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7 Ways to Lose Ministry Volunteers

If ministry volunteers aren’t validated in the ministry you lead, then they will look for another place where they are.
praying psalms

5 Ways Praying Psalms Will Completely Change Your Life

Praying Psalms means talking to God about what comes to mind as you read through the Psalms. I believe the Book of Psalms is the best place in Scripture from which to pray Scripture.
make music together

How to Make Music Together – 6 Power Tips

Arranging a band is a challenge, but a welcome one if you’re part of the worship ministry of your church. Here are a few tips to keep your band growing and to make music together.

The True Cost of Worship Wars

What we’ve called worship wars began in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the Jesus Movement was bringing in younger people who wanted to experience God in a different way.
digital mixer

The Best Digital Mixer for Church Might Actually Be Analog

The Behringer X32 the so good it singlehandedly rescued the reputation of the Behringer brand. But is it the best digital mixer for church, or does your church need it, or any digital mixer for that matter?
davidic worship

What King David Teaches Us About Worship

Davidic worship can teach us a lot about how to glorify God. In 2 Samuel 6 when the ark of the covenant is brought into Jerusalem, David’s heart of worship is on full display and provides worship leaders with a challenging example.
Discovering Your Call to Music Ministry

Discover Your Call to Music Ministry – 12 Steps

Music ministry is one of the most vital ministries in the local church and should be viewed as a sacred office. Discovering your call begins with a DESIRE to be used by God to impact the local church and the world around you.
Congregation Sings Louder

10 Things I Did NOT Do That Improved Our Congregational Singing

In one year, this congregation sings louder, more heartily, and more of them sing.

Passionate Worship or Purposeful Worship ?

Purposeful worship means it occurs from the inside out, not the outside in. Thomas a Kempis said it this way, “A good devout person first arranges inwardly the things to be done outwardly.”
congregation worship

How Does a Congregation Worship?

It's more than a group of believers in the same room at the same time on a Sunday morning. It's the very definition of unity.
worship song slides

Can Worship Song Slides Reveal Your Theology?

Just as songs speak volumes about our hearts. the worship song slides we display shares our visual theology.
Songwriters Beware!

Christian Songwriters Beware!

Before you sign away your song, remember that the "royalty" may not be its own reward.
translation system

How to Select the Best Church Translation System

With our communities changing before our eyes, all of us are faced with the question of how do we reach and serve those in our society that speak a different language. A translation system for the church is a great way to meet that need.
beyond reason

Jesus: A Reason to Sing – Beyond Reason

Anxieties are high. Fear is strong. Faith feels like a thread running through a tapestry laced with thousands of threads of heartache. But worship takes me beyond reason.
men worship

The Secret That Keeps Men from Singing in Worship

Have you ever noticed that when men worship, they tend not to sing as much as women do? I have a theory about why that is.
The Ultimate DIY Guide To Mobile Church Equipment

The Ultimate DIY Guide To Mobile Church Solutions

It doesn’t have to cost you 25 grand or more to put together a mobile church setup. (That is what one company was charging for their smallest system.) It just takes knowing what equipment you need and where to get it.
One-Sentence Prayers

20 One-Sentence Prayers That Will Consistently Change Your Day

These prayers will help you lean on God during your busiest days.
prepare for worship

4 Ways to Really Prepare for Worship

Do you know how to prepare for worship on Sunday morning? If we aren’t prepared on Sunday to respond to God’s countless blessings that occurred all week, how could our worship leaders possibly lead enough songs to prepare us?
secular music in church

Should We Use Secular Music in Church Worship?

Should ministry leaders include secular music in church? Part of the answer to this question is that our motive should always be to communicate truth, not simply to be “relevant” or attract more people.
how to become an encourager

How To Become an Encourager: 15 Steps

There's no better starting point to learn how to become an encourager than this famous passage: Therefore encourage one another and build one another...

Cathedral to Replace Confederate Windows With Stained Glass Reflecting Black Life

Four years after the Washington National Cathedral removed windows depicting Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, the windows will be filled with work by artist Kerry James Marshall related to racial justice.

Ann Voskamp: What We Are Missing in God’s Vision for Hospitality

"It's not about becoming like Julia Child," says Ann Voskamp. "Hospitality is about welcoming in the marginalized as the next child of God."

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