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10 Hallmarks of a Leader of Leaders

Hallmarks Of A Leader Of Leaders

Some leaders attract followers—others attract leaders. And still others have the uncanny ability to turn followers INTO leaders. So, what kind of leader are you? Test yourself with this list of qualities that I consider to be signs that you are a ‘Leader of Leaders.’

#1 Leaders are INSPIRED by your LIFE.

If you are a leader of leaders, your apparent success may be inspiring; but even more inspiring is your life! Leaders are not only impressed by what you’ve built, but by your demeanor (your attitude, consistency and character) during the building. Your wisdom—when confronted with overwhelming and perplexing circumstances—along with your attitude toward others, your marriage and family, and the ongoing fruit of your life, will all challenge others that they too can live their lives well. You stretch and inspire other leaders through your big capacity. They believe that If you can absorb the pressure, stay healthy and continue to grow, so too can they.

#2 Leaders are STRENGTHENED by your CONSISTENCY.

If you are a leader of leaders, it means that you have kept turning up, and proven resilience against impossible odds. You have never allowed the difficulty, opposition or pain (of leadership) to poison your spirit. You’ve truly modeled longevity and just as the apostle Paul put it in his letter to the Ephesians: ‘having done all, you are still standing.’ You inspire others that they too can hold fast in the battle with an unquenchable spirit—a spirit that has weathered the storms, but remained un-weathered.

#3 Leaders are CURIOUS about the ‘secret’ to your SUCCESS.

A leader of leaders sparks curiosity and people want to know…how do you do it? What makes you tick? Why do you do it that way? People will travel from afar to come and see it for themselves, or to get one opportunity to quiz you over a coffee. There’s just something a little different about you. Of course, if nothing you do stands out from the rest, then you will never spark curiosity. But an innovative leader has ideas, peculiarities and methods that make others inquisitive. It is my observation that curious people attract curious people. As a kid, my siblings always called me “nosy” because I was always asking questions—I always wanted to know! That nosy-ness has helped frame the way I still live and lead today. My experience with other leaders is that a true leader of leaders will ask the most questions and are the most curious.

#4 Leaders are ENVIOUS of your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Perhaps we all define success differently, but your accomplishments are not something to be ashamed of. Only insecure or mean-spirited people are critical of genuine God-breathed success.  Not all envy is evil. In fact, the Amplified bible translates ‘blessed’ as ‘happy, fortunate and to be envied.’ This is not the type of envy or jealousy that eats people up on the inside; but a righteous envy that inspires others toward greater heights, and compels them to live their own lives of significance.