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What if the Prodigal Returns to a Ruined Farm?

What if the prodigal returns to a place ruled not by the father, but by older brothers filled with judgment or manipulation?

Is It Possible to Be Hyperimaginative in Thinking About Heaven?

We cannot anticipate or desire what we cannot imagine. That’s why, I believe, God has given us glimpses of Heaven in the Bible—to fire up our imagination and kindle a desire for Heaven in our hearts.

Why We Need a Savior: Ruth’s “Weakness” Is Greater Than Samson’s Strength

“In those days Israel had no king; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” And what was “right in their eyes” was patently horrific. It seemed so appealing at the beginning, to define God how they wanted him to be. But it turned out to be hell on earth--that's why we need a savior.

Technology in Church – 4 Key Considerations

Yes, I want to use technology in church but I also want to heed some cautions that wise men and women have articulated.

Is Yours an Equipped Church?

Church leaders who claim to be serious about leading a disciple-making church aren’t going to get very far with such a claim if their flock isn’t equipped. But the equipping of the saints for ministry is one of the greatest failures among church leaders today.

How to Start Moving Forward While Waiting for Clear Vision

Your vision represents the unique focus of your church. It is the expression or the fire, fuel, and flavor that demonstrates how you go about the mission in your community. While you are asking God for clear vision, focus on the Great Commission!

4 Times When It’s Good to Leave a Church

The saddest stories I hear from parents raising a child with a disability don’t involve schools, insurance companies or hospitals. The saddest story is when such a family must leave a church.

The Hard Work of Grace

Like a student who received a full ride to Harvard, we need to receive the grace of God for what it is: a calling to a new life, a life in which we join the family business (and work hard!).

Why We Need to Start Preaching and Teaching the Basics of Christianity

The ramifications for preaching and teaching are enormous. False teaching and wrong believing create Christians who aren’t just weak, they’re actually damaging to the cause of Christ.

The Main Reason People Don’t Become Church Members

Membership in a local church may seem outdated or unnecessary, but if led well, it adds great strength to your church. But there are definite reasons that people don't become church members.

10 Secrets of a Powerful 25-Minute Sermon

A regular critique will help you pick up on things that add length to your sermons, and help you regularly preach a powerful 25-minute sermon.  

5 Signs of a Dying Church

Misdiagnosing the actual state of the union and what the real issues is a difficult business, but there are some sure signs of a dying church.

How God Uses Pain

It's hard to embrace pain, even when that may be what God is calling you to do. I have to continually press into pain in life if I'm to lead well, because God uses pain.

Have We Lost the Thread of God’s Grace?

Religious traditions aren’t all bad. It’s important, even necessary, to respect our past. But religious traditions can go wrong. The biggest danger is this: Our traditions are always at risk of having lost the thread of the grace of God.

Top 10 Church Financial Mistakes

Become an effective leader and steward of your church's resources by avoiding these deadly financial pitfalls.

20 Christian Memes That Are Too Real

Here are 20 of the best Christian memes we've collected to give you a chuckle at some of the stranger parts of Christian life!

The Secret Name; The White Stone

Here, among the overcomers and the feast of the secret bread, Jesus presents a personal gift. Let the rich and famous have their swag bags. The swag of God the white stone of Revelation.

God Is in Control: If That’s True, Then What About These Pressing Questions?

I'd like to suggest that there's a world of difference between "Everything happens for a reason" and "God brings reason out of everything that happens." This is how I see the phrase, God is in control.

How Much Should You Pay Your Pastor?

Are there rules governing a pastor's salary? John Piper has some principles derived from the Scriptures to guide church leaders on this often asked question.

Our Destiny Is Not About How to Go to Heaven

Everyone says they want to go to heaven, but a lot of times heaven sounds really boring to me. There, I said it. Phew. Glad that’s off my chest. No more secrets. No more hiding.

UPDATE: Britney Spears Responds to Claim Catholic Church Did Not Deny...

Pop star Britney Spears has responded to claims that she never contacted the Catholic church she says denied her request to use its building for her wedding. Spears says she did reach out to the church through her wedding planner.

Alan Hirsch: The Church Needs To Stop Making Jesus in Its...

Alan Hirsch joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about why he believes the American church is out of alignment with Jesus and what we need to do to put our focus back on him.

Articles for Pastors