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KJV is the Only Bible for Some

As the King James Version of the Bible celebrates its 400th anniversary, most will agree that the translation has deeply influenced not only the Christian faith but the English language. Winston Churchill called the version a “masterpiece” which has been quoted in everything from presidential speeches to pop song lyrics. Some, however, feel that the KJV should be revered above all other translations; these believers make up a denomination known as the “King James Only” movement of about 1,000 churches throughout the U.S. Pastors and members of these congregations see the KJV as divinely inspired as the original Greek and Hebrew and is the only proper translation to be used in worship; some even believe that all new translations should originate from the KJV since it is an “advanced revelation” from God and has corrected errors in the Greek and Hebrew texts.

What do you think? How do you feel about the KJV? 

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