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Voddie Baucham, John MacArthur Emphasize Culture’s Hatred of Christians, Avoiding Compromise at Conservative Baptist Network Event

“Sometimes, I hear people talk about the fact that we’re supposed to have some mandate, some urban mandate to go in and win the cities of the world, and I want you to hear Jesus’ approach to speaking to the cities in Matthew 11:20,” MacArthur later said. “‘Then He began to denounce the cities in which most of the miracles were done because they didn’t repent.’”

“​​I’ve never had any interest in providing what the children of the devil want. I don’t want to design a church service for the children of the devil,” MacArthur said. “I don’t expect to be popular with them. I expect to be hated. Not because I’m a hateful person, but because the message is so deeply unacceptable to them. I have no desire to be popular with them. I have no interest in taking orders from the political powers of the kingdom of darkness.”

“And I think it’s especially true in this day,” MacArthur continued. “And I said this to my congregation this morning: we have one day, Memorial Day, to celebrate the death of all the people that have died to give us freedoms in America.”

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“And then we have to have 30 days to celebrate homosexual perversion,” MacArthur said, referring to LGBTQ+ Pride Month, which takes place every June. “That’s Neo paganism. It’s as if 2,000 years of Christian influence came and went and nobody even remembers it.”

Speaking to the strategy of many pastors and church leaders to contemporize church services in order to make non-Christians feel more comfortable coming to church, MacArthur said, “Let me tell you something about the world. You can hook yourself to the world and you can think it’s only the style, but they will drag you to the bottom.” 

“Pretty soon, it’ll be the pronouns. Pretty soon, it’ll be the feminist agenda. Pretty soon, it’ll be women preachers. Pretty soon, it’ll be social justice, then it’ll be racism. Then it’ll be CRT. Then it’ll be victimization, because the world is a ball and chain. And when you’re hooked to it, it’ll take you to the bottom.”

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The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will be taking place in Anaheim, California, until Wednesday, June 15.