The Difference Between Great Leaders and Leaders Who Appear Great

The Difference Between Great Leaders and Leaders Who Appear Great

"Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. Especially in the church, you’re leading people who are placing their trust and respect in you."
Worshiping a Golden Calf on Sunday Morning is Deceptively Easy

Worshiping a Golden Calf on Sunday Morning Is Deceptively Easy

We must take great care, then, not to assume that even in our religious environments, where we put the Scriptures under so many noses, that it is Jesus the exalted Christ who is being worshiped.
Work Ethic

3 Things Your Congregants Should Know about a Christian Work Ethic

Christians are called to do things differently than rest of the world. This applies to work ethic, as well.
New Pastor's Wife

4 Tips for the New Pastor’s Wife

What I wish I had known when my husband took the role of pastor.
Fake News, the Bible, and the Beauty of God

Fake News, the Bible and the Beauty of God

I am convinced the battle for truth before the throne of God is mirrored on the earth.
Equip Ministry

9 Reasons Pastors Fail to Equip the Saints for Ministry

This isn't any one group's fault, but rather a combined failing.
Danny Akin: How to Teach Your Children a Biblical View of Gender

How to Teach Your Children a Biblical View of Gender

Now more than ever, it's imperative parents teach their children a biblical view of manhood and womanhood.

If You’re Tired of Doing Everything Yourself as a Leader, Read This

People literally go unreached because church leaders feel they need to do everything themselves.
Core Elements of a Growing Church

Three Core Elements of a Growing Church

Church growth isn’t about attendance or giving…it’s about the gospel.
Should Alter Calls Be a Thing of the Past?

Should Altar Calls Be a Thing of the Past?

Todd Wagner, pastor of Watermark Church, offers the following video explanation of why he doesn’t use altar calls.
Reasons You Should Read Spurgeon

3 Reasons You Should Read Spurgeon

Our faith works like this too. In order to go into the future, we must reach into the past. We must go back to the future.
Dysfunctional team

7 Indicators Your Team Is Dysfunctional

How many of these can you currently see on your team?
Overcommitted Church

The Overcommitted Church

Many churches have become too busy for their own good.
small church

5 Qualities of a Small Church That Has a Big Impact

"The size of a church never limits the scope of God’s power."

Leaders: What You Should Know About Your Team

Purpose is just as important as talent.
Leaders Fail

The Top 25 Reasons Leaders Fail

It is always disappointing when a leader fails. This is because many times it was avoidable.
Secret Pain of Pastors

Thom Rainer Reveals the Secret Pain of Pastors

Many pastors are hurting. Thom Rainer identifies several keys behind the struggle.
Church Staff Hiring

8 Axioms of Church Staff Hiring

One of the facts of leading a growing ministry is that you are going to have to get really good at hiring a great team.
Same-Sex Attraction

3 Church Leaders Share their Testimonies of Deliverance from Same-Sex Attraction

Instead of being defined by their struggles, these leaders are now known for their commitment to Jesus Christ and the advancement of the gospel.
New Church Home

Are You Looking for a New Church Home?

Many are looking for the perfect church. The trouble is, a perfect church doesn’t exist. And as one old preacher used to say, “If you ever find one, don’t join it or you’ll ruin it!”

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Kurt Warner: Football Hall of Fame Inductee and Lover of Jesus

Kurt Warner accepted Christ at 25 years old and realized that he was meant for more than touchdown passes and winning football games.

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Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church

“If the local church really wants to be the hope of the world, then the local church needs to step into areas in which the world finds itself hopeless: Mental health." - Jarrid Wilson

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