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‘Cussing Pastor’ Returns: Mark Driscoll Swears While Addressing Abortion, Calls Joe Biden a ‘Coward’ Headed to Hell

Driscoll then stated that abortion killed more people last year than COVID-19, saying, “Every day, we had a death count, but only for the people who made it out of the womb.”

According to Worldmeter, an estimated 16.1 million babies have been aborted worldwide this year—far more than any other recorded deaths.

“Everybody tried virtue signaling tolerance and love and care about life. They don’t give a damn. They just don’t,” Driscoll said. “They’ll change the subject. They’ll attack the messenger, and they’re probably not even online anymore right now.”

Driscoll went on to say that he doesn’t “give a damn about being on the right side of history.”

“I’m really concerned about being on the right side of eternity,” Driscoll continued. “You know what? Everybody can judge all they want until I get before a white throne. I don’t care about the verdict.”

After reading Revelation 21:8, Driscoll encouraged men to pray for the president of the United States. Driscoll pointed out the word “cowardly” in the verse, saying that “cowards don’t make it” into heaven but are cast into hell.

“You’ll never hear this, but Joe Biden, you’re a coward,” Driscoll said. “You say you’re a Christian. You say you love the Lord Jesus. You say that rights come from God our Creator, and you think that 62 million slaughtered lives is not nearly enough. And it’s never too late to repent. And unless repentance begins at the top and flows down, then according to the last line of the Old Testament, if men don’t have a heart for children, we’re cursed.”

“I would encourage you, men. Don’t be angry, don’t be violent, don’t be godless, don’t be self-righteous, but don’t be cowards,” Driscoll said.