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Children’s Ministry Is Essential for Your Church’s Success

If you serve in children's ministry, you are serving in the most strategic ministry in the church. If your church is going to grow, it will be because your children's ministry starts growing.

Millennial Parents: 7 Ways to Reach Young Families Today

Millennial parents and today's young families are causing a paradigm shift in churches and children's ministry programs. Discover 7 important ways to reach millennials and their kids!

Gen Z Religion and Atheism: Cute Lessons May Backfire, Stats Show

Gen Z religion is a hot topic, and rightly so. Statistics show a high degree of atheism among kids born from 1999 to 2015. Find out how your children's ministry can address this urgent problem.

Bible Bingo: Use These Free Materials for a Fun KidMin Event

Bible Bingo and other games are a hit with children and families. Plan a fun children’s ministry Game Night, complete with Scripture-learning, prizes, and smiles galore!

Same Sex Kiss in a Disney Movie: My Thoughts

After Walt's death, we have seen Disney gradually move toward being a proponent for the LGBTQ community. Today's definition of "family" is far different than what it was when Walt was living. 

20 Christian Bucket List Ideas for Families

A great way for families to put a Christian spin on the bucket list ideas is to create a list of things that help them study the Bible together, as well as become great disciples and serve the community.

Water Games: 8 Kidmin Activities Sure to Make a Splash

Water games and water fun are synonymous with summer. And they're sure to be a hit with children at your church! So try these 8 wet-and-wild kidmin activities.

What to Do When Spouses’ Parenting Styles Clash

So whether it’s an issue of how to discipline, what time the kids should go to bed, or if certain children should have different expectations, what should you do as spouses when your parenting styles clash? How can parents resolve parenting issues when they are not on the same page?

Respectful Parenting: 3 Keys to Maximizing Each Moment

Respectful parenting is all the buzz these days. Contrary to some opinions, it's not a passive approach to raising kids. Read on to discover 3 keys to this God-honoring, child-honoring parenting style.

Summer Outreach Ideas: 5 Key Tips for Your Children’s Ministry

Summer outreach ideas for children's ministry are a great service to families. Plus, they share the good news of Jesus with kids in fun ways. Follow these 5 tips, and check out all these practical outreach ideas!

What to Do When a Volunteer Is Burned Out

How can you help a volunteer who is burned out in your ministry? Let's start by talking about how you can identify a volunteer who is burned out.

First-Time Guests at Church: 5 Things You Should Avoid

First-time guests at church are wonderful! But you need to handle them with care. If you're asking first-time visitors to do any of these things, you may be unknowingly pushing them away.

When Good Things Spiritually Harm Our Kids

If Christian parents aren't careful with the way they prioritize their families' lives, they may inadvertently convey to their children that faith is a side interest.

How To Know When a Child Is Old Enough To Accept Jesus as Their Savior

I was teaching the elementary group at my church. I asked one of the girls, who is 9, if she had accepted Jesus as her Savior. Her response was, "Not yet. My mother doesn't think I am old enough to understand."

The Call of God to Ministry: Should You Be a Children’s Pastor?

The call of God to ministry is a fascinating topic. People often wonder, "Is God calling me to ministry?" So how do you know you are called to ministry?

3 Trends Making an Impact With Today’s Kids

According to research done by the McCrindle company, there are three big trends that are making an impact with Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids. Let's take a look at these game changers.

Fourth of July Sunday School Lessons: 7 Independence Day Activities

Fourth of July Sunday school lessons make learning a blast! If you’re looking for quick and easy Independence Day activities for classes or children's church, we’ve got you covered.

I Don’t Want to Go to Church! Responding to Kids’ Complaints

"I don't want to go to church!" "I don't like church." "My parents make me go to church!" Most parents and children's ministry leaders hear these complaints from time to time. How should adults respond?

Father’s Day Videos for Church: Honor Men With These Media Clips

Father’s Day videos for church are fun, meaningful ways to honor special men in your congregation. Check out these attention-getting clips!

Truths About God: 20 Must-Know Biblical Truths for Kids

Truths about God that we share with children change their life forever. Here are 20 key biblical truths for kids.

Co-Founder of Satanic Church in South Africa Leaves Satanism After Encountering...

One of the co-founders of the South African Satanic Church has cut all ties with the organization after having a personal encounter with Jesus. Riaan Swiegelaar shared his reasons for leaving Satanism in a July 4 Facebook video.

Laura Lewis: What Women Who Have Had Abortions Need From Your...

Dr. Laura Lewis joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the needs of women who have had abortions and how churches can help.

Children's Ministry Leaders