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At Exponential '13, Francis Chan Admits to Struggling with Doubt and Pride

In front of more than 5,000 attendees at the 2013 Exponential Conference in Orlando this week, Francis Chan admitted some of his personal struggles with doubt and remaining Christlike. Saying he had been convicted by the previous speaker, Jim Putman, he transparently confessed that he was guilty of allowing others’ opinions to sway the quality and depth of his ministry. 

The Christian Post reported that he realized parts of his life were “slipping” as he was going through some of his old sermons in preparation for a guest speaking appearance. According to the article, Chan said he lost a level of “boldness, confidence and some of his faith that the Holy Spirit could enter people’s lives and change them.”

“I’m still struggling with some of my doubt, still struggling with some of my joy,” Chan admitted openly.

Referring to 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, he explained that the Apostle Paul preached like he was “dumber than he was” at Corinth so he could reach more with the pure gospel. “The reason why sometimes I don’t do that (keep it simple) is because I’m scared He (God) might not come through,” confessed Chan. “I don’t want to do a service that’s lame.”

Chan was so moved by his conviction that he made a list of the areas in which he felt he was slipping, then asked God to “bring back his boldness and joy.”

“I realized that there was an old me that used to enjoy Jesus more,” said Chan. “I’m willing to bet that there’s some of you (who feel the same way), so before we move on before we move forward in discipleship … let’s look at ourselves and ask if we really want people following us.” He challenged listeners to “strengthen what remains (Rev. 3:2), get that boldness and courage you once had back up.”