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7 Critical Warning Signs Before Leaders Self-Destruct

Unfortunately, in every level and realm of life, we have all witnessed serious leadership failure!

It is no longer a surprise when we read about a high-level pastor, celebrity, sports figure or politician who is disgraced because of ethical or moral failure.

As one who has worked with many struggling church and marketplace leaders on a very personal level for the past 30-plus years, I have made the following observations regarding warning signs before a fall, which I teach younger leaders so they will avoid the mistakes of the present generation of many leaders.

All of us have fallen into the following in one way, shape or form. Hopefully we will have learned the hard leadership lessons of life so we can pass on wisdom to the next generation!

Here are seven warning signs before leadership failure:

First, often before falling, a leader will cram so much into his or her schedule for a prolonged amount of time that they don’t get enough time for personal renewal and rest.

Much activity is not always kingdom productivity; when a person is constantly running around from meeting to meeting, from state to state, from event to event, without seeking God and personal times for reflection, they do violence to their soul and will eventually be operating on willpower and fumes instead of the Spirit of God.

This can lead to them being tempted to escape from the pressure of life with adulterous relationships, pornography, excess entertainment and foolish endeavors.

Activity without clarity will also lead to making poor decisions.

When we are always in a rush, we will not have the proper time to process things, which leads to a lack of discernment and disastrous leadership decisions. This will compound the pressure even more and create more work to get out of the mess we are in! Sometimes less is more!

I am not saying leaders shouldn’t be very busy or have a lot of responsibility.

But what I am saying is there always has to be enough time in between events and days of meetings for daily reflection, prayer and seeking God so that our level of discernment is high and we are walking in the grace and power of God to do His work instead of our own willpower and strength!