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Chip and Joanna Ask Emmanuel Acho If It’s Good to Be ‘Color Blind’

Are You Afraid of White People?

Probably the most direct question of the conversation came from the Gaines’ daughter, Emmie, who asked Acho, “Are you afraid of white people?” He laughed and said, “That’s what I love about children.” Then he answered, “I am not afraid of white people. I am cautious of white people.”

He gave the analogy that we rely on both water and electricity to function in our daily lives. Water and electricity are both necessities, but they are dangerous when they come too close to each other. Even so, people take risks such as charging their phones in the bathroom or using a curling iron by the sink. “But you have to remember,” said Acho, “that if those two things ever have a negative interaction, it could be lethal.” 

But part of the reason why Acho has hope is because of how people like the Gaines have responded to his series. When he posted the first of his “Uncomfortable Conversations,” Chip retweeted it, so Acho reached out to him. Turning to Chip, Acho remembered, “And you said, ‘I brought my entire family of seven together because 30 years ago, I saw the L.A. riots and 30 years later I am seeing these riots and I will not let that happen again.’” 

Many others have also responded to Acho with openness and are having these conversations in their own families. One man commented on Twitter, “Watched this video as a family, wife and 2 boys. The 10 minute video took us 1 hour with all the pause breaks for further conversation. It really facilitated some great conversations that I didn’t know we need to have. Thank you for sharing and moving the dialogue forward.”