5 Reasons I’m Starting To Read a Paper Bible Again

"What are your thoughts and experiences about reading a paper Bible versus an electronic one?"

6 Sustaining Lifelines for Leaders

Even if you have been blessed with great success and sustained momentum, certain lifelines allow you to keep going with depth, meaning, and joy.

We Can Do Better Than “Because the Bible Says So”

When using because the Bible says so with those who do not accept the total authority of Scripture, the argument is a non-starter. Why would they give any special credence to a source they consider elusive or dubious?

How to Maximize Team Commitment

There are many things that will try to interfere with team commitment: frustration, boredom, weariness, doubt, opportunities, distractions, and the like.

2 Indicators You Are Thankful This Thanksgiving

There exists a close relationship between joy, prayer, and thanksgiving. As one of them rises, so do the other two. If you are struggling with gratitude, you are simultaneously struggling to rejoice and struggling to pray.

6 Ways to Love People Like Jesus Did

Over the years, I’ve explored the life of Jesus, and here’s what I’ve learned about his approach to loving humanity. Now I want to love people like Jesus did.

Gratitude Coupled With Humble Service Multiples Happiness

Good days pleasantly surprise the humble. Even on a difficult day, their hearts overflow with gratitude. They’re happy because they know they’ve received better than they deserve.

7 Ways to Lose Ministry Volunteers

If ministry volunteers aren’t validated in the ministry you lead, then they will look for another place where they are.

Are You Waiting for Others to Solve Your Leadership Problem?

As a leader, you have experienced your fair share of subtle, secondary leadership problem pandemics. Which is the worst?

The Most Important Trait of a Great Leader

A great leader wants the next generation to buy in to his or her vision. However, for this generation, trust doesn’t come easily.

4 Reasons NOT to Give Altar Calls

When altar calls are properly handled, lost people are asked to trust Christ as the only way to heaven. The issue is responding to Christ, not to you.

6 Must-Ask Questions to Help Find Your Personal Calling

As we locate the warm embers of God’s personal calling inside ourselves, we must faithfully fan those flames. God desires for a sense of mission to burn within us, driving us forward in the perilous journey we call life.

13 Thanksgiving Meditations

Slow down! You're probably not scheduled to preach on Thanksgiving Day, so why not enrich your own spiritual life with these Thanksgiving meditations.

R.C. Sproul: How the Reformation Spread

The rapid spread of the Protestant Reformation from Wittenberg, Germany, throughout Europe and across the Channel to England was made possible by the advent of the printing press.

What Does It Actually Mean To Just Preach the Bible?

Most often when someone levies the claim that a preacher doesn’t preach the Bible, they are merely disagreeing with the preaching style.

Give Thanks – It’s the Will of God

Guilt is a terrible motivation to give thanks, but we find ourselves using it often. Rather than hearing thankfulness as a command, perhaps we can hear it as an invitation.

When Worries and Church Anguish Keep You Awake at Night

I’m like other pastors whose burdens keep them awake, and I have my own failures that rob me of sleep. Despite my sleepless nights, the Lord is teaching me how to rest.

7 of the Most Dangerous Church Cultures I’ve Observed

It is hard pastoring a toxic church. Sadly, according to numerous statistics, more churches are in decline or have plateaued than are growing. Here are some of the characteristics of the most dangerous church cultures I have observed.

Is Your Church a Fellowship of Low Expectations?

Many pastors lack the vision of a church filled with mature disciples and are trapped in the fellowship of low expectations. Is it any wonder the church at large is powerless?

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Here is a Thanksgiving prayer to remind you of everything God has provided through Jesus Christ. 

SBC President Barber Would ‘Permanently Defrock’ Johnny Hunt If He Had...

On Nov. 30, SBC President Bart Barber released a statement regarding the announcement of Johnny Hunt‘s restoration to ministry after being credibly accused of sexual abuse in May’s Guidepost Solutions report.

Max Lucado: ‘The One Thing That Has Helped Me More Than...

Max Lucado joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his best tips for creating and delivering a sermon that draws people in.