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The Difference Between Prophets and Narcissists

At times, a true prophet may sound like a narcissist and the narcissist can sound prophetic. Here's how you can tell the difference.

5 Things That May Be Hindering Your Prayers

We’ve all been there. We pray. We wait. We wait. And then we wonder: “What did I do wrong?” Sometimes the problem isn’t on your end.  It might just not be God’s timing or God’s will… But sometimes it is.

Ron Edmondson: Make Disciples by Discipling Disciple-Makers

As a pastor, as much as I was called to make disciples, I felt called to disciple disciple-makers. I have tried to take this role seriously in every leadership position I have held.

Wisdom From Church Planters on Getting Your ‘First 50’

Many church planters are convinced that the right marketing plan or social media campaign is all it takes to do the job—but sometimes, old school techniques work the best.

The Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

There are hundreds of lies Christians believe, either collectively or individually. I chose these five lies Christians believe because I have personally seen them infiltrate the church, the lives of my friends and family and my own life.

9 Traits of Mean Churches

I am hearing more from long-term members who are quitting church life completely. After collecting information from various former church members about their "mean churches," I found that such churches had nine character traits in common.

9 Reasons Scripture Memorization Matters

I still remember the first Bible verses I memorized decades ago. I was a young believer saved out of a non-Christian home, and the Bible was new, fresh, and alive to me then. To be honest, though, I often still need to remember why memorization matters.

How To Be Creative on a Deadline

Creativity takes far more courage than most people realize, especially on a deadline.

8 Blessings of Studying Your Bible

Studying your Bible can sometimes feel burdensome, difficult, confusing and unexciting. But these wonderful blessings come when you are willing to do so.

10 Ways to Identify Those Who Are Lost

"The Son of Man has come to seek and save those who were lost." (Luke 19:10). But How can we identify those who are lost?

How Do We Steer a Course Between Compassion and Wisdom?

I believe the Scriptures call us to both compassion and wisdom. But I don’t think the Scriptures call us to an easy answer on these questions.

3 Ways To Prevent an Attitude of Entitlement in Your Kids

The culture around us has gradually shifted America’s mindset to believe that we all have our rights, including the “right” to have what we want,...

How to Implement a Healthy Discipleship Process

"There are five questions that must be answered by every church’s leadership about their discipleship strategy."

6 Reasons People Leave Your Church

If you understand why people leave your church, it’ll help you to have better retention. So, what are some reasons that people leave your church?

Can You Recognize the Enemies of Organizational Health?

I’ve observed a few things which can be an enemy of organizational health. They keep health from happening and, if not dealt with, can eventually destroy an organization – even a local church.

Five Things Clear Core Values Can Really Do for You

Clear core values give you the cover to say, “No…that’s not us…that doesn’t fit.”

How to Have a Better Website in One Cup of Coffee

In about the time you can finish your morning cup of coffee, there are some universally-effective things you can do to have a better website. Here are five tips to enhance your church’s website.

Beware Offense and Bitterness

It doesn’t matter who we’re leading in the different seasons of our lives, there will always be opportunities for offense and bitterness to creep...

3 Relationships That Keep First Time Guests Attending Your Church

Being intentional about connecting first time guests to folks in your church that fit these three categories will exponentially increase the likelihood that they’ll stick around.

Three Tests of Wicked Wealth

Not all wealth is bad, but how do we know what makes for wicked weath? Here are three tests from the the Letter of James.

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

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