"The Angry Few" in Local Church Conflicts

“The Angry Few” in Local Church Conflicts

Sometimes they’ve taken power when leadership voids existed, and they assume they still have that power. Or, they’re fighting to keep the power they lost when new leadership arrived.
jesus speaking When Speaking About Jesus' Bride: A Warning

When Speaking About Jesus’ Bride: A Warning

The Apostle always reminded believers of what they were, even while correcting the sin that was so pervasive in their lives.

7 Powerful Habits of Outward-Focused Churches

The mild culture of outreach in churches has been replaced with no culture of outreach.

Why Is Theology Important? Isn’t Jesus Enough?

Russell Moore makes the case that without theology we can’t even define Jesus, let alone put our faith in him.
Chris Pratt rules

Chris Pratt’s 9 Rules for a Good Life

Tempered with plenty of humorous asides, the speech Chris Pratt gave at the MTV Movie & TV Awards was positive and touched on issues of faith.
pastors hate 10 Things Pastors Absolutely HATE to Admit Publicly

10 Things Pastors Absolutely HATE to Admit Publicly

This hard-to-admit list can give you practical insights in how to pray for your pastors.
leadership myth 5 Dumb Myths Too Many Leaders Believe

5 Dumb Myths Too Many Leaders Believe

How do you know you haven’t fallen for a leadership myth that simply isn’t true?
7 Intangibles Needed in Leading Church Revitalization

7 Intangibles Needed in Leading Church Revitalization

Many times in leadership the intangibles determine the quality of our leadership. I have learned this is especially true in church revitalization.
Beth Moore parenting

Beth Moore: This Will ‘hamstring’ Your Ability to Parent

In one of the more intense passages of Scripture, we are told a story of a time King David failed miserably on multiple levels...
Actually, God Calls the Qualified… Into Leadership

Actually, God Calls the Qualified…Into Leadership

When it comes to leadership, God bestows influence and authority on those who have proven to be faithful stewards of smaller responsibilities.
The Top 10 Things Pharisees Say Today

The Top 10 Things Pharisees Say Today

I’m far too much like a Pharisee and not enough like Jesus.

Were Jesus’ Apostles Martyrs? Does It Matter?

The willingness of the apostles to suffer and die as martyrs for their faith is one of the most commonly cited arguments for the resurrection.
desperate leaders

15 Benefits Desperate Leaders Have Over Comfortable Leaders

The default mode of most leaders is to resist resistance. In fact, most desperate leaders gravitate toward comfort.
David Cassidy

Longing for a Father: A Story About David Cassidy

I recently watched a documentary on the life of David Cassidy titled David Cassidy: The Last Session, and let me tell you, it was...

Africans Call Me “Father” (and It’s Humbling)

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. Most of them good. Some unrepeatable in a blog written by a pastor. However, when my African brothers and sisters call me Father (as a term of respect and endearment, not a religious title), it always moves me.
I’m Not Dead and the Holy Spirit is Not a “Force”

I’m Not Dead and the Holy Spirit Is Not a “Force”

Why do so many evangelicals have a warped understanding of the Holy Spirit? Could I suggest that, in large part, this is rooted in what we publicly say, sing, write and teach (or fail to teach) in our Christian circles.
sermon outline format How I Format My Sermon Outline

How I Format My Sermon Outline

For over a decade I have tried to find the best way to format my sermon notes. I’ve asked some of the greatest living known preachers how they do it and if I could see theirs.

5 Signs You’re Not the Leader You Think You Are

"The best leaders are able to execute and makes things happen."
personal growth

Here’s the Biggest Obstacle to Personal Growth

Having counseled hundreds of people over four decades, I can’t escape the fact that people seldom genuinely want to grow. I can’t tell you how...
people pleasing

6 Reasons People Pleasing Hurts Your Leadership

The ill-gained affirmation you receive will hurt you and your leadership over the long-haul. And of course, you can’t keep everyone happy even if that was a good idea.

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Steve Scalise Thanking God and Playing Baseball Again

One year ago Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a gunman while practicing for a baseball game among lawmakers.  He almost died.

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Tony Morgan: Know Your Mission Field

“Church leaders should ask, ‘Who are we trying to reach?’” - Tony Morgan

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