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Manhood Under Spiritual Attack – 5 Attacks on the Souls of Men

Why is manhood under spiritual attack? I have talked to pastors and leaders of men’s ministry all over the country, and here are what I believe to be five of the primary battles against the souls of men.

6 Lessons From John 10 That Will Make You a Better Pastor

In John 10 we are shown how Jesus was a shepherd-leader who selflessly laid down his life to protect and nurture the sheep. We as pastors are called to do the same.

Don’t Do Stupid – The Top 4 Acts of Stupidity That Get Pastors Fired

There are four common acts of stupidity that get pastors in trouble. Pastors and other church leaders: don't do stupid.

3 Warning Signs You Could Love Title More Than Task

It is entirely possible for a ministry leader to love title more than task. But, according to Augustine, a ministry leader who loves title more than task is not a good ministry leader.

Thom Rainer: 6 Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Church

I did not have to look far to find over 20 current examples of a dysfunctional church. In my quest, I found six recurring themes.

3 Keys to Being a Lifelong Friend

Friendships are a key part of life and you want a friendship to last your entire life, or for most of it. Here are 3 critical elements to having a lifelong friendship.

Are Your Sermons Hard or Easy to Listen to?

Here are a few ideas to improve your sermon based on neuroscience. What insights have you discovered that help your listeners absorb more of your sermons?

How to Avoid Being Blindsided by Your Own Church

If I had seen how dysfunctional batons pass from one leader or significant stakeholder to the next, I could have avoided being blindsided.

5 Myths People Spread About Jesus, Sex and Gay Marriage

Many marriages, and many aberrations of marriage, are described (not prescribed) in the Bible. So the question that often gets asked is, “What about Jesus and marriage ? What did He say?”

An Example of a Statement of Faith

A statement of faith reveals the doctrine of the church. Expecting all people to agree with everything is more cult-like than Christ-like. However, we must have parameters of belief. Otherwise, the church will break under the stress of disunity.

How To Stop Living in the Past So You Don’t Miss Your Future

Are you living in the past? If there’s something from your past that you are holding on to, there’s a great chance you haven’t attached yourself to something new in your present or toward your future.

The Church Has Left The Building – But WE Are Still the Church!

I miss church. I bet you do too. And I bet that you or someone in your house has said this exact phrase over the past 6 weeks. What exactly does it mean that we are the church?

10 Things You Should Know About Lifting of Hands in Worship

Lifting of hands is part of worship in many churches. Worship involves our bodies as well as our hearts and minds. Our posture tells...

A Vital Pastoral Need: Friendship for Leaders

A friend of mine asked me to reflect on the meaning of friendship for a church leader (but really: any leader). What an important question he asked: What did I learn about friendship for leaders during my years as a pastor?

Doing Church Biblically Can Be Messy

Making sure you have a biblical church is often a messy, difficult, and uncomfortable process. There are many, easier approaches pastors can take with their churches, none of which are honoring to God.

101 Easter Sermons and Others Ideas for Your Church

With these 101 Easter sermons and ideas for your church, you'll be ready to celebrate our risen Savior this year!

7 Ways Senior Pastors Can Engage Teenagers To Listen to Their Sermons

With teens' short attention span, preaching engaging sermons for teenagers (and even adults) is not easy. But if you are a senior pastor, and there are teenagers in the room, you had better engage them or you will lose them.

The Secret Sin Behind Passive Aggressive Behavior

"Identify the promises they make to us, recognize these false promises as lies and then trust the superior promises of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Avoid These 5 Big Mistakes Pastors Make on Easter Planning

To help make this Easter the best yet, here are five of the common mistakes pastors make on Easter planning that I have noticed--and you can avoid!

Nick Hall on Asbury, Gen Z and Why He Believes ‘God...

Nick Hall joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about what he witnessed at Asbury University, the signs of true revival, and why he believes God is moving in a special way.

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