Three Common Idols in Churches

False idols will look less attractive to people when we help them see the greatness of Jesus. Here are three common idols in churches that every church leader needs to know and reject.

How This Introverted Pastor is Extroverted on Sunday

People are surprised I am an introvert based on my Sunday interactions with people. I may be an introverted pastor, but I’m very extroverted on Sundays. 

Leaving Your Kids a Legacy of Faith

Recently, a couple things happened that created for my family an opportunity to deepen our faith and leave a legacy that reaches past us to our grandkids and even great grandkids.

Narrative Preaching: Do You Make these 10 Mistakes?

Let's consider the pitfalls we must avoid in order to preach with power when we take up narrative preaching. Too many preachers miss these vital skills necessary to preach the narrative portions of the scripture

What God Calls Atheists: The Story of Charles Bradlaugh

In 1880, Charles Bradlaugh was elected as a member of the Parliament of the UK. His constituents knew he was an atheist but didn’t think it would affect his work in parliament. They were proven wrong on his first day.

The ‘Marrow Controversy’ and Christian Nationalism

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in "the Marrow Controversy"—an 18th Century theological debate that occurred in the church of Scotland over the nature of grace and the free offer of the Gospel.

Andy Crouch: Why Romans 16 Is the ‘Most Sociologically Stunning Chapter in the Whole Bible’

A 2018 talk by author Andy Crouch is going viral after a snippet was shared on Twitter. The entire message, titled “Overcoming Our Greatest Affliction,” addresses topics such as cultural revolutions, knowledge, personhood, power, and status.

The ‘Gateway Drug’ to Sexual Sin in the Church

One of the key factors contributing to the rise of sexual sin within the Church is the rampant but hidden use of pornography. It’s affecting the majority of men in the pews, and even our children at very young ages.

Loving Jesus More Than Theology

May we never love doctrine for doctrine’s sake; love doctrine for the aim of loving Jesus. No more knockoffs. The real thing is ready.

How to Know When a Leader Trusts You

Trust is one of the most important resources for a leader. When you don't have it, you can't get very far. Here's how to know if your leaders trust you.

15 Great Christmas Sermon Tips Every Preacher Needs

There's no shortage of advice for Christmas sermons -- and we need all the help we can get! Peter Mead of BiblicalPreaching.net offers 15 practical suggestions for Christmas sermons.

R.C. Sproul: The Glory of Christmas

On the night Jesus was born something spectacular took place. The plains of Bethlehem became the theater for one of the most spectacular sound-and-light shows in human history. All heaven broke loose.

This Is Why You Don’t Put New Wine in an Old Wineskin

Don’t be satisfied with the old wine of your traditions and risk refusing the new wine of Christ’s grace. If you are pertinaciously clinging to an inappropriate, legalistic tradition, there’s something you can do today: let it go!

7 Reasons Most Churches Don’t Reach the Lost

Through prayer, hard work and a relentless Gospel focus we experienced strong growth primarily due to new believers being added to our church roles.

10 Signs of an Emotional Affair

I often advise couples to be VERY careful about having close friends of the opposite sex, because most affairs start out as “friendships” that cross the line.

5 Christmas Preaching Ideas From One Passage

There might be enough material to ignite all of your Christmas preaching in just one passage. Take Luke’s famous account of the annunciation.

Ministry: Convenience or Calling?

If you are in ministry for certain reasons, then it’s possible your compulsion might be out of convenience instead of calling.

How To Receive Criticism and Respond With Grace

Randy Alcorn: "I love this advice from Scott Sauls about how to receive criticism and respond with grace. There’s a lot of wisdom here."

5 Reasons I’m Starting To Read a Paper Bible Again

"What are your thoughts and experiences about reading a paper Bible versus an electronic one?"

6 Sustaining Lifelines for Leaders

Even if you have been blessed with great success and sustained momentum, certain lifelines allow you to keep going with depth, meaning, and joy.

Sean Feucht Praises Cooper Kupp for Blasting Balenciaga; Church Must Stand...

Images featured in a recent Balenciaga ad campaign sparked an outcry from some conservative Christians, including Sean Feucht, Eric Metaxas, and Allie Beth Stuckey.

Max Lucado: ‘The One Thing That Has Helped Me More Than...

Max Lucado joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share his best tips for creating and delivering a sermon that draws people in.