Before Church: Tackling a Tough Topic

How do you react when sports come before church for teens and parents? Read on for one insider's thoughts on this challenging subject.

DIY Gift Ideas: 12 Ways to Thank Volunteers at Christmas

Are you looking for creative DIY gift ideas for volunteers? Do you want to thank your tireless youth ministry helpers? Then here's a holiday treat!

Commanding Respect (Not Demanding It) as a Leader

Commanding respect is a worthy goal for church leaders. But you can’t demand respect. Instead, followers must freely give it to you.

Mismatched Message & Method: Are Today’s Global Teens Issuing Church Leaders a Challenge?

Church leaders today are at a crossroads. Gen Z is calling them out on what they are seeing when it comes to the discrepancy of what the Bible says and how Christians are living. 

Boundaries for Teenagers: 16 Resources for Guiding Youth

Why are boundaries for teenagers so essential? Why do we need to teach kids about the blessings of limits Discover the importance of this biblical concept.

Interactive Bible Studies for Youth: 11 Options to Engage Teens

Using active and interactive Bible studies for youth keeps teen learners involved with the message. Check out these 11 options!

How To Kick-Start Evangelism in Your Youth Group

I wish there were a press-and-play button that would help you automatically do this. Unfortunately there isn’t. Youth leaders who do this well must kick-start their group’s evangelism efforts.

He Already Knows the Answer, But God Still Calls Us to Pray

Recently, a question about God and faith has been stirring in my heart, especially amid great tragedy and pain and loss: If he already knows the answer and has decided the outcome, why the need for prayer?

Resist Temptation With These 19 Bible Verses for Teens

Use God’s Word to help kids resist temptation and overcome the devil.

What Is Dungeons and Dragons: An Explainer About This Game

What is Dungeons and Dragons? And should youth leaders and churches endorse it? Discover one person's perspective, which might surprise you!

Dare 2 Share Live Trains and Encourages Teenagers to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ With the World Around Them

Dare 2 Share Live is a one day FREE simulcast event created to mobilize teenagers to share the Gospel with friends and strangers alike.

Pray for Your Enemies and Those Who Persecute You: 12 Resources

Knowing how to pray for your enemies and people who persecute you is key to every Christian life. Check out all these Bible-based resources for teens.

How to Fast for God: A Guide to the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting

Wondering how to fast for God? Here's a beginner's guide to fasting. It's perfect for teens, youth groups, young adults, and any Christians interested in this spiritual discipline.

Kirk Cameron’s Children’s Book Rejected From Story Hour in Over 50...

Following the rejection of his book from public library story hours, Cameron urged parents not to "go home with our tail between our legs, crying in our Chick-fil-A soup, waiting for the rapture."

Bryan Loritts’ Best Advice for Church Leaders Struggling With Fatherhood

Dr. Bryan Loritts joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to encourage church leaders who are struggling with fatherhood and to share four important gifts all dads can give their kids.

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