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Questions to Ask Graduating Seniors: 10 Topics for an ‘Exit’ Interview

Do you know what questions to ask graduating seniors? As teens leave high school, why not take time to learn about their experiences?

Why Youth Leave the Church: 10 Surprising Reasons Teens Disappear

Why youth leave the church is a challenging, often-discussed topic. Discover 10 surprising reasons why teens leave churches and youth ministries after graduation.

Christian Sex Education Is Crucial—And Must Start at Home

Christian sex education is a must for families of faith. Parents: If you're embarrassed to talk to your kids about sex, you need to get over it.

Are Demons Real: Talking to Youth About Evil, Satan & Spiritual Warfare

Are demons real and biblical? Preparing an answer ahead of time will help you convey biblical truth to teens in your church and youth group.

What Does Amen Mean, Exactly, and Why Do We Use It?

What does Amen mean? And why do we use it? Discover the meaning of Amen, a word most Christians use daily without even thinking.

Preteen Sex Talk: Addressing Biblical Sexuality With Middle Schoolers

The preteen sex talk can be intimidating but is crucial. Parents and kidmin workers: Discover how to be prepared to communicate about biblical sexuality.

Youth Pastor Tensions: When You Clash With Your Senior Pastor

Explore tips to maintain and restore the important bond between youth pastor and senior pastor.

The Religious Life of Gen Z

Up until its release, most social commentators have tended to assume that Gen Z is largely apathetic when it comes to religion. But the Deakin researchers found that some of this had to do with how we’ve been asking teens about religion.

Letter to Graduating Senior High School Students: Celebrate & Encourage Your Grads

A letter to graduating senior high school students is a great way to honor your youth group members. Here's a sample message you can adapt.

Preteen Games: 4 Cool Activities About Sharing God’s Word

Preteen games are great for engaging kids with one another and with the Bible lesson. Check out these 4 icy-cool games for kids!

What 1 Day Off Will Do For Your Productivity

Don’t let your days fly by, filled with busyness and frustration. Incorporate that day off and, if you can get to two.

How to Get People Talking: 11 Tips for Asking Small-Group Questions

When small-group members won’t share, sometimes the leader is asking the wrong questions. Learn 11 tips for how to get people talking.

Copyright Laws: 6 Myths on Showing Films at Church and Youth Events

Copyright laws apply to churches, and you need to be aware of the ins and outs of having a church movie license. Explore 6 myths about copyright and permissions.

The Unimaginable Suffering of Jesus

For many, the story of Jesus’s crucifixion has become so familiar that it’s easy to brush over the suffering he actually endured on the cross when he died in our place for our sins.

4 Truths the Next Generation Needs To Know About the Church

You don’t have to look far to find stats, articles, or books on what’s wrong with the church today and how the next generation of young people is leaving in droves upon their high school graduation.

Things to Pray For: Topics and Tips for Youth Ministers, Parents & Teens

Do you ever run out of things to pray for? Here are some resources to help youth ministers, parents, and teens talk to God.

Popularity: How to Help Preteens Redefine the Standards

Popularity is a hot topic for preteens. But it’s time to redefine preteen popularity rules. Learn how to do that with kids in your ministry.

Media Influence: How Hollywood Has Hijacked Our Minds

Want to learn more about media influence, especially on today's young people? Discover one youth pastor's take on the pressures wielded by culture.

Teens and Church: 6 Things Young People Need From You

“What do teens want in a church?” is a tough question to answer. It's like asking “What kind of music do people like?” or “What food do kids eat?”

Bible Activities for Preteens: 3 Easy, Effective Devotions Kids Will Love

These 3 Bible activities will teach preteens about being thirsty for Jesus, obeying God, and their God-given purpose.

Gary McIntosh: The Surprising Roles All Pastors Take and the ‘Number...

Dr. Gary McIntosh joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to offer advice about how pastors should navigate the responsibilities that are part of their jobs and also shares specific insights about church leaders who are pastoring without any other paid staff to assist them.

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