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Mohler Extols ‘Thinking as a Christian’ During ‘Ask Anything Tour’ Stop

After his address, Mohler spent the remaining 45 minutes answering questions from audience members.

Topics of questions included public schools, politics, the second amendment, immigration, the role of the church, abortion, the effectiveness of boycotts and Christian theology.

Although many of the questions related to current cultural topics, a couple of the night’s closing questions were more relational.

One young man asked how to pursue someone with the Gospel with gentleness and respect when they continue to reject it.

Mohler called the question “sweet” and said to keep love at the forefront of patient evangelism.

“I’ve been in that situation a few times and I believe in your generation you will experience that even more often,” Mohler said. “Sometimes all you can do is say, ‘Even if you will not listen to me or hear me, you know that I love you and I am here the instant you’re ready to talk to me.’

“Tell them you’re praying for them even when you’re not with them, and remember that it is Christ that saves anyone. Don’t take it personal, because one of Satan’s devices is to make us hurt when we try to share the Gospel so we don’t risk it. But to the glory of God, we must keep risking it.”

The last question of the night came from a mother of three young children, who asked Mohler how to talk her kids about transgenderism.

In his final answer of the night, Mohler said the same Gospel love is required to share the Gospel with a transgender person as it would with anyone else.

“Our hearts just have to be broken for this person,” he said. “There is trauma in the heart of this person that you met, and so we just have to begin with an enormous concern for this man, woman, boy or girl.

“This is going to be the hardest issue that I can imagine for Christians. My first job in these conversations is not to refute a transgender person, but instead to try to get to talk about Jesus. Yet, in order to do that faithfully I could not reflect or give back what would require me to compromise my convictions. I would just try to find a crack in a person’s defenses and shine as much Gospel as you can.”

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