Ending Abortion Starts Inside the American Church

Pro-life Christians often focus on those outside the church when they talk or think about the future of abortion in America. That’s a mistake. Abortion is inside the church, too.

Good Preaching Starts With the Power of Story

Good preaching contains meat for the hungry—and it’s best delivered on a plate of storytelling. Here’s the journey we must take.

6 Traits of a Biblically Faithful Preacher

God has called preachers to be faithful rather than successful, so how can we be sure we are staying true to the call?

5 Christmas Planning Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Catholic churches have known this for centuries. Evangelicals are just now waking up to it. Here are the top five Christmas planning mistakes churches can make.

Lost Men

How does a male become a man? It has to be learned. As an identity, maleness happens but manhood does not. And how is it learned? From other men.

13 Habits That Torch Pastors With Burnout Like You Every Day

Do you find yourself experiencing pastor burnout? Allow me to share 13 lessons I have learned from those who have been in exactly this situation.

4 Quotes About Preaching That Have Recently Challenged Me

I’ve recently spent some time reviewing books about preaching and renewing my fervor for the task. Here are some quotes that have challenged me.

The Punches Pastors Never See Coming in Vocational Christian Ministry

Vocational Christian ministry is tough. Every statistic tells us that most pastors don't make it over the long haul. Here are some pitfalls we need to watch out for.

When Is an Elder Disqualified from Ministry?

When is an elder disqualified from ministry? For us to assume that a man is done and disqualified for ministry because of an instance, rather than because of a character issue, sells short the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is about restoration.

Becoming a Multi-Generational Parent

With every decision we make, we must also consider its long-term consequences for generations to come. We have to intentionally choose to be a multi-generational parent.

Pastors: 7 Reminders for Christmas Season Planning

I want to share some quick reminders for pastors regarding Christmas season planning. If you are intentional, Christmas can be one of your church’s best momentum-building times of the year.

Why and How I Know What I Am Preaching 12 Months From Now

Here is why advanced sermon planning works for me practically and why I believe I have the freedom to work this way both biblically and theologically.

8 Dangerous Pastors Who Will Destroy Your Church

You’re on your church’s pastor search committee? Good for you. It’s a difficult task, one that can make or break your church for a long time to come. But this can be one of the finest services you render for the Lord and His church, especially if you help your church avoid dangerous pastors.

The Misuse of Leadership Influence and Wasted Opportunities

Leaders, decide what you want to leverage your influence on and what problems you should help solve. Frankly, some problems are too small for you.

How Long Can You Succeed in Ministry Without God?

Certainly God is welcome at your church, but is he really necessary? It's not all that hard to build a ministry without God. What a terrifying place to be.

10 Reasons Long-Term Pastorates Matter

Studies over the years have shown the value of long-term pastoral tenures. When staying at a tough church is challenging, maybe these reasons below will challenge you to hold on.

There’s No Such Thing as Retiring From Ministry

Last month marked one year since I stepped away from the pastorate. I’ve shunned the term retirement like the plague, vowing to remain active in ministry and seeking to use the rest of my life to serve the Lord.

How to Preach a Text You Don’t Fully Understand

If you're engaged in expository preaching, chances are you've had to teach on a passage you don't fully understand.

Why the Christmas Season Can Be Hard for Pastors – 10 Reasons

I love the Christmas season but the Christmas seasoncan be hard for pastors. Pastors experience Christmas stress for a host of reasons, one of them being taking on the stress and heartache of the people to whom they are ministering.

He Who Is a Happy Creator Is a Happy Redeemer

If we are going to fully trust God, it’s vital that we believe in a happy God who cares deeply for our welfare and is active in creation and redemption.

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.