Outreach Leaders

Outreach Leaders

Church Prayer Room

Your Church’s Prayer Room—Is It Pretty…or Powerful?

After being in prayer ministry for over 25 years, I have been in hundreds of prayer rooms in churches of every stripe. There are three basic types or prayer rooms I would like to address today...
3 Teams That AreTeams Critical to Growth Critical To Church Growth

3 Teams That Are Critical to Church Growth

Each person and every ministry team they’re leading is important and their team’s operations can have an impact on the church’s future. But when it comes to Sundays, some teams have a more critical role in helping or hindering church growth than others.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Insecurity

The 7 Deadly Sins of Insecurity

Security. As a culture, we make every effort possible and spend billions of dollars in our attempts to be “secure.” There are alarms on...
What I Must Change

What I Must Change

Certainly, this post was at least partly prompted by the incredible number of sad, tragic, and horrific events in my denomination. For sure, the brutal...
hypocritical religiosity

A Warning Regarding Hypocritical Religion

If anyone could address the issue of hypocritical religiosity, it was Paul, a Jew of the Jews, a Pharisee—one of the insiders who became a true Christian and an apostle.
effective prayer

Characteristics of Effective Prayer

Characteristics of Effective Prayer One very important condition for effective prayer is to be committed to walking out a lifestyle of righteousness before God and...
The Great 30 Day Marriage Experiment

The Great 30-Day Marriage Experiment

Have you ever tried loving your spouse according to Jesus’ new commandment, given in John 15:12?
7 Signs Your Church Is (Finally) Reaching Unchurched People

7 Signs Your Church Is (Finally) Reaching Unchurched People

So as a church leader you have a desire to reach new people with the good news of Jesus. But how do you know your church is really finally (truly) reaching the unchurched?
prayer priorities for America

3 Prayer Priorities for America, June 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors and Intercessors for America, In June 2018, all across America and beyond, we are calling prayer warriors and prayer intercessors for America...
increase church attendance Church Growth Has Become Too Complicated. 3 Simple Steps Any Pastor Can Take To Increase Attendance

Church Growth Has Become Too Complicated. 3 Simple Steps Any Pastor Can Take to...

For a church to grow, it is important to have the systems and all the programmatic functions in place. If not, you will experience expansion and contraction.
Should the Church View Homosexuality Like Divorce?

Should the Church View Homosexuality Like Divorce?

Don’t most conservative denominations, after all, welcome members who have been divorced into the fellowship? Why do evangelicals single out one sexual teaching over another?
apologize vs apologise 7 Marks of a Good Apology vs. 8 Marks of a Bad Apology

7 Marks of a Good Apology vs. 8 Marks of a Bad Apology

When we direct repentance toward a person we have offended, we often call it an apology. For this reason, Christians should be better at apologizing than anyone else.
7 Ways Extroverts Can Better Engage Introverts

7 Ways Extroverts Can Better Engage Introverts

There is often confusion surrounding introverts—here are 7 simple steps for ways to engage introverts.
4 Ways to Involve Everyone in Evangelism

4 Ways to Involve Everyone in Evangelism

Many people have slipped into the mindset that evangelism is a gift that some believers have and others do not. The reality is that when someone becomes reconciled to God, He sends them out to reconcile others. That’s not a gift—we all have the responsibility to take Christ to others.
sisterhood bible verses

The Power of Sisterhood: Women Spurring Women to Do Hard and Good Things

This is the power of sisterhood: women watching women do hard and good things, thus enabling us to do more hard and good things.

Accountability: The Missing Element in a Thousand Ministries

Only the strongest can subject themselves to others.
There Is No Tomorrow (How to Live Free of Regret and Fear!)

There Is No Tomorrow (How to Live Free of Regret and Fear!)

In what ways would your experience today be different—maybe radically different—if you learned to let go of the past and decided to stop worrying about the future?
overcoming abuse How to Go From “Abused” to “Soldier”

How to Go From “Abused” to “Soldier”

As a survivor of severe physical and sexual abuse I was destined for self-destruction even though I was born again.
Church Growth Is OK, but Church Health Is What Matters

Church Growth Is OK, but Church Health Is What Matters

The church is a body, not a business—an organism, not an organization. It’s alive. If a church is not growing, it is dying.
take off your mask

Take Off Your Mask

Pretending to be someone they’re not is fun for my kids, but even as adults we do a very similar thing, don’t we? As adults, we often put on “masks” trying to be someone different. Unlike our kids though, it’s not a good thing!

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Jeff Sessions’ Message of Correction to ‘Church Friends’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions used Scripture to defend the Trump administration’s approach to illegal immigrants, which has prosecuted numerous asylum-seeking adults and consequently separated...

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Vince Miller: Mentoring Will Bring Men Back to the Church

“We over-complicate discipleship.  It’s just taking the time and passing on a skill to other people.” - Vince Miller

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