Children's Ministry Leaders

Turn a Meltdown Into a Breakthrough

How to Turn a Meltdown Into a Breakthrough

Meltdowns are inevitable, so how can you handle them?
Apple Store faith teach Powerful Ways

7 Powerful Ways the Apple Store Can Teach Hands-On Faith

Do you box Jesus on the shelf or is He close and accessible to your kids?
Are You Giving Your Kids the Right Life?

Are You Giving Your Kids the Right Life?

The problem for parents is, in the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t know the kind of kids we are raising.
Preteen Bible

6 Questions to Determine How Bible-Centric Your Preteen Ministry Is

Preteens don’t regularly turn to the Bible as a source of inspiration or wisdom or power to affect change in their lives. We can change this.

4 Keys to Keeping Your Volunteers Excited to Serve

Many volunteers start out excited about serving, but over time fall into a rut or "grow weary in well doing."
culture kids Ashamed of Their Faith

Does Our Culture Make Kids Feel Ashamed of Their Faith?

Do you want to be part of the movement? Here are some easy ways to help:
Insecure Mom

Confessions of an Insecure Mom

How do we overcome insecurity?
Family Ministry

Why Family Ministry Matters Now More Than Ever

Serving as a family pastor for the past six years and having been a children’s pastor for 14 years and now I have come to...

Building Stronger Church-School Partnerships

Schools are often the very heartbeat of a neighborhood. And healthy church-school partnerships can be life-giving and meaningful for all involved.

I Became a Better Parent the Day I Realized THIS

Parenting is a never-ending series of new challenges and choices.

Do Kids Really Enjoy Your Ministry?

Behind-the-scenes help from Disney.
New Ministry Position

Ask These 10 Questions Before Accepting a New Ministry Position

In 16 years as a full-time children’s pastor, I have done some interviewing in my time, and I have also interviewed many potential staff...
Teach Bible

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Bible

Here are six tips my wife and I have found helpful in our rhythm of Bible reading with our young kids.
Following Jesus

Following Jesus Is a Different Kind of Safe

Christians are not immune to the horrors, kids.
Children’s Ministry Leaders

10 Phrases That Describe the Most Effective Children’s Ministry Leaders

What are the things that make up a truly effective leader of Children’s Ministry?
social media

How Social Media Is Molding Your Child

Let’s get one thing straight: Your children are not growing up like you or me.
Mom Goggles

If Dads Could Literally See from a Mom’s Perspective

What would it look like if fathers had an up-close and personal look at a mom's perspective?
5 Fun Backyard Games

5 Fun Backyard Games

Lead kids outdoors to explore the many adventures that await them in their own backyard!

It’s Not Just the Catholic Church that Has Abuse Scandals

"It's common to see a desire to protect the institution at the expense of the individual,” Basyle Tchividjian, Billy Graham's grandson, says.

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Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church

“If the local church really wants to be the hope of the world, then the local church needs to step into areas in which the world finds itself hopeless: Mental health." - Jarrid Wilson

Children’s Ministry Leaders

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