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Moms Are Tired and Stressed but Satisfied, New Study Shows

Results of a new research study conducted by the Barna Group show that American women are mostly satisfied with their lives, but deeper questions found a disparity between what they see as important and what they spend the most time on.

Three-quarters of the women asked (76 percent) said they were satisfied with their lives, but a majority (59 percent) are dissatisfied with their work/home life balance. Eight in ten mothers feel that stress overwhelms them. Most moms with kids at home (61 percent) say they are satisfied with their family lives, but twice as many moms as women without kids have become stressed to the point of illness.

Moms rank family as their priority and their top time commitment, and no other commitment comes close, said the Barna report. Interestingly, moms rank their careers last on the their priority list (preceded by family, personal development, church and friendships) but second on their list of time commitments.

Forty-two percent of women surveyed are satisfied with the amount of rest they get, but among moms this number drops to 30 percent. Thirty-one percent of moms say they have too many commitments at work, and 26 percent say the same about their home lives.

Two in 10 of all women surveyed and a quarter of all moms said they would like to be more deeply involved in a faith community.

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