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10 Ways To Help Kids Memorize God’s Word

One of the most impactful things we can do to set kids up for spiritual success is helping them memorize Scripture. 

Children’s Ministry Resolutions: 10 Goals for a New Year

Have you made any children's ministry resolutions for the new year? What would you like to change or improve in your program? For suggestions that range from serious to lighthearted, check out this top 10 list!

How to See God in Real Life — Through the Lives of Children

If you're wondering how to see God in real life, you don't need to look far. God worked miraculously through children in the Bible, but he also works in their lives today.

Teach Your Children at Christmas: 5 Lessons From the Season

Christmas provides wonderful opportunities to pour Gospel truths into kids' hearts. You can teach your children at Christmas that Jesus is the greatest gift they could ever receive.

Children’s Pastor: 9 Helpful Career Traits You’ll Need

To become a children's pastor, it helps if you have these nine qualities. Discover what traits will help you succeed in this rewarding career and calling.

Christmas Sunday School Lessons: 15 Last-Minute Ideas

Need some last-minute Christmas Sunday school lessons? If your holiday countdown has flown by, don’t despair! We’ve filled a gift bag full of 15 Christmas lessons for children.

How to G.I.F.T. Yourself to Your Family This Christmas

If you’d like to give your family what they really want for Christmas, you can simply do these four easy things to G.I.F.T. yourself to them.

Poinsettia Christmas Tree: Try This Fun Craft With Kids

This poinsettia Christmas tree craft comes with a seasonal devotion. Use it to remind Sunday school children about the true meaning of the holiday.

Story of Mary and Joseph: 12 Christmas Lessons for Children

The story of Mary and Joseph is key to the story of Christmas. Yes, the focus should always be on Jesus. But kids of all ages can learn valuable lessons from his earthly parents.

25 Bible Verses for Kids to Easily Memorize for Life

Reading and memorizing Bible verses is a life-changing way to “hide” God’s Word in our hearts. Bible verses for kids appear throughout God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation.

Why I Serve in Children’s Ministry: 6 Amazing Volunteer Benefits

When people ask why I serve in children's ministry, I have lots of great answers. If you're wondering why you should volunteer in kidmin programs, read on for 6 reasons.

Best Sunday School Curriculum: How to Choose Materials

Choosing the best Sunday school curriculum for your church is key. The selection of materials for children's classes greatly impacts your ministry. And that is more difficult now due to all the options available.

Children’s Sermon Guidelines: 4 Tips for a Great Message

How do you feel about the children's sermon at your church? If you're on the fence about the effectiveness of kids messages, keep reading. And discover 4 helpful guidelines to improve your children's sermons.

Christmas Sunday School Lessons: 4 Ideas to Celebrate Jesus’ Birth

Christmas Sunday school lessons focus on Jesus, the real reason for the season. This material will work great in classrooms or children's church. Enjoy these 4 free Christmas lessons!

Teaching About Sin: Do’s and Don’ts for Sunday School Teachers

Teaching about sin can be challenging for church workers and parents. But it's an important topic, and these insights can help.

Connecting With Kids: 7 Children’s Ministry Tips for Breaking the Ice

Connecting with kids is key to any children's ministry or church activity. Discover seven tips for breaking the ice in your kidmin program.

Christmas Outreach Idea for Children’s Ministry: Welcome Home!

In this Christmas outreach idea, kids help make their town a welcoming home for new residents. The Bible connection is that Jesus made the earth his home.

Beatitudes for Kids: 14 Ideas for Sunday School Lessons

Are you looking for teaching material about the Beatitudes for kids? Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount—and especially the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11—is a great topic for Sunday school and children’s church.

Your Top Picks for Nursery Pager Systems

We've searched systems both big and small. Here's what we found. These are the top picks we recommend to help you choose the right nursery pager system.

10 Little Tips That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Children’s Ministry

I know you are always looking for ways to improve your children's ministry. Sometimes this involves making big changes. But it can also mean making some small changes that result in a big difference.

Heroic Father, Former NFL Running Back Peyton Hillis in ICU After...

On Wednesday, former NFL running back Peyton Hillis was hospitalized after rescuing his child, along with the child of a relative, from drowning in the ocean off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. 

Robby Gallaty: Why It Will Cost You To Ignore Discipleship

Robby Gallaty joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what God has taught him about the importance of discipleship and how church leaders can prioritize both discipleship and evangelism in their ministries.

Children's Ministry Leaders