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8 Ways to BUST Leadership Discouragement

Buster 3: Guard against emotional pig-pens.

Pig-Pen, one of the characters in the Peanuts cartoon, was always dirty and carried around a cloud of dust wherever he went. And, he seemed to spread his dirt everywhere he went.

Pig-pen is a great word picture for some people who carry around a cloud of discouragement with them wherever they go. In Nehemiah’s day, some of the Jews living in the surrounding areas would come into town and bring their discouragement.

When you know someone around you is an emotional pig-pen, keep your distance.

Buster 4: Do nothing.

Nehemiah had to stop the building for a time to regroup and refocus the Jews. Sometimes as leaders, we get so tired or sleep deprived we simply need to stop, rest, sleep more or simply take a break.

Buster 5: Do something.

Nehemiah responded to this discouragement and resistance by getting the people to be intentional about doing something to get them off their negativity. He gave them a common goal. He did something constructive by setting new plans in place to deal with his enemies. So, when discouragement comes, don’t wallow in it. Rather, do something constructive.

Buster 6: Be specific with your plan.

Nehemiah was specific in what he did in response to the discouragement. He made many changes in how the work was done. The same holds true for defeating discouragement.

We know that discouragement will come our way, so be prepared. When it comes, act upon your predetermined plan.

Such a plan may include calling it what it is, going for a walk, calling a friend, doing something nice for someone or spending 10 minutes on a short-term project you’ve been avoiding (like cleaning off your desk).