Hurricane Sandy Brings Churches Together for Relief Efforts

Churches in New York and New Jersey are sticking around providing aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy even two weeks after the storm ravaged shore-lining homes and neighborhoods. Some churches of differing denominations and theologies are banding together for the greater cause of helping those most in need. Daniel Delgado, pastor and executive director of Third Day Missions, told The Christian Post that from day one of the relief campaign, it was exciting to see such unity in the body of Christ. Delgado called it “a true move of God.”

“Quite frankly, if you’re hungry, if you’re naked, you don’t care who gives you food and who gives you clothes. It’s all about reaching people right now,” he said. “It’s not about rocking banners.” Delgado also says the believers band together to help reassure victims that God has not abandoned them. “Jesus Christ is … going to appear through us. God’s in the midst of all this through his people.”

Four large churches in the affected areas have acted as hubs for relief collections and distribution. These churches have been accepting donations and assistance from large organizations, a chaplaincy group including various faiths, and even the local Amish and Mennonites have volunteered to participate in clean-up efforts.

The Washington Post estimated the damage to the eastern seaboard from Hurricane Sandy at as much as $20 billion. The storm killed more than 100 people, 43 of these in New York and 23 of those in Staten Island. Millions were left without power and thousands were left homeless.

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