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Greg Laurie Shares What Happened to His Mother After the Events of ‘Jesus Revolution’

Laurie concludes by saying: “We serve a God of second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances, and many more to come.”

Evangelist Greg Stier Had a Similar Upbringing

After evangelist Greg Stier received a link to Laurie’s YouTube video about his mother, Stier tweeted: “It’s interesting to me how similar @greglaurie’s story & mine are, especially when it comes to our moms. God used both our crazy upbringings to forge us into passionate evangelists.”

As Stier describes in his memoir “Unlikely Fighter,” his mother almost aborted him. He was raised in a violent, rage-filled family, committed his life to Christ at age 8, and then gradually saw the gospel transform other family members.

For years Stier and his brothers talked to their mom about Jesus, but she was consumed by guilt for past sins. Finally, she put her faith in Jesus after hearing one of 15-year-old Stier’s gospel presentations.

In a Mother’s Day blog from 2015, Stier writes: “I’m not saying that, from that moment on, it was all sunshine and roses. But something shifted in her soul that day. She was on a trajectory of transformation because she finally received the forgiveness she so desperately craved.”

Mark Mittelberg, who shared Laurie’s video with Stier, tweets: “Thankfully, God used both Gregs to reach both moms for Jesus!”