Benny Hinn's Son Held for Allegedly Beating a Deaf/Mute Man

The son of charismatic pastor Benny Hinn was accused of assault on a deaf and mute man during an evangelistic event in Brazil. The Christian Post reported that Joshua Hinn, 21, and two bodyguards observed the man, Hestephenson Araujo, approaching the stage with a bottle of water in his hand. Concerned that the man was intending to throw water at the pastor onstage, Hinn and the two guards allegedly grabbed Araujo, who couldn’t speak or hear, and brought him to a trailer, where they questioned and beat him. Araujo was finally rescued by police.

The three were detained and then released while Araujo was taken to the hospital for treatment. Araujo’s father claims he received a large sum of money to keep from pressing charges against the younger Hinn, but this has not been confirmed, and police say they plan to continue the investigation.

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