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Is It Any Wonder That 87 Percent of the Unchurched View Christians as Judgmental?

They’re fed up with the unchurched and the dechurched. They’re sick and tired of their lame excuses for avoiding church.

Whenever anyone reports on the growing majority of people who choose to stay away from church, many church leaders put the blame on the lost sheep.

For example, after my article “4 Reasons the Majority Stay Away from Church” appeared, I heard from numerous leaders who reacted with contempt:

“People prefer to hear what they want to hear and will turn away from truth.”

“People love the darkness more than the light. People stay away from church because that means their sin, their selfishness, their shame all have to be dealt with.”

“People avoid church because they are—in their own way—avoiding Christ.”

“I believe that most people avoid church because they are trying to avoid being told—or found out—what they really are: sinners in need of redemption.”

“Three of the four reasons people don’t want to be in church are completely self-centered.”

“Those not attending are often looking for excuses to not go rather than reasons to go.”

“Well, too bad, you need to be lectured.”

“Get over yourself.”

It’s not uncommon to feel attacked when others reject the structures in which we’ve invested our lives. The knee-jerk reaction is to attack back.

Is it any wonder that 87 percent of the unchurched view Christians as judgmental?

After spending the last few years talking with and befriending hundreds of people who don’t go to church, these church leaders’ judgmental responses just hurt my soul.

And they prompt me to ask some questions:

1. Do you know any unchurched people? Do you spend time listening to them? Are they your friends? Do you like them? Do you love them?