Articles for Pastors

Articles for Pastors

Today’s church pastors face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, church leaders need leadership resources and pastoral resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every church pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a senior pastor, executive pastor, teaching pastor, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have pastoral and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. Church leaders from every denomination find articles for pastors that they are looking for here at Join millions of pastors who look to us for resources and encouragement for church leadership. Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

catholic mass

No, Jesus Is Not “re-sacrificed” at the Catholic Mass

Have you ever heard someone say that “Catholics believe they are re-sacrificing Jesus” in the Catholic Mass?
bible interpretation

Poor Bible Interpretation Lets Us “Believe” the Bible While Denying What It Actually Says

In order to delight and meditate on the law of the Lord, we must understand correctly what Scripture actually says. So how is our Bible interpretation?
thought patterns

5 Thought Patterns That Hurt Your Leadership

If you’re aware of what they are, you’re much less likely to fall into one of these traps of hurtful and unproductive thought patterns.
12 Recommended Books on Preaching

12 Recommended Books on Preaching

We at Southeastern Seminary have an incredible preaching faculty, including Danny Akin, Jim Shaddix, Scott Pace, Dwayne Milioni and Ronjour Locke. Actually, while I had...
Pastor: What to Pray When Your Ministry is on the Line

Pastor: What to Pray When Your Ministry Is on the Line

God’s servants are well within their rights to pray, “Father, let these people know You are God in this place—and that I’m Your servant!”
3 Reasons You Should Preach through Ezekiel

3 Reasons You Should Preach Through Ezekiel

Unless you’re one of those people who is into arcane prophecy and end-times speculation, why should you preach the book of Ezekiel? Here are three reasons.
When a Pastor Commits Suicide

When a Pastor Commits Suicide

Yet another pastor committed suicide. But this time, he was my close friend. And so I keep asking myself: How do I make sense of this?
Church Revitalization: Keep the Doors of Your Church Open

Church Revitalization: Keep the Doors of Your Church Open

According to some estimates, anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 local congregations die each year. Leadership Journal maintains that 340,000 churches in America have plateaued, are declining or are on the verge of death.
Mary and Joseph

Can You See the Advent From God’s Perspective?

Mary and Joseph were some of the first people who anticipated Jesus' earthly arrival. You could say they experienced their own season of advent, or waiting.

3 Takeaways for Preaching in a Celebrity Preacher Culture

It's understandable that a pastor might have a desire to "measure up" to famous preachers. But it's essential in our culture of celebrity preachers for pastors simply to be who God has called them to be.
i love church

Jesus Loves “Mediocre” Churches (and So Do I)

I love church and think churches are in good company if the members feel "mediocre" when they compare themselves to the world. Rather than trying to be like the world, stick to what matters most. Preach well, pray well and love well.
Sleep with Your Boots On armor

Sleep With Your Boots on—Spiritual War

Satan has a file on you, and he is working it every minute of every day to make sure you fall.
Let's Stop Over-Interpreting the Greek Words for Love

Let’s Stop Over-Interpreting the Greek Words for Love

Here's why we should just stop categorizing these Greek words for love as fundamentally and essentially different kinds or qualities of love.
how to recharge

4 Ways to Recharge That Are Easy to Discredit

Are you wondering how to recharge? Designating time to recharge will help you identify new possibilities that you would have missed if you had never done so.
Building Intentional Teams

Building Intentional Teams

Most of those who are looking to re-shape their organizations or leadership teams are doing so because they most likely want to change their culture, all in hopes of reaching a new group of people.
the poor Preaching and Poverty

Preaching and Poverty

When we read about “the poor” in the Bible it often feels like we must be talking about someone else. But there are people in your pews who fit "the poor" description. You may even fit the description.
It's Not Just Church Members Who Are Hurt by the Church...

It’s Not Just Church Members Who Are Hurt by the Church

It’s not just church members who have been hurt by the church. Pastors often are hurt by imperfect members.
Has the Jezebel Spirit Infiltrated Your Church?

Has the Jezebel Spirit Infiltrated Your Church?

There are many warnings these days about the Jezebel spirit. Is there such a thing? And what does Scripture have to say about it?
Friendly, Caring, and Carrying Churches

Friendly, Caring and Carrying Churches

As I see it, some churches work to be more friendly—and that’s good. Some move beyond being friendly and move to caring—and that’s better.
50 Good Mental Health Habits

50 Good Mental Health Habits

Good mental health does not happen by accident. Mentally healthy people make small, daily choices that contribute to their mental health.

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Churches Catch on Fire-and Not in a Good Way

Usually one church on fire will make the headlines, but multiple fires have destroyed or severely damaged several church buildings throughout the country this week.

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