The Church’s One Foundation

If the foundation of the church is shaken the church cannot survive. But what is the church's foundation? Answering that question correctly will help us guard the foundation and preserve His truth.

The Rise of False Messiahs: What You Must Know

Jesus warned about false messiahs when His disciples asked Him for signs of the end times. The end times could very well be near if we look at the number of people around the globe who are rising up to say that they are indeed the Messiah.

9 Teaching Methods of Jesus

Jesus was the master teacher. Thousands would gather to hang on his every word. People traveled far and wide just to hear him. The lessons he taught spread like fire and literally changed the world.

How to Lead Those Who Don’t Want to Follow

Good leaders have their own thoughts, ideas, and ways to solve problems. It’s up to those of us who lead leaders to harness all that into a healthy and productive team.

Why Cool Church Doesn’t Work Anymore

There was an era when simply being a cool, relevant church helped churches reach unchurched people. That time is over.

Eric Geiger: 6 Really Bad Pastor Appreciation Gifts

Among the bad ideas for pastor appreciation gifts - don't get him a Bible. He already has one. If not, you need another church.

How Anxiety Can Be Good for Us

The truth is anxiety doesn’t discriminate, no matter how spiritually mature or how well versed you are in scripture. Fear can strike anyone at any given time without regard for who they are or what they do. Here's how God can use your anxiety for something good.

Prayer Changes Everything, But Prayer Doesn’t Fix Everything

Prayer isn’t a magic formula that instantly and easily fixes everything.

Anointed and Annoyed: 7 Most Frustrating Things Pastors Deal With

Because leadership deals with people, there will always be frustrations.

Why We All Need to Do a Motive Check on Church Growth

So you want your church to grow. Wonderful. Here’s a challenging question: Why?

Why “Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself” Is a Dangerous Myth

Biblical forgiveness is a gift to the offender. We release another person’s debts for their sake and for Christ’s sake. But there are myths surround forgiveness that keep us from biblical forgiveness.

A Word of Encouragement to Pastors During Pastor Appreciation Month

I was surprised when I entered the ministry at how hard churches can be on a pastor. I never knew. That's why I write this during pastor appreciation month.

One Dozen Inspiring Memes and Humility Quotes

These humility quotes are great to share when you need to get motivated to do what is right. Humility is a critical trait for Christian leaders and just anyone in general. Who wouldn't want the grace that comes from living life before God with humility!?

Who Wrote the Doxology – And What Do You Really Know About It?

'The Doxology' could be the most famous hymn sung by Christians throughout the world. But how much do you really know about it?

14 Things I Seldom Hear in Church

Many of us could write blog posts about surprising things we’ve heard in church. But here are 14 things you'll seldom heard in church as a pastor.

Scot McKnight: Why Legalism Isn’t What You Think

Over the years, my own thinking about legalism has become more nuanced, but I want to map out what legalism is in the context of the New Testament.

12 Reasons People Leave a Local Church

Even if you’re not in the middle of the battle, constant conflict wears out even the best church members.

What to Say at a Funeral to Make Christ Known

The heart to Make God Known should be the goal of every Christian when speaking or sharing at a funeral.

4 Reasons Why Churches Love Their Former Pastor So Much

They threw stones at the former pastor? And now they’re saying how much they love him? Yep. Ask any veteran pastor.

Pastors and the Paradox of Being Resented and Revered

Most pastors will live through the dangers of being revered as well as the pain of being resented. Here are three truths for pastors about the paradox of being resented and revered.

Wife Who Fought to ‘Save Saeed’ Says Christian Leaders Failed to...

Naghmeh Panahi, who fought to "Save Saeed" Abedini, her pastor husband who had been imprisoned in Iran, now claims that key Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham, failed to act on her claims that Abedini was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Brian Tome: What It Was Like to Pastor Through the ‘Worst...

“You can go through a desert," says Brian Tome, "and not lose your faith and still be used by God, even though you don't feel like you're being used by God.”