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How Individualism Corrupts the Church’s Mission

“Cultural blindness is harmful to the church’s witness in the world.”

15 Great Christmas Sermon Tips Every Preacher Needs

There's no shortage of advice for Christmas sermons -- and we need all the help we can get! Peter Mead of BiblicalPreaching.net offers 15 practical suggestions for Christmas sermons.

We MUST Stop Creating Selfish Christianity!

When you reach people with attraction, you win people to consumption. Churches following the attractional church pathway reached massive numbers of people and built giant sanctuaries to fit their growing numbers.

Generation X-Mas (How To Reach A Changing Generation)

“What comes to your mind when you think of the Christmas story?” Number one answer? “The movie.” Call them Generation X-mas: this survey has plenty to teach us about outreach.

5 Leadership Reminders When Launching a New Church

God used the pandemic to birth four new congregations, officially launching last weekend. My heart is so full as I write this. I am so proud of our team and so thankful to be able to see a new church in those amazing cities.

6 Surprising Ways Evangelism Helps Teenagers Mature

Nothing gives you a front-row seat to true impact like being a parent of teenagers who are actively sharing their faith. As a dad, I’ve noticed six surprising ways evangelism helps teenagers mature.

5 Must-Have Church Evangelism Strategies

Will Mancini offers time-tested wisdom with these five essentials that any outreach strategy MUST have in order to work in your local culture.

7 Staggering Things Happen When We Pray for One Another

Praying for one another is part and parcel of the Christian life. Paul told the Ephesians to pray for one another and asked them to pray for him. Here's what happens when we pray for one another.

Is the Sin of Gluttony Really That Serious?

How can we identify this sin in our lives?

Sharing Jesus in the Muddy Water of Modern Culture

I have a few gripes with some of the methodology that is prevalent out there today when it comes to sharing Jesus. The biggest, of course, is that many are not clear on the gospel of grace. But,  I guess, muddy water is better than no water at all.

4 Things To Remember When Trying To Reach Unchurched People

Most pastors feel a deep burden for the unchurched people in their community who need Jesus but have yet to have an encounter with him. Here are four things to keep in mind as you seek to reach them.

‘Oh, and I’m Bisexual’: Sharing Jesus With Those Who Are Different From Us

It’s hard to introduce people to Jesus when they don’t even want to talk with us in the first place. Are you ready for these kinds of conversations?

100 Remarkable Reasons to Give Thanks

One hundred blessings that will cultivate gratitude in your heart.

7 Lessons Learned in a Time of Leadership Transition

Whatever leadership transition you may face, know that God is presently, actively, and personally working in, around, and through you. He is always worthy. You are always valuable.

“Evangelize” Is in the Bible: “Evangelism” Isn’t

The word evangelize is used 52 times and the word “evangelist” is used a few times as well, but the word “evangelism” is as absent as a loudmouth in a boot camp for mimes.

8 Thoughts That Help Me Trust God When I Don’t Understand

Here are eight thoughts for when you don't understand what God is doing in your life.

How to Witness to Family Members at Thanksgiving

We don’t have to be Jedi-master evangelists to be agents of the gospel among those we know best. Here's how to witness to family members.

Three Ways We Go Wrong When Discussing Homosexuality

Historically, we in the church haven’t done a great job in discussing homosexuality, and we’ve done an even worse job caring for those experiencing this. If we look humbly and open-mindedly at what the Bible says, then...

25 Leadership Nuggets from Ron Edmondson

Here are twenty-five leadership nuggets I’ve learned over decades of ministry and church leadership – many of them the hard way.

6 Church Members Who Build Up the Church

Healthy local churches make a powerful and attractive testimony to a watching world. This means that all of the church members have to be devoted to building others up.

Kirk Cameron’s Children’s Book Rejected From Story Hour in Over 50...

Following the rejection of his book from public library story hours, Cameron urged parents not to "go home with our tail between our legs, crying in our Chick-fil-A soup, waiting for the rapture."

Bryan Loritts’ Best Advice for Church Leaders Struggling With Fatherhood

Dr. Bryan Loritts joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to encourage church leaders who are struggling with fatherhood and to share four important gifts all dads can give their kids.

Outreach Leaders