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The COMPLETE Church Communicator’s Toolkit

Project Management


Do you have more than one task at-hand? Of course you do. Asana is a project management tool; it’s how I make sure I don’t lose track or drop the ball on anything I need to get done. You can use Asana for your own projects, as well as projects that you’re working on with teams. There are other project management tools out there, but I enjoy using Asana the most because it works like I do—with my tasks at the forefront, organized into various projects and campaigns.

Personal Development

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

I love this notebook*. I take it everywhere I go. I use the notebook for a full year, then start with a fresh one. It contains all my random ideas, thoughts, and notes. I can sketch things out if I need to or just write a list of brainstorm ideas and notes as I consult with churches.

Panda Planner

The Panda Planner* is my newest development tool. It helps me to stay organized and think through projects that I need to accomplish. A great aspect of the planner is that it forces me to, focus on the positive elements in my life. There’s a daily, weekly, and monthly section for planning and review. I start each morning going through my day reflecting and preparing.


Pocket is a huge time-saver for me. I run across tons of articles, emails, and commentaries that I’d love to read, but don’t want to get distracted from what I’m trying to get done at the time. Using Pocket, I can save the article for later, then I create a task (in Asana), and schedule a time to sit down and read through it.


Often, I want to keep learning, but don’t have the time to sit down and read another book. Audible* makes it easier for me to keep learning and developing. I can download an audiobook and listen to it on my drive, while I run or work out, or while I’m traveling.

Graphic Design


Canva has helped church communicators everywhere step up their graphic design game. With thousands of templates to choose from, it makes creating flyers a snap, along with social media graphics, sermon series design, slides, and whatever else you can think up.

Vibrant Agency

Most churches don’t have a full-time designer (let alone a full media team). That’s where an organization like Vibrant Agency can really fill the gap. For a reasonable monthly charge, Vibrant Agency will create—from scratch!—a brand new website for your church. They’ll also provide unlimited graphic design. They can even provide video editing services. They provide all of this high-quality content for less than hiring a college intern. Talk about a time (and money) saver!

Disclosure: These are all products and services I use and love and recommend freely. However, I have included affiliate links for a few of these resources (connoted by an *). At no additional cost to you, Church Juice may receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase using an affiliate link.


This article originally appeared here, and is used by permission.

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