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‘VeggieTales’ Co-Creator Phil Vischer Shares Sneak Peek of New ‘Phil & Mike Show’ Idea

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Screenshot from YouTube / @philvischer1

In an April 22 social media post, “VeggieTales” creator Phil Vischer teased “a sneak peek at something Phil and Mike have been working on… secretly… in an undisclosed location….” Then he shared a link to a four-minute video filled with animated characters discussing a new “Phil & Mike Show.”

Mike is Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of “VeggieTales,” the award-winning Christian media franchise for children. After Vischer’s Big Idea Productions was forced into bankruptcy in 2003, he and Nawrocki lost creative control of all things “VeggieTales.”

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But the duo continues to create—and now hopes Angel Studios supporters give the “Phil & Mike Show” a green light. In a follow-up to Monday’s post, Vischer wrote, “If you’re a member of the Angel ‘Guild’ (at Angel Studios), go and vote for this to get picked up as a new show. It’s up for vote right now!”

Phil Vischer’s ‘Phil & Mike Show’ Is Under Consideration

In an email to ChurchLeaders, Vischer explained that Angel Studios allows the “crowd”—in the form of paying Guild members—to decide which shows and movies get made. “They’re a very unique studio in that their fans do all the green-lighting of new projects, not their executives,” Vischer said. “So we’re hoping the fans like it!”

Vischer, who’s also an author, speaker, and podcaster, told ChurchLeaders the review process takes a couple of weeks. When asked about distribution avenues, he said they’re still to be determined. “But like ‘The Chosen,’ it would launch first on the Angel app,” he said. “Then eventually roll out elsewhere.”

About the new effort, Vischer explained, “I’ve been working on the characters and animation techniques for about two years. Animated shows are generally very expensive and very time-consuming.”

“I’ve been working on a way to work faster with a much smaller team,” he added, “which could make it easier to produce animated programming with Christian content.”

After “VeggieTales,” Vischer worked with puppets for about 15 years, trying to affordably create Christian content for children. Thanks to new developments in animation software, he said, he now has a “fun and fast” model.

In response to an online comment, Vischer wrote that he creates the “Phil & Mike Show” with Blender, “mostly performed ‘real-time’ using the mouse with virtual sliders and joysticks. (Lip sync, eyes and walk cycles are keyframed.)”

A ‘New Way’ To Share God’s Love With Kids

The promo video for the “Phil & Mike Show” promises a high-energy product that appeals to kids, despite featuring “no cat videos” and “no sprinkles.” A “Sunday school lady” named Dorothy is ready to “make sure the Bible stories are accurate and age-appropriate.” The show will also feature the “silly songs” for which Vischer and Nawrocki are known.

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“The goal is to bring back the spirit of very early ‘VeggieTales.’ My original conception of Bob the Tomato was that he was a ‘frustrated Mr. Rogers,’” Vischer told ChurchLeaders. “He wanted to be Mr. Rogers but couldn’t pull off a show without his goofy friends messing things up or his own temper getting the best of him. This new show is Phil trying to be Mr. Rogers.