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Graham, Harris Share Spotlight as Barrett Hearings Begin

“A vote for Judge Barrett is a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” he said. ”That’s what I’ll be trying to lay bare in the upcoming hearings.”


Lee and Tillis both contracted the novel coronavirus and are in self-quarantine as the hearings approach. Both attended a Sept. 26 Rose Garden ceremony in Barrett’s honor that seems to have been a major spreader of the virus.

Tillis said he expects to participate in at least some of the confirmation hearings remotely but believes he will be cleared to return to the Capitol in person for an expected Oct. 22 committee vote on her nomination.

Tillis, like Graham, is in a tight reelection race and pledged to support Trump’s nominee even before Barrett’s name was announced. He said he does not have symptoms and could join hearings in person later in the week. Democrats have warned that appearing in person could put other senators and staffers at risk. They are urging Graham to require COVID-19 testing of all senators.

Lee, a conservative who has praised Barrett, has said he expects to be “back to work in time to join my colleagues in advancing” her nomination.


Hirono, one of the most liberal members of the Senate, said she will focus on the health care law and possible consequences of a more conservative Supreme Court rolling back reproductive rights or overturning Roe v. Wade. In just three years on the 7th Circuit, Barrett has twice argued for approval of abortion restrictions that violated Supreme Court precedent, Hirono said.

“Amy Barrett has a history of anti-choice advocacy and a demonstrated lack of respect for precedent,” Hirono said, adding that Barrett “is being pushed on to the Supreme Court just in time for the November 10th hearing on the Affordable Care Act, where she’ll be expected to be among those who strike the Affordable Care Act down. That leaves millions and millions of families totally in the cold in regard to health care.”

Matthew Daly contributed to this article.

This article originally appeared on APnews.com.

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