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Pastor how to’s help church pastors face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, church leaders need leadership resources and pastoral resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. churchleaders.com is dedicated to providing resources and information for every church pastor. If you serve on a church staff as a senior pastor, executive pastor, teaching pastor, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have pastoral and connections to a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

Church leaders from every denomination find pastor how to’s, encouragement, inspiration, teaching tips, and support they are looking for here at churchleaders.com. Join millions of pastors who look to us for resources and encouragement for church leadership.

Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

sermon prep

Sermon Prep: Why Do You Spend so Much Time on It?

Regardless how much time a pastor spends in sermon prep, a common question can be “why.” Why do you spend so much time in sermon prep?
executive pastor

My First Four Lessons as an Executive Pastor

Do you know the distinguishing differences between being the leader and supporting the leader?
pastors who drink beer

Is It OK for Pastors to Drink?

Jesus turned water into wine—so does that give the green light to pastors to drink alcohol?
transition management

Four States Of Transition Management

What is missing from nearly every change process is transition management. It’s helpful to understand why a change process isn’t sufficient for most change efforts.
pastors wives

12 Sticky Issues Facing Pastors’ Wives

Viewing pastors wives as a “second-class” citizen is hurtful, not to mention sinful. There are no easy answers other than loving them strongly and caring deeply for them—being sensitive to the pressures they are also experiencing being in the ministry.
18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.
better preaching

Checklist for Better Preaching – 11 Steps

I am not the best preacher on the planet, but I am passionate about better preaching. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way and things that I am currently trying to implement.
Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Will Help You Prepare for Easter

Ash Wednesday is about preparation and the beginning of preparation at that. All of the Lenten season is focused upon preparation for Easter. No matter how we mark the day, whether with ashes on our forehead or with reflection on the meaning of Easter, Jesus invites us to journey on to Easter Sunday with Him.  
business and church

Why It’s Good to Run Church Like a Business

We often think that business and church are opposites. It’s about money (business), or it’s about people (church).
arrogant pastors

The Arrogant Pastor — How NOT to Be One

The arrogant pastor. Even writing a blog post on this almost guarantees comments about pots and kettles. I'm as human as you are. And if we are all honest with ourselves, we would admit that it is a struggle for each of us in some way. 
reasons pastors want to quit

6 Reasons Pastors Want to Quit on Mondays

Not every pastor wants to quit all the time, but from time to time, discouragement sets in, and often it’s hard for pastors to find a safe, anonymous place to talk about it. I took an informal poll asking for the reasons pastors want to quit.
christian fatalism

Two Dangers of Christian Fatalism

The idea that God is somehow pulling the levers behind the screen of life is what I call Christian fatalism: God is all-powerful. His will cannot be denied. Therefore, everything that happens must have been part of his plan from the beginning. He was behind everything all along.
Thabiti Anyabwile on Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

Thabiti Anyabwile: What I Wish I Had Known About Preaching

Everyone has a mental list of “I wish I had knowns” in their life and that list only grows longer as one gets older. This is true for preaching as well.
attend your church

13 Signs People Are Excited to Attend Your Church

I have been attending church for 30+ years and have never seen the level of energy, expectation and excitement that I’ve seen from the tribe at PCC. Let's walk through what I experience at PCC and use it as a template for measuring how excited people are to attend your church.
poverty of time

Do You Suffer From A Poverty of Time?

We live in a day of overload and overcommitment. Because of that, some now speak of the poverty of time: our inability to stop, to slow down, to process, reflect and sabbath.
can't afford to keep

7 Kinds of People You Can’t Afford to Keep

The people you are most afraid of losing are the people you most need to lose. Truthfully, you can’t afford to keep them.
pastoring mistakes

Joe McKeever: My Seven Worst Mistakes as a Pastor

Thom Rainer talked about seven pastoring mistakes he had made in his ministry. Give him credit, he admitted that if he wrote about all the mistakes he’d made in the Lord’s work, “it would have to be a multi-volume series!”
great leaders

21 Things All Great Leaders Do

Great leaders are in part born, but it’s also learned. Just because you have the instincts for leadership doesn’t make you a great leader. Great leadership is also about cultivating the right habits and disciplines.
daily examen

The Daily Examen – Why Old Things Matter

sometimes “old” is the new “new.” The spiritual practice of the Daily Examen, a pattern of prayer that was formed (I believe by the Holy Spirit) in the heart of Ignatius of Loyola in the early 1500s, is like that for me.
holy dissatisfaction

How a Holy Dissatisfaction Can Strengthen Pastors

Call it a holy dissatisfaction, a frustrated anticipation of what we know will one day come true: that we will be like Jesus Christ, for we will see him  as he is.

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Vaxed and Unmasked: Will the Honor System Work in Churches?

Following last week's announcement from the CDC, many major retailers have loosened safety requirements. However, they are asking people to follow an honor system and there is no way to tell who’s been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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