ways of dealing with depression

10 Practical Ways of Dealing With Depression

Dealing with ways of dealing with depression? I believe clinical depression is an epidemic that is taking the world by storm.
My Days Are Full, Not Busy

My Days Are Full, Not Busy

The idol of busyness is one Christians are particularly bent toward worshipping, and busyness can also become the shield we use to protect ourselves from adding unwanted appointments to our calendars.
Down Syndrome adoption

From Abandoned Baby to Ambassador of Love

Edison Mateo Van Eerden was born in Ecuador, where he was abandoned, and discarded with the trash. He was born with Down Syndrome. His moving story demonstrates the blessings that come from Down Syndrome adoption.
9 Reasons Church Revitalization May Be a Serious Faith Challenge

9 Reasons Church Revitalization May Be a Serious Faith Challenge

Revitalization can be one of the toughest faith challenges a pastor will face in his ministry.
To a Church Seeking Revitalization…

To a Church Seeking Revitalization…

Many churches have leaders who understand the urgent need for change. Some of them grasp that, without a turnaround, the church will die.
Jimmy Carter religion

The Evangelical Faith of Jimmy Carter

 Former President Jimmy Carter identifies as an evangelical Christian, a fact he’s proud of. Growing up in a Baptist church in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy...
7 Tidbits of Advice For Young Pastors

7 Tidbits of Advice for Young Pastors

Don’t neglect your family for the ministry or destroy your ministry for temporary pleasures of the world.
Overcoming The New Leadership Epidemic — Isolation And Loneliness

Overcoming the New Leadership Epidemic — Isolation and Loneliness

Pastors often ask me, "Should I stay in this church or move on?" or "I’m struggling with my elder board, is it time for me to leave?" These are really big questions, and they’re situation-specific.
What If Ministry Failures Aren’t Failures?

What if Ministry Failures Aren’t Failures?

Could it be that some of your greatest ministry failures weren’t an accident?
What a Good Sermon Introduction Looks Like and What it Does

What a Good Sermon Introduction Looks Like and What it Does

Wade out in the shallow end at first. Gradually take us into the deep.

Preaching on Racism from the ‘White’ Pulpit: Reflections from David Platt’s Talk at T4G

"Attention prominent White pastor: If you want to avoid controversy, do not preach sermons on race at large evangelical conferences."
David Platt racism in church

David Platt Asks: Why Is T4G ‘So White’?

David Platt read from Amos 5:18-27 to begin his message at this year's Together for the Gospel conference. The problem God addresses in this...
is seminary necessary

Why Seminary Can Never Qualify Anyone for Ministry

When it comes to qualification for ministry, ordination should carry much more weight and provide much greater evidence of a man’s readiness for service in the church than any seminary degree.
Now That Spring Break Is Over

Now That Spring Break Is Over

In an effort to head into summer with some momentum, here are seven things to do in the next eight weeks.
7 Things the Church Can’t Do for the Pastor

7 Things the Church Can’t Do for the Pastor

"Don’t expect others to do for you what only you—by God’s grace—can do."
Need to Revitalize Your Church? Focus on This

Need to Revitalize Your Church? Focus on This

New churches are, statistically speaking, the most effective means for bringing in new believers

Evangelism: What the Fastest Growing Churches Know

Is evangelism a thing of the past for the American church? It makes one wonder when 51% of churchgoers are unfamiliar with the term...

Should You Go to Seminary? Here Are the Pro’s and Con’s

A seminary graduate looks at the benefits and dangers of a seminary education in this discussion with Matt Chandler.
John MacArthur: 4 Things You Need to Do to Stay in Ministry for the Long Haul

John MacArthur: 4 Things You Need to Do to Stay in Ministry for the...

"Don’t think you deserve a bigger ministry than you have."
Two Truths for When You Don't Feel Like Preaching

Two Truths for When You Don’t Feel Like Preaching

How do I preach in a time like this? How do I preach when I don’t feel like it? And am I being a big ol’ hypocrite to do so?

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Bob Buford: Mega-Force Behind Megachurch Movement Dies at 78

In 1999, Bob Buford helped sell the family business interest in order to create philanthropic initiatives designed to serve churches.

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Jamie Mertens: Keep it Simple, Let God Work

“We want to keep everything lightweight, low maintenance and high quality.  For the purpose of being able to respond to what God is doing in the community versus manufacturing something and then asking God to bless it.” - Jamie Mertens

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