Is the New Testament Just History, or Expectant Christianity?

Do we read this book as history, or are we looking for what to expect in our new life in Christ? The New Testament should be our version of expectant Christianity.

Coach Prime, Coach Mac, and the Power of the Gospel

I don’t know what it is about the University of Colorado that draws men of intense faith to coach its football team.

10 Things To Do When God Seems to Be Saying ‘No’

We’ve all been there. We pray and pray, and it seems God’s answer is “no.” When that happens, here’s what I encourage you to do.

It May Be Time To Reconsider Who You’re Following on Social Media

In the early days of social media, I followed back pretty much anyone who followed me. But it didn’t take long to see how many of those followers were focused on complaining, negativity, or criticism.

R.C. Sproul: Death Does Not Have the Last Word

When we close our eyes in death, we do not cease to be alive; rather, we experience a continuation of personal consciousness.

Is It OK for Pastors To Drink?

Jesus turned water into wine—so does that give the green light to pastors to drink alcohol?

4 (Free) Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Pastor

Pastor appreciation month doesn't have to be all about tangible gifts. These four ideas will encourage your pastor and convey the work he or she does matters.

3 Lessons on Change From Nehemiah

I heard someone once say, “Don’t be afraid of change. You might lose something good, but you’ll gain something better.” However, bringing change in a church is often difficult.

10 Signs You’ve Become an Unaware Leader

You should figure out how to be aware enough, as a leader, to discover the facts which you need to know. Each unaware leader have some commonalities among them. So, there are indicators you are the unaware leader.

3 Soul Toxins That Derail Servant Leadership

Servant leadership isn’t a skill, it describes who we are. We are still expected to make tough decisions, solve problems, cast vision and get the job done, but it’s the way we do it.

Praying for Wisdom

Pray for the unclaimed but precious gift of wisdom. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

The Power of Sharing Stories

If you’re a pastor, tell more personal stories in the pulpit. If you’re a filmmaker, understand the power of dramatic structure for sharing stories.

The Key to Satan’s Winning Strategy

In case you haven’t read about it, Satan doesn’t exist. Recent polling has found that while seven in 10 U.S. adults believe in angels, when it comes to fallen ones—like the devil—it drops to 56%.

A Leader’s Top Weapon Against Complacency, Stagnation, Plateau, and Settling for Average

Curiosity is the antidote to complacency and the catalyst for personal growth, self-improvement, and discovery.

2 Ways to Conquer the Stresses and Anxieties of Life

Here are two ways the Lord is teaching me to deal with the stresses my life brings, big or small.

Will There Be Technology in Heaven?

Technology is a God-given aspect of human capability that enables us to fulfill His command to exercise dominion. This isn’t a modern development; it was true of ancient people as well.

An Open Letter to a Pulpit Bully

Beware that you don't fall into the trap of becoming one of the controlling pastors out there. Transposing from advocacy to autocracy will degrade your platform from a bully pulpit to the platform of a pulpit bully.

It Will Be Well – PDF’s & Postcards From 700 Years Ago

"All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well." Whenever I read this saying from Julian of Norwich, it puts my heart at peace. I know both theologically and from personal experience, how true these words are.

5 Life Changing Things You Can’t Do in a Hurry

"Quicker, faster, hurry and now." These are words we are all too familiar with as we attempt to keep up with all our responsibilities as leaders.

R.C. Sproul: Don’t Pray Like a Pagan

Jesus was saying in Matthew 6:7 that we must not regard prayer as some kind of magical incantation, for that is how pagans pray. They recite certain phrases over and over again, with no understanding of what the words mean.

Arthur Brooks: Why You Don’t Need To Have a Midlife (Ministry)...

Dr. Arthur Brooks joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share what few people realize about professional decline and how church leaders can make the most of the second half of their lives.