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5 Characteristics of a Godly Vision

When I was growing up, my family went to a church with about 50 weekly attendees, which is still the case today. Looking back now, I can see many factors that caused them not to become an Acts church. The main factors were the lack of leadership and vision. The truth is that if both of these are not at play in a church or ministry, then it will become stagnant and eventually perish.

This is why vision and leadership are essential in a church or ministry. Today though, let’s focus on the vision aspect. If we desire to see results and advancements in the kingdom, then a Godly vision is required.

Here are 5 characteristics of a Godly vision:

1. The vision leads to helping others

A Godly vision is about helping other people. It’s the core aspect of the vision. It does not matter the size of the church or ministry; the outcome should be helping others. The vision should help people develop personally and spiritually.

2. The vision glorifies God

Church leaders should desire to glorify God in everything they do, which involves their lives and the vision. Both of these things need to be pointing toward glorifying God’s name. Which is done by making sure the message or delivery of the ministry has a clear focus on God.

3. The vision is future focused

The key to a Godly vision is showing others a picture of a better future. The church and/or ministry needs to be moving forward and showing your people a clear and better future. This needs to be God-made and not man-made. Because only a Godly vision truly helps a person or group move toward a better future.

4. The vision defeats the devil

The purpose of a Godly vision is to destroy the works of the enemy. We should have ministries and outreaches that defeat the enemy’s plans and work.

5. The vision advances God’s kingdom

A Godly vision should be biblically based and advancing the kingdom of God. We can easily know if we are advancing the kingdom if the church or ministry is always growing and ministering to other people.

Each of these 5 characteristics is essential in a Godly vision. If you desire to reach your church’s and/or ministry’s full potential, then vision is needed.

Question: What are some other characteristics of a Godly vision?