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Why People Leave Christianity

A new Barna study shows why people switch from Christianity to another faith.

Leaving Comfort for Courage

Jeanne Stevens of Soul City Church says that courage will always require an element of leaving.

Why Some Churches Struggle With Money

Some churches are struggling in regards to finances…yet many are not, even in the recession that our country has recently went through.  So…why do...

4 Leadership Insights from Bill Hybels

Dave Ferguson shares his take on the leadership principles of Bill Hybels.

Spreading the Gospel Any Way We Can

When I read the book of Acts, one of the things that stands out to me is how the New Testament Church got after...

Should the Church Engage Culture?

The call to contextualize is not a call to gospel compromise and syncretism, or living thoughtlessly and recklessly.

You Don't Really Own It

Catalyst Director, Brad Lomenick, shares his thoughts on stewarding a leadership movement.

The Best Part of Changing the World

"I’m thankful that God rarely answers our constant requests of wanting to know the future," says Eugene Cho.

Don't Close the Back Door

Milan Ford says, "Instead of concentrating all our efforts on closing the back door maybe we should focus on opening the front."

Fight for Aid in Pakistan Disaster

Pakistani victims of the flooding are seated on the helicopter floor during the evacuation of civilians.

Pray a High-Risk Prayer

"Let me challenge you right now. Ask God to enhance your creativity," says Ed Young.

Death of the Five-Year Plan

"While planning is wise and biblical, I’m changing how I plan," says Craig Groeschel

A Small Church Pastor Gets Honest

Charles Lee shares his perspective on pastoring a small church in a success-by-numbers culture.

Manhattan Mosque: What Do You Think?

How should ministry leaders respond to the proposed Muslim center near Ground Zero?

Why is Failure So Sexy?

Tim Stevens says it's easy to identify with the failures of others, but we can learn from the faithul too.

Top 40 Leadership Tips

Craig Groeschel gives his top 40 leadership tips for young pastors.

The Future of Our Faith

"What will the coming generations say when they look back to the 21st century?" asks Brian Houston.

A Christian Response to Park 51

"I’d like to cautiously dip a toe into the controversial waters of Park 51," says David Swanson.

Strippers Protest Ohio Church

A strip club and a church protest one another near Columbus, Ohio early this week.

Atheists Raise Money for Religious Charity

Non-theistic foundation seeks to foster charitable giving among non-believers.

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It is Now Illegal to Call a Non-Gender Conforming Person in...

Canada's Bill C-16 could potentially levy fines, make sensitivity training mandatory, or—if the courts push for it—incarcerate anyone refusing to recognize the validity of non-gender conforming identity and pronouns.

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