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UPDATE: NY Pastor Resigns After Suggesting Men Are Free to Rape Their Wives in His Sermon

“But then, now, it has become illegalized — rape,” Robinson continued. He seemed to be preparing himself for an extended diatribe on the matter, but then stopped himself. “I don’t understand how you belong to somebody and they are — alright.” 

According to Health Research Funding, 30 percent of adult rape cases are committed by “husbands, common-law partners, or boyfriends.” HRF also states that spousal rape “wasn’t completely illegal in the United States until 1993. Even with it being illegal, prosecutors rarely bring a case of marital rape to trial.”

The petition calling for Robinson’s removal says, “As the Senior Pastor of the Grand Concourse SDA Church, Dr. Burnett Robinson has made damaging and harmful comments about women. In one of his Online sermons, (sic) he clearly and boldly stated husbands are allowed to rape their wives.”

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“This is far removed from the standards of God and what we stand for as a society,” the petition continues. “To see the exact video of his statements, please visit the link below and sign this petition for his resignation if you are an advocate for women’s rights.”

At the time of this article’s writing, the petition had gained over 2,500 signatures. 

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