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The Parable of the Talents: 3 Lessons for Us Today

Explore the timeless wisdom of the Parable of the Talents can guide modern believers towards living a life of purpose, faithfulness, and fulfillment.

11 Ways To Ensure You Leave a Legacy That Honors God

It’s no secret: Finishing this life with a legacy that honors God isn’t automatic and certainly isn’t easy. So, in my twenties and thirties and again in my forties, I asked a number of older Christians to show me how it’s done.

One of the Most Important Pastoral Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned

Pastoral leadership is difficult. It’s a grind. It’s a joy. It’s a blessing. Some days, you fall asleep feeling refreshed. Others, you can’t sleep. All this comes with the role.

When is Divorce OK in the Bible? Well, It’s Complicated

When is divorce OK in the Bible? Discover the biblical perspectives on divorce, including conditions under which it's permitted, emotional abandonment, and the support scripture offers to divorced individuals.

Visions Fulfilled: Tracing Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus

Old Testament prophecies of jesus are not merely historical footnotes but are foundational to Christian faith, providing evidence of divine orchestration in the narrative of redemption.

Are “The Sins of the Father” Really Visited on the Next Generation?

The phrase "the sins of the father" is often invoked in discussions about responsibility, guilt, and generational consequences within both religious and secular contexts....

Tracing the Footsteps of Faith: The Missionary Journeys of Paul

Explore the transformative missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul, including timelines and the impact of his teachings on early Christian communities. Delve into Paul's letters, theological contributions, and enduring influence on Christianity.

Breath Prayers: The Ancient Practice of “Pray Without Ceasing”

Discover the ancient practice of breath prayers, a form of meditation connecting each breath with God's presence. Explore its biblical roots, historical figures who embraced it, and its benefits for fostering continuous awareness and peace in daily life.

Deconstructing Christianity: A Way Forward or a Way of Death?

Dive into the complex journey of deconstructing Christianity, exploring its psychological impact, historical precedents, and how individuals and institutions navigate faith's questioning and reevaluation. Discover the stages and implications of faith deconstruction for a deeper spiritual understanding.

5 Facts About Pastors Most Church Members Are Unclear On

In my experience, most pastors hesitate to teach the biblical understanding of the role of pastors because to do so might sound self-serving, as though they were trying to carve out a bigger role for themselves in leading the church.

Why Did Abraham Sacrifice His Son? Interpreting the Symbolism

Discover the truth behind the age-old question, "Did Abraham sacrifice his son?" Explore the narrative, symbolism, and significance of this biblical tale while unraveling its enduring relevance. Find answers to your questions and gain insights into faith, obedience, and divine providence.

How Formal Membership Makes the Church a Family

The family is an organic set of relationships. The nature of these relationships are constantly moving, shifting, changing, and growing as a couple understands one another better, and as their children grow and mature. A healthy family’s relationships are defined by love. People relate to each other naturally—and naturally relate according to the proper structures within the family.

Seeking Guidance: Asking God for a Sign

In the labyrinth of life's uncertainties, prayer stands as a beacon of hope and guidance. For believers, the act of asking God a sign...

Tithing 101: A Brief Survey of Biblical Perspectives

Discover the New Testament's approach to tithing and generosity—dig into the heart of giving, embrace the principles of stewardship, and understand the joy and impact of sacrificial contributions in modern Christian life.

16 Ways To Provoke Your Children to Anger

Here are some ways that we parents can provoke our children to anger. I’ve done many of these, and for this reason I’m grateful for the blood of Jesus and the power of the Spirit to change.

Use Ash Wednesday To Help You Prepare for Easter

Ash Wednesday is about preparation and the beginning of preparation at that. All of the Lenten season is focused upon preparation for Easter. No matter how we mark the day, whether with ashes on our forehead or with reflection on the meaning of Easter, Jesus invites us to journey on to Easter Sunday with Him.  

Finding Hope in Scripture: Bible Verses for When You’re Feeling Lost

When you're feeling lost and uncertain, find comfort and direction with our collection of Bible verses. Discover hope and guidance from Scripture during life's challenging moments.

What the Bible Says About Dogs – Insights and Interpretations

Explore what the Bible says about dogs and uncover scriptures for pet lovers. Gain insights into the spiritual significance of our furry friends in this thoughtful examination of biblical teachings.

Today’s Powerhouse Preaching: Erwin Lutzer Sermons

With a deep love for Scripture and a desire to equip believers with a solid foundation of faith, Erwin Lutzer Sermons are rooted in biblical truth and practical application.

JD Greear Sermons: Examples of Clarity and Commitment

With a passion for sharing the Gospel and equipping believers, JD Greear sermons brings a fresh perspective to biblical teachings

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 2: How To Embrace God’s...

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin wrap up their conversation on “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” offering pastors ways to help guard against the misuse of power in ministry and encouraging them to persevere. 

Articles for Pastors